Dauntless Update 1.40 Patch Notes for PS4, PC and Xbox One

Dauntless update 1.40 patch notes released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC players. According to the official Dauntless 1.40 patch notes, the latest update added Terra Escalation, new Behemoth, Strange Horizons HP, missions and bug fixes. Apart from this, Dauntless version 1.40 also added various stability improvements.

Previously, an update was released with new features like Umbral escalation, new behemoth: Thrax, Relics & Ruin Hunt Pass, slayer journal, training grounds, and much more. Recently, a minor hotfix was also released.

Unfortunately, many players still are experiencing several issues while playing the game online. Today’s Dauntless version 1.40 is expected to fix these issues.

Check out more details below.

What is new in Dauntless 1.40?


Arbourhome fell and the Farslayers who dwelt there now shelter in Ramsgate. Explore the natural wilds of their fallen home and exact vengeance on their behalf.

Battle your way through the Sporestruck Behemoths that now dwell in the ruins and challenge the latest foe: Agarus.


The Agarus has taken root at the heart of the Arbourhome Blight. Be wary of its poisonous ichor and gnarled roots, Slayer. Those who take down an Agarus will gain access to new craftable armour and legendary weapons.


A new type of hunt is here: Missions. Get to know your allies by setting out on narrative-focused hunts with their aid.
Experience the story of Dauntless and delve deeper into the lore of the Shattered Isles.


Nature and alchemy meet in the Strange Horizons Hunt Pass. Unlock new cosmetic armour sets and weapon transmogs inspired by Granny Strega and the Farslayers.

Instead of two sets of cosmetic armour, you’ll now see three: two brand-new sets (Alchemancer and Arbourhome Thornguard) on the Elite track, and the Sentinel’s Armour set on the free track, which was previously exclusive to the in-game store.

To celebrate our 1.0 anniversary, we’ve also increased the amount of platinum you get back from your pass, making it possible to earn back 100% of your platinum by the time you reach Elite level 50.


  • New Defence Cell: Parasitic. Parasitic delays a portion of damage taken and instead deals it over time. While you take delayed damage, you also gain lifesteal, allowing you a chance to steal HP back and stay on your feet. Parasitic only applies to damage that takes 10% or more of your max health.
  • New poison effect. Poison is a new status effect that deals damage over time. Players will take damage while standing in poison pools and become inflicted with the “Poisoned” status effect once their poison meter is filled. Watch out for green ooze! Despite rumours, it will not mutate you into a crime-fighting turtle.
  • New limited-time tonic recipes. Granny’s Antidote will clear the new poison effect, and Granny’s Heartbreaker tonic will increase critical strike chance and damage by 25%.
  • New story quests. 9 news quests are launching with Untamed Wilds. Progress through these to learn more about Arbourhome and the Agarus threat!


  • Aether trail lantern effects. Transmog your lantern with the Breath of Life or the Spark of Genius skins to leave vibrant aether effects in your wake when launching from jump vents.


  • Stamina drains more consistently during the war pike’s final light attack.
  • The load ammo button press should now feel faster.
  • The timing window for inputting the fifth light attack on the Piercing Flurry combo should feel easier and more forgiving.
  • War pike combos now progress consistently across light and heavy attacks and align with their in-game explanation. For example:Old: L1 🠖 L2 🠖 H1 🠖 L1🠖 L2 🠖 H1 🠖 L5
    New: L1 🠖 L2 🠖 H1 🠖 L3 🠖L4 🠖 H2 🠖 L5


  • Fixed a bug where players couldn’t execute the Blade Spin combo.
  • Fixed a bug where the Blade Spin combo didn’t end when the player ran out of stamina.


  • Added the Ferocious Prism to repeaters: Periodically become enraged, dealing +5/10/15% damage and becoming immune to stagger. Taking damage will cause you to enrage faster.
  • Legendary repeater barrels no longer have a short delay before they begin firing.
  • Legendary repeater light attacks now work while mounting Behemoths.


  • Fixed an issue where the final hit of Flight of Ruin didn’t hit targets that were very low to the ground. This was most noticeable on staggered Behemoths.


  • AoE attacks (e.g. Pangar weapons’ frost brand Unique Effect) can now hit multiple Behemoth body parts at once. Let ‘em have it, Slayers!



  • Fixed a bug that was preventing players from attacking to cancel out of a stagger recovery animation.
  • Players can no longer attack to cancel out of a tonic-drinking animation. Please look both ways before chugging a tonic.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the Malkarion Ultra Armour (cosmetic) to appear as if it were the regular set.
  • The Survival Goggles skin now appears over eyes instead of on the forehead.


  • Lady Luck’s Barrage will no longer target dead Behemoths, but if the Barrage kills a Behemoth, it won’t target a new one.
  • Fixed a bug where Lady Luck’s Flames talent wasn’t unlocking Torgadoro’s Strength.
  • Fixed a bug where unlocking Strega’s Tonic in an Escalation talent tree didn’t prevent Flask Refill amps from appearing during Escalation runs.
  • Fixed a bug where the Thrill of the Hunt Escalation talent was granting 7.5% damage instead of the intended 10%.


  • Decreased CPU usage and increased FPS when hunting Behemoths that use projectiles.


  • City hunt pass gatherables now fade away instead of popping out of existence when gathered.


  • Fixed a handful of missing translations for non-English players.
  • Fixed a line spacing issue on NPC dialogue.


  • Fixed some cases where users could lose items if they switched between platforms during a patch deploy.
  • Fixed some audio playback issues on Xbox One.

Download free Dauntless update 1.40 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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