CryoFall Update R31 Patch 8 Notes – December 4, 2021

    CryoFall update version R31 patch 8 is now available to download on PC. According to the official CryoFall patch notes, the latest update added major changes and bug fixes.

    Previously, a major update added various quality of life changes.

    Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s CryoFall patch will address some changes.

    CryoFall Patch Notes – December 4, 2021

    Event changes:

    • Boss event duration shortened to 30 minutes (plus 20 minutes preparation timer on multiplayer servers only).
    • Improved boss minions placement. Their spawn is properly randomized now.

    PvP changes:

    • Reworked loot from space debris event. We’ve increased the amount of T3-T5 ammo, added laser rifle and a few other items, mech components, and even bombs (very rare!). But most importantly, now you will obtain items of the actual technology tier or close to it instead of some random rubbish. E.g. when Tier 5 timegate is unlocked on the server the weapons and armor that you will obtain from space debris will be T4+. If Tier 3 timegate is unlocked you find only T3 weapons/armor, in T4 you will find only T4 weapons/armor.
    • The game will forbid disassembling items on the Tinker table during raidblock (same as using Trash can is not allowed).

    Newbie-protected players are no longer able to interact with anything inside other player’s land claims (the problem was that when they were able to sneak inside the base they took stuff from crates, furnaces, etc and once killed they will just drop the loot on the ground and nobody can pick it up as it’s protected by Newbie Protection system).

    • The boss will not spawn immediately after the event is announced. 20 minutes timer will start giving you time to prepare for the event. This is an experimental change: Please try and let us know—we’re awaiting players’ feedback to consider whether this change will stay.

    Misc changes:

    • Sprinkler: Reduced water consumption 3 times (single sprinkler will last for 5+ real-time days when filled to its full capacity and watering plants around it every hour).
    • When you have a retina implant, the night vision from Nemesis mech and Super Heavy Armor will not activate automatically. Also, Nemesis mech will not activate night vision when you’re mounting it during the daytime.
    • Weapons for Nemesis mech will use Vehicle skill instead of Exotic weapons skill (other mech weapons were already using Vehicle skill).
    • Building skill: Reduced amount of experience gained by building and deconstructing wooden walls (it was too easy to raise the skill level this way).

    Tinker Table: The amount of Maintenance skill experience gained by disassembling an item will be proportional to the amount of disassembled item compared to the amount from this item’s recipe. E.g. if you disassemble 1 ammo that is usually crafted as 20 pieces, you will gain only 1/20th of skill experience.

    Technical changes:

    • Optimized texture loading (less frame stuttering when walking in large bases on weaker GPUs).
    • The game will no longer use LocalAppData for its data (such as savegames) when the primary data folder exists (the primary location is: Documents/AtomicTorchStudio/CryoFall). IMPORTANT: If you’re missing your savegames, perhaps you have both game folders on your PC—one in %LocalAppData%/AtomicTorchStudio/CryoFall and another in your Documents folder (this may happen if the game was denied access to Documents folder and used %LocalAppData% instead). If this is the case, please transfer the contents of %LocalAppData%/AtomicTorchStudio/CryoFall folder to Documents/AtomicTorchStudio/CryoFall folder. For further assistance please reach us in official Discord or over email [email protected]


    • When another player character is launched on a rocket the body remained visible.
    • When repairing a pragmium reactor part on Tinker table a broken part appeared in the place of the second input slot.
    • Fixed formatting issues in Portuguese-Brazil translation.
    • If the savegame is corrupted the savegames list was unable to load. The issue is fixed now. The game will also clearly designate corrupted savegame files in the saves list and explain how to recover to the latest backup version. Please note: we’re certain that savegame corruption cannot happen under normal circumstances, if you experience such an issue please check your disk with ScanDisk and CrystalDiskInfo or any other HDD SMART tool.
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