Crusader Kings 3 (CK3) Update 1.12.4 Patch Notes

A new Crusader Kings 3 update 1.12.4 is rolling out on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S. According to the official CK3 console patch notes, the latest update implemented various changes to Legends and the Legends UI, addresses community feedback and improving gameplay experience. Apart from this, today’s Crusader Kings 3 patch 1.12.4 also includes stability fixes

Previously, Crusader Kings 3 update 1.016 (1.9.0) update added revamped cultures, languages, Customisable Coat of Arms & Banners, and much more. Unfortunately, players are still facing problems with the game. Today’s Crusader Kings 3 version 1.12.4 will fix a few of these issues.

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Crusader Kings 3 (CK3) Patch Notes – March 27, 2024

Game Updates

  • Dynamic Legend Chapters: Legend chapters now adapt to player actions such as winning battles, sieges, release from prison, taking vows, spousal demise, or having a newborn child.
  • Expanded Legend Titles: More variations added to legend titles for increased diversity.
  • Realm Alert System: Players are now notified when a new legend emerges in their realm.
  • Great Holy War Rewards: Winning a Great Holy War presents an opportunity to obtain a Holy Warrior legend seed.
  • “Writing History” Perk Enhancement: Added a Legitimacy modifier to the “Writing History” perk.
  • Plague Resistance for “Shy” and “Reclusive” Characters: Characters with the traits “Shy” and “Reclusive” now exhibit higher plague resistance.
  • Capitals as Points of Interest: Capitals of rulers with high-level Legends are now Points of Interest during travel.
  • Player Legend Library: Introduced a player Legend Library housing completed legends.
    • Legends in the library never fade, even if their bonus-giving reach diminishes.
    • Automatically adds owned or actively promoted legends.
    • Completed legends within your domain are also automatically added.
    • Option to remove legends from the Library (caution: irreversible action).
    • Ability to add distant completed Legends during travel.
    • Persistence of Legend Library upon inheritance or character switching.

Interface Enhancements

  • Streamlined Legend Window Interface: Completed legends now occupy less space in the interface.
  • Clickable Legend Headers: Legend headers are now directly clickable for easier navigation.
  • Detailed Legend List Items: Legend list items now include protagonist names, start/completion dates, providing more information.
  • Clearer Legend Chronicle Window: Improved scrollbar visibility and protagonist nameplate in the legend chronicle window.
  • Animated Legend Portraits: Portraits in the legend chronicle window are now animated based on chronicle type.
  • Quick Navigation: Added a ‘pan to legend’ button and right-click action for legend list items.
  • Promotion Cost Clarity: In the Legend List, promotion costs for unpromotable legends are no longer displayed.

Bug Fixes

  • Invalid Obligations Notification Fix: Addressed broken invalid obligations notification.
  • “Royal Touch” Event Correction: The “Royal Touch” event no longer grants permanent Measles.
  • Isolationist Tradition Clarification: Clarified the “Isolationist” cultural tradition regarding plague resistance.
  • Legend Protagonist Portrait Fix: Fixed legend protagonist portraits to not display characters in nightgowns upon demise due to illness (applies to new savegames).
  • UI Sound Adjustment: Fixed certain UI sounds to match previous version levels.
  • Observer Legend Listing Improvement: Observers now have a better legend listing experience.

Download free Crusader Kings 3 update 1.12.4 on PlayStation 5, PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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