Dark Alliance Update 1.07 Patch Notes (1.007) – Sep 21, 2021


Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance patch 1.07 (1.007.000) is now rolling out on PS4 and PS5. The official Dark Alliance 1.07 patch notes are not available yet. However, players are reporting various stability and QoL improvements. Apart from this, the Dark Alliance update 1.07 (1.007) also includes performance improvements.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing several issues. Today’s Dark Alliance patch 1.07 will fix a few of these issues.

Read more details below.


Dark Alliance Patch Notes (1.07) – September 21, 2021

Stability Improvements
• Fixed out-of-memory crashes after extensive playtime on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles
• Fixed occasional crashes on Xbox One consoles
• Resolved disconnects during progression through Act 3 missions
• Fixed a crash when returning to Basecamp after idling in the Pause Menu during an encounter
• Fixed an issue in which a hang would occur after the player opens the menu right before a cinematic

Balance Improvements
• Increased loot chances for higher rarities across all difficulties
• Increased Act completion rewards
• Increased chance of per-Act preferred sets from 20% to 33%
• Reduced effectiveness of the Burn status effect which made higher CR bosses too easy to defeat
• Tundra Raptor Stamina Cost Reduction from 10%/15% to 15%/20%
• Wearer of the Mask Execution Chance of Dropping Stamina Fragments from 25%/50% to 40%/50%
• Goblin Bane Taunted Monster Damage Reduction from 20%/30% to 30%/45%
• Horde Raider Legendary Resistance Buff HP threshold raised from 15% to 20%
• Bruenor Shield Master Feat Blocking Stamina bonus from 15% to 30%
• Condition Penetration per INT point increased from 1% to 1.5%
• Grenade damage increase from 150/175/200/225/250 to 175/200/225/250/300
• Reduced Duergars, Gnolls and Icewind health by 10%
• Monster hit points reduced by 33% in single player
• Monster Physical damage reduced by 25% in single player
• Elemental damage reduced by 12.5% in single player
• Buffed Frenzy: from -50% to -70% stamina cost on actions
• Buffed Frightened: from -50% to -60% physical damage output
• Buffed Critical Strikes: from 50% to 75% Critical Damage Boost
• Buffed Precision Strikes: from 30% to 50% Critical Chance Boost
• Buffed Sapped: from 30% to 40% Stamina Cost Increase
• Buffed Thorns: from 30% to 50% Damage reflection
• Faerie Fire: Cooldown reduced from 150sec to 120sec
• Taunt: Cooldown reduced from 240sec to 120sec
• Heavy Armor Master feat buffed from 25 to 30 %
• Medium Armor Master feat buffed from 10 to 15 %
• Light Armor Master feat buffed from 7 to 10 %
• Danger Sense Armor feat buffed from 10 to 20 %
• Savage Attacker Stamina Damage feat buffed from 15 to 20 %
• Steel Will Condition Resistance feat buffed from 10 to 20 %
• Precision Shot Critical Damage feat buffed from 40 to 50 %
• Precision Attack Critical Chance feat buffed from 8 to 10 %
• Second Wind feat buffed, Stamina cost from -5 to -10 %
• Defender Armor feat buffed from 15 to 20 %
• Reduced the stamina usage for Catti-Brie’s moves by 5-10%
• Added a short invincibility duration when Tethering to Party Leader

AI Improvements
• Enemies no longer keep walking in place when attempting to return to an area
• Large enemies can no longer be interrupted from Turn-on-Spot animations and are much harder to stun-lock
• Enemies now respond more quickly to the player’s presence, move more quickly and are generally more aggressive
• Monsters no longer change target too frequently in co-op which resulted in them being stuck in a turn state

Gear Set Improvements
• The Underdark Camo 3 and 5 pieces set bonus now poisons enemies upon a critical strike

UI Improvements
• Upgrade gear now has cost displayed in consistent locations in the UI
• Resolved an issue in which Objective markers sometimes disappeared when player falls off the map during The Fury of Icewind Act 3 boss fight
• Damage over time numbers are now displayed in multiplayer
• Players can now rejoin a friend’s previous session from the Steam overlay
• Lock-on target reticle is no longer placed below Hagedorn in the Crystalline Dreams Act 3
• Preview now updates when sorting of gear is changed
• Invite-only game session now swaps to public or friends after new party leader changes it
• Fixed an issue in which the controller loses functionality in Journals Tab
• Corrected a ‘Hexed resisted’ string being shown when an enemy resists to a Sapped condition
• Ability cooldowns now have numerical values in the UI
• Updated Recommended Combat Power scores according to new balancing and feedback
• Stamina now refills immediately after a Short Rest
• Quickplay Bonus is now shown consistently from different party members’ point of view
• Updated the estimated act length icons on the World Map
• A button prompt is now present for an exhausted execute on Akar Kessell
• Tether is no longer activated in Boss Fights with large arenas
• Muted players remain muted after returning to Kelvin’s Cairn or when another player joins the server
• Trial of Tempus intro banner displays the correct location
• Fixed an issue in which the Short Rest UI would sometimes remain stuck on-screen
• The ‘Hold Ability’ button now displays an animation of input while using Preset 2 Control Scheme
• Characters no longer get deleted without player input when going back to the Character Selection screen after confirming changes in the Options Menu
• The ‘M’ key no longer causes a conflict when it is rebound in the keybinding menu
• Escape key can nolonger be bound in the Keybinding Menu
• Windows key can no longer be bound in the Keybinding Menu
• Fixed an exploit in which Attributes could be increased indefinitely without spending Attribute Points when exiting the Character Sheet while in the process of allocating an Attribute Point using a controller
• Voice chat UI pop up no longer remains visible on screen even when the microphone is muted.

Boss Improvements
• Garnn has been made more challenging during the boss fight in Companions of Icewind Dale Act 3
• Icewind Phase transition during boss fight is no longer delayed
• Icewind doesn’t receive debuffs from being Frightened by Drizzt abilities
• Kelvin’s Pillars of Ice now properly spawn around each non-downed players in the arena
• Fixed an issue in which Akar Kessell could rarely teleport under the map in The Order of the One Light Act 3
• Bosses are more difficult to stun-lock
• Players can no longer escape certain boss rooms
• Bosses no longer aggro downed players (unless there are buffs active which override this)
• Icewind no longer loses her invincibility when a player is revived beside her in The Fury of Icewind Act 3
• Icewind no longer becomes unresponsive after a Total Party Down
• Icewind no longer flickers above elevator before flying in multiplayer
• Icewind’s Bite attack now correctly causes a hurt reaction
• Beholder boss can no longer teleport out of the level and be defeated instantly
• Kelvin is now able to hit the player character when performing an Upward Slash during The Mask of Kelvin Act 3
• Icewind no longer constantly uses attacks that cannot reach the player character
• Murdunn no longer teleports repeatedly after becoming exhausted while teleporting during Companions boss fight
• Fixed a rare issue in which Icewind’s invulnerability buff would not activate between phases in The Fury of Icewind Act 3
• Fixed a rare issue in which Icewind’s final phase shifts do not occur after the player fires the last ballista in The Fury of Icewind Act 3

General bug fixes
• The player character can no longer get stuck out of bounds jumping off the shrine area into a wall in The Goblin’s Shard
• Added physical damage components to moves which were previously only dealing elemental damage
• Players can no longer stunlock Hagedorn with light attack while in teleportation animation
• Hagedorn now receives debuffs from magic abilities
• Resolved an issue in which Large Chest gear would sometimes spawn in the floor of the level out of reach of players
• Player no longer become stuck after jumping onto a specific ledge in Crystalline Dreams Act 2
• Viper Fang Kick move now correctly triggers the Elemental Adept buff
• Stonegrinder boss no longer instantly dies when knocked into the siege weapons at the end of Companions Act 2
• The Short Rest now correctly spawns for an encounter in Beholder Act 1
• Elemental Fire Damage buff from Bruenor’s Anvil of Clanggedin now deals Fire damage in multiplayer
• Player characters can no longer clip through a specific wall into an out-of-world area near the death plane in Beholder Act 2
• Interacting with a campfire is no longer prioritized over reviving an ally
• Climbing a ladder is no longer prioritized over reviving an ally
• Fixed an issue in which a Total Party Down would sometimes occur with one player still alive
• Goblins associated with each ballista no longer have a noticeable delay in aggro to the player
• Collision has been added to a wooden wall to prevent players moving their character outside the bounds of the level in The Goblin’s Shard Act 2
• Allies revived with Cattie-Brie’s Resurrections ability are now counted towards total revives during the tally screen
• Resolved an issue in which players are sometimes unable to join from the Friend’s List
• Players can no longer get around the magical barrier in a side area in Verbeeg Jamboree Act 1
• 3D model no longer displays previously selected item when switching pages of a specific gear type in the Equip panel of the Character Sheet menu
• Fixed an issue in which the player is presented with a white loading screen when searching for a Public session before walking on the portal to start an act in Kelvin’s Camp
• Characters are no longer able to jump to an area in Verbeeg Jamboree Act 3 which renders them stuck and unable to escape
• Enemies no longer jitter when moving during a Multiplayer session in Verbeeg Jamboree Act 2
• The correct pressure plates now remain active after being activated in the Puzzle room of Verbeeg Jamboree Act 2
• Quickplay bonus is no longer awarded in single player
• Monster rotations and flying animations are no longer erratic in multiplayer throughout the title
• The buff ‘Elemental Weapon Cold’ from Bruenor’s Stomping Quake now adds cold damage to attacks while in MP
• Steel Will feat now gives 10% condition resistance
• Goblin’s Flee reaction is no longer interrupted prematurely
• Stats no longer reroll after changing the skin of a weapon
• Added missing barks and banter throughout the title
• Fixed an issue in which downed players would occasionally fail to get revived after using a Short Rest
• Abilities now correctly adjust to terrain when cast
• Team attack window has been increased to five seconds
• Reduced the harshness of the VFX from Akar Kessell’s Thunderwave move in The Order of the One Light Act 3
• Fixed an issue in which player would occasionally fail to Connect to/Create a Session with no error message
• Fixed an issue in which some users would disconnect after completing a mission in an invite only lobby
• Switching profiles on Xbox now updates the Trophies assets in Kelvin’s Cairn
• Starting any act in Multiplayer while alone no longer resets difficulty to level one
• Players no longer fail to join session via invitations when the host cycles to an Invite-Only Multiplayer session
• Fixed issues involving enemies not respawning when backtracking through levels
• Players no longer respawn at the start of certain levels when force respawning
• Full Roundhouse move now triggers Elemental Adept buff
• Fixed issues in which players could get tethered inside walls
• Online sessions can no longer be searched after activating the teleportation circle at basecamp
• Improved Catti-Brie’s ranged attacks to address attacks not registering when performed in quick succession while moving
• Players are no longer sometimes tethered into thick fog in Crystalline Dreams Act 2
• Improved sync of Monster attacks and animations
• Fixed an issue in which some players would remain stuck on a loading screen in multiplayer
• Intelligence now increases elemental damage dealt by abilities with innate elemental damage
• Purple ability cooldown fragments now drop from defeated monsters
• Cinematics now run more smoothly on Xbox One
• Character models and gear now load more quickly in Kelvin’s Cairn
• Improved dodging and aiming responsiveness
• Fixed an issue in which players could not re-enable Voice Chat after disabling it
• Cloud save data no longer overwrites character data when joining a multiplayer session
• Enemy health bars now correctly display when using lock-on mode
• Fixed an issue in which players would be disconnected when returning to Kelvin’s Cairn
• Characters no longer fall through environment after holding the Block or Aim button while attempting to descend ladders in Goblin at the Gates
• Frostwave grind move now grants the Vampiric buff and fills the Ultimate on hit

  • Global improvements of stability and performances.
  • Various gameplay optimizations.
  • Multiple minors bug fixes.

The official full changelog will be available soon.

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