Crossout Update 2.62 Patch Notes (Holy motors) – November 25, 2021

    Crossout “Holy motors” update 2.62 patch notes are now available for PS4 and PC players. According to the official Crossout 2.62 patch notes, the latest update brings a new season with unique rewards, a new PvP-mode, the return of the updated map “Fortress” and a new relic weapon!. Apart from this, Crossout version 2.62 also includes stability fixes.

    Previously, a big update added the “Witch Hunt” event, a classic of the Halloween celebrations in the Wasteland. Chase the holiday balloons on the special version of the “Abandoned town” map and get all new thematic rewards.

    Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are still experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Crossout patch 2.62 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

    Crossout 2.62 patch notes – November 25, 2021

    New season “Holy Motors” and a battle pass

    Attention! The event will last until January 23 inclusive!

    • There are 49 levels with unique rewards in the event. Leveling up in the event will unlock new rewards.
    • If the player has a Battle Pass, 20 in-game coins are rewarded for levels from 50 and above.
    • All players without exception (both with and without a paid Battle Pass) can access:
      • New structural parts.
      • One-time production recipes (“Workpieces”) of the new parts from the season, as well as parts from previous seasons (you can find and use the received workpieces in the “Resources” tab in your storage).
      • Recipes for crafting the standard and upgraded versions of the new weapons and hardware. ATTENTION! These recipes will only be available temporarily during the current season. Once it is completed, the permanent part recipes will be unavailable.
      • One portrait.
      • Background and logos for the banner customization.
      • A banner logo that displays your current level in the event.
      • 100 in-game coins.
    • Players who have purchased a Battle Pass may receive the following additional rewards:
      • Parts that have been crafted before. Please note that such parts are already issued with certain upgrades and cannot be sold/bought on the market.
      • In-game coins.
      • Cosmetic items: one portrait, paints, stickers, hologram.
      • New decoration for the range
      • “Storage expansions” and “Blueprint storages”.
      • Epic workbench coupons.
    • Rewards marked with a lock icon are only available in the Battle Pass.
    • Parts that you didn’t have time to unlock (except for structural parts) can be purchased on the in-game market from other players.
    • Structural parts can be unlocked some time after the event.

    Please note:

    • During the season, all new parts (including their fused versions) can be crafted in unlimited quantities (permanent recipes will be available).
    • As new levels of the season are gained, all players will discover and receive additional one-time recipes — the “workpieces” of new parts. During the season, you can get several workpieces for each new part at once.
    • Once the season is over, permanent recipes will become unavailable, but you will still have the workpieces. They can be used whenever you want.
    • The workpieces are added to the storage (“Resources” tab) and do not take up storage space.
    • Even if you didn’t have enough time (or didn’t have the opportunity) to craft a certain part during the season, you will be able to craft it thanks to a workpiece.

    Event level up

    • You can increase your level in the event by completing special daily and weekly challenges.
    • At the end of the day, all uncompleted daily challenges are reset and replaced with new ones.
    • Every Thursday, after the list of challenges is updated, all uncompleted weekly challenges are carried over to the next week.
    • Weekly tasks of the season are divided into “main” and “additional” groups. At one time, 4 “main” and 2 “additional” tasks are issued.
    • Please note that it is possible to get the maximum level in the event by completing only daily and “main” challenges. Completing “additional” challenges will help you increase your level even faster.
    • Try not to miss challenges to open all available rewards as soon as possible.
    • When the event level is increased, the reward is issued automatically.
    • You can still complete the regular daily and weekly challenge, save badges and other resources.

    New parts of the season

    Frontal machine gun of special rarity “M-25 Guardian”


    • PS: 570.
    • Durability: 179 pts.
    • Energy drain: 3 pts.
    • Mass: 155 kg.
    • Perk: Each hit on the enemy increases resistance to all types of damage by 1%. The effect lasts for 1 sec. and stacks up to 10 times.

    Epic module “Averter”


    • PS: 275.
    • Durability: 180 pts.
    • Energy drain: 1 pts.
    • Mass: 160 kg.
    • Perk: Increases the protection of a part attached to the power nodes by up to 30%.

    Important: “Power nodes” are special welding points that give a certain bonus to other parts that are attached to them.

    Legendary rotary rocket launcher “Waltz”


    • PS: 2400.
    • Ammo: 15 volleys.
    • Durability: 209 pts.
    • Energy drain: 6 pts.
    • Mass: 215 kg.
    • Perk: The impulse and damage of each subsequent rocket in the volley is increased by 100% and 25%, respectively.

    Legendary cabin “Master”

    You will be able to see what this secret development of the Engineers looks like in the process of unlocking the levels of the new season. For now, let’s take a look at its parameters:

    • PS: 2400.
    • Light cabin.
    • Max. cabin speed: 95 km/h.
    • Tonnage: 5000 kg.
    • Mass limit: 10000 kg.
    • Adds energy: 12 pts.
    • Durability: 360 pts.
    • Mass: 750 kg.
    • Perk: When the module is activated, the cabin heats up, and when it’s deactivated, the cabin cools down within 5 sec., restoring up to 10% of the durability per second to the parts attached to the power nodes.

    New CKs for “Helios” and “Caucasus”

    “Elite Battle Pass” pack


    • Provides access to additional rewards of the season “Holy motors”.
    • Upon purchasing this pack, the player gains 15 levels to his current progress in the event. All additional battle pass rewards for already received levels are automatically made available.
    • The pack can be purchased only once.

    “Battle Pass” pack

    • Provides access to additional rewards of the season “Holy motors”.
    • Upon purchasing this pack, the player gains 1 level to his current progress in the event. All additional battle pass rewards for already received levels are automatically made available.
    • The pack can be purchased only once.

    New mode: operation “Red light”

    Attention! The new operation “Red light” will be available until December 15 inclusive!

    Key features:

    • Operation “Red light” is a PvP-brawl where at first a small team of 2 “infected” players fight against a team of 10 regular players.
    • The survivors start the battle on their own armoured vehicles. The first ravager-players and the “infected” players use the pre-set vehicles.
    • There are certain conditions for the survivor vehicles. The PS of your armoured car should not exceed 9000, and it should not have:
      • boosters;
      • fuel barrels or fuel tanks;
      • “Werewolf” cabin;
      • explosives (“Boom” or “Lancelot”).
    • Ravager vehicles also have their own features:
      • The vehicles are damaged from the beginning — their durability will be lower than the maximum one.
      • The vehicles are equipped with the “Argus” module to protect the players from mines and projectiles that can be shot down.
    • The goal of the survivors is to reach the final point of the location, completing all the tasks.
    • The “infected” team should prevent the second team from completing the tasks and “infect” as many players as possible.
    • Infection of a regular player occurs when he collides with an infected player.
    • Survivors can not only drive away from their enemies, but also try to destroy them at a distance. The main thing is to avoid contact with the enemy.
    • After the collision, the survivor joins the opposite team, and his goal is to infect his former teammates.
    • The total number of points you earn directly depends on how efficiently you played. For example, if you actively helped the team complete tasks for survivors, but at the end you were infected, you will still get enough points, and your efforts will not go unrewarded. Actions for both the team of survivors and the team of infected will be counted.
    • The player is rewarded with scrap metal for each battle. The amount of scrap metal depends on the place taken by the player as a result of the battle.

    Special challenges

    Special challenges and rewards for completing them will be available only until December 15 inclusive.

    You have 5 challenges that can only be completed in the new mode. You will receive a reward for completing each challenge:

    • Play 3 games in this mode. Reward: 50 pts. of scrap metal.
    • Destroy 10 enemies in the mode. Reward: paint “White Honeycomb”.
    • Destroy 15 enemies in the mode. Reward: 200 Engineer badges
    • Destroy 20 enemies in the mode. Reward: unique sticker “Adventure”.
    • Get to the finish line, being a “survivor”, once. Reward: a container with a “rare” CK of your choice.

    New relic single-shot shotgun “Jormungandr”


    • This weapon is not a part of the new season “Holy motors”. It cannot be received for leveling up or purchasing the battle pass.
    • Like all other relic weapons, the shotgun can only be crafted at the Engineer workbench “Secret Workshop”, using parts and resources (including uranium ore).


    • Rarity: relic.
    • PS: 2400.
    • Durability: 390 pts.
    • Energy drain: 4 pts.
    • Mass: 335 kg.
    • Perk: If at least half of the pellets hit the enemy, the next shot will be fired with incendiary projectiles that heat up the parts on impact. Damage to these parts increases up to 100% depending on the heating level.


    Updated map “Fortress”

    One of the distinctive features that catches the eye is the visual design. We have completely redesigned and replaced a lot of old objects on the map with new ones. Other old environmental objects have been modified, and the location has taken on new colours.

    The scale of the environmental object has also changed and has become closer to the real ones. The map’s vegetation will also be updated: we have not only improved its quality compared to the old version of the location, but have also implemented a familiar feature with semi-transparent silhouettes of large bushes and trees for a more comfortable game.

    The teams will now start the battle from the side of the destroyed town and military base, respectively. What happened at this location? Whose base is this? We are going to find out soon!

    When redesigning this location, it was important for us to make better use of the space and to solve some of the problems you reported to us:

    we reduced the spaces on the edges of the map that were hardly used by players, but at the same time we expanded a number of passages that previously could only be used by relatively small armoured vehicles, and vehicles with low PS;
    we redesigned a lot of separate places on the map, which could interfere with the movement of players. For example: various angles and stones that caused armoured vehicles to get trapped and stuck.


    • The environmental objects that could cause an armoured vehicle to get stuck have been optimized on a number of maps:
      • Ravagers foothold;
      • Old town;
      • East quarter;
      • Ashen ring;
      • Clean island.
    • Improved the visual appearance of rocks on the “Bridge” map.
    • A number of environmental objects on the “Desert valley” map have been improved.
    • Blocked direct visibility from the spawn point of the first team to the spawn point of the second team on the map “Desert valley”.

    Game Modes

    Clan battles

    The “Bridge”, “Founders Canyon” and “Old Town” maps have been returned to the clan battles rotation.

    We tried to make the best use of all available information regarding unstable frame rates on these locations and optimized these maps as much as possible, using all the gathered information and your bug reports.


    • The difficulty of the “Steppenwolfs” and “Firestarters” factions raiders has been slightly decreased on the medium difficulty level.
    • The difficulty of the “Lunatics” raiders has been slightly increased on the medium difficulty level.
    • The difficulty of the “Nomads” raiders has been slightly decreased on the hard difficulty level.

    All the changes to raiders mentioned above are insignificant and can affect both the durability of the vehicles and the damage they deal. The choice of a particular edit depends on the vehicle and its role.

    • The amount of raiders in the raids “Data theft”, “Gone in two minutes”, “Hit and run!”, “Perimeter breach” and “Frontier defence” has been optimized.



    The parts from the “Guiding star” season were added to the auto assembly.


    • You can now switch between the menu tabs using the “Q”, “E”, “A” and “D” keys. Added additional appropriate icons.
    • Now, the pressing of the “Reset” button in the sorting settings at the exhibition also resets the text you have entered in the “Blueprint contains” line.


    • Updated the sounds for the “Sinus-0” and “Aspect” machine guns.
    • Improved the sounds of the autocannon “AC43 Rapier”.
    • Changed the balance of the weapon sounds.
    • Improved the sounds of hits on the car.
    • Fixed minor bugs with the positioning of sounds.
    • Updated the visual appearance of the generator “PU-1 Charge”.
    • Improved the effect of the “Yaoguai” drone’s perk.
    • Improved the effect of the “Tusk” cabin’s perk.
    • The effect of exhaust has been improved for the cabins with exhaust pipes.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug where the damage resistance upgrade might have not worked properly.
    • Fixed a bug due to which it was impossible to switch to 4x zoom while using the “Neutrino” scope.
    • Now 3 rockets of the “Nest” weapon correctly target random enemy frames. Previously, all rockets could target only 1 frame.
    • Fixed bugs that could cause environmental objects on the “Control-17” map to disappear at a certain viewing angle.
    • Fixed a bug with non-functional welding points on the “Goliath” track.
    • Fixed a bug where it was possible to rotate the “Crossout” hologram and place it in the wrong position. If the message about an incorrectly mounted part appears, the hologram should be placed in the storage and then installed on the car again.
    • Fixed a bug where enemies could not appear in the raid “Data theft” on the map “Old town”.
    • Fixed a bug where the actual position on the “Clean Island” map could be different from the one displayed on the mini-map.
    • Fixed bug with increased volume of activated the shield of the “Nova cabin” at certain conditions.
    • Fixed a bug where the minelayer “Jubokko” retained the ability to fire, even if it was covered with structural parts.
    • Fixed a bug where the perk of the “Quantum” cabin was reset when shooting, and not when receiving damage.
    • Fixed a bug where the sounds of the previous player’s details could still be playing after switching between players in the spectator mode.
    • Fixed a bug where the progress of a weekly challenge for 40 daily challenges could be displayed incorrectly on the battle results screen.
    • Fixed a bug with incorrect placement of the player’s nickname on the garage screen when changing the resolution or size of the window.
    • Fixed a bug where the selected driver was not displayed in the leviathan information window in the garage.
    • Improved a number of text strings.

    Download free Crossout update 2.62 on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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