Crash Team Rumble Update 1.05 Patch Notes

Crash Team Rumble update 1.05 is now rolling out on PS4, Xbox, and PC. According to Crash Team Rumble 1.10 patch notes, the latest update adds new features, such as Ripper Roo being available to unlock, and brings various improvements and bug fixes to gameplay, stability, heroes, maps, and powers. Apart from this, Crash Team Rumble patch 1.05 also addresses issues related to network instability, player stuck on black screens, hero abilities, and event functionality, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Recently, the game was released with positive reviews. Unfortunately, since the release, players are reporting several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Crash Team Rumble version 1.05 will resolve a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Crash Team Rumble Patch Notes – July 19, 2023


  1. Ripper Roo will be live on 7/20 for all players! Unlock him by earning 50 Blocker badges (earned by knocking Wumpa away).


  1. Fixed an issue where signing out and signing back in during the intro cutscene would leave players on a black screen.
  2. Resolved an infrequent crash on startup.
  3. Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in a black screen when the last person readies up.
  4. Players no longer need to accept a friend request twice for it to populate the Friend’s tab.
  5. Progression and participation in practice mode after selecting a power are now possible.
  6. When a party host leaves a competitive lobby, the rest of the party will follow suit.
  7. Resolved several issues allowing a team of 5 players.
  8. Improved translation coverage across all launch languages.
  9. Players will no longer encounter a title close after repeatedly entering and exiting the Hero Progression, Challenges, or Abilities Menus.
  10. Accepting an invite into a party or lobby will now correctly move players to the intended party or lobby.
  11. Audio now consistently plays in the main menu.
  12. Improved stability when completing private matches.
  13. Teams will be notified if their party leader leaves the party.
  14. Announcer will correctly say both unlock announcements if a player unlocks two heroes in a single match.
  15. Bots will no longer use slam attacks while carrying Wumpa and banking.


  1. Improved the enemy spawn barrier to prevent players from bypassing it using abilities.
  2. Tar Valley:
    • Resolved potential network instability after the Aku Aku Epic Relic Station effect expires.
    • Level 3 Aku Aku power no longer damages friendly Slow Shrooms.
  3. Calamity Canyon:
    • Forcefields can no longer be passed through by enemy players.
    • Oxide’s UFO model is now visible when activating, even if opposing players are looking away.
  4. Bogged Down:
    • Resolved a rare crash on the loading screen.
  5. Rusted Refinery:
    • Enemy bots are now affected by Sandstorm.


  1. Dingodile, Cat Bat, Ripper Roo, N. Tropy, and Dr. N. Brio can no longer infinitely spam their jump ability without touching the ground.
  2. Heroes now recover instantly from Crash or Coco’s slam ability.
  3. Dr. N. Brio:
    • Resolved an infrequent crash while using Dr. N. Brio during a competitive match.
    • Slimes can no longer attack enemies in their own spawn area.
    • Slimes will now stay on the banks or gems they are spawned on.
    • Slimes no longer occasionally spawn at the center of the map when a thrown flask hits an enemy.
    • Dr. N. Brio will no longer become stuck if he transforms while standing next to a gem.
    • Improved interactions between the transformation power and Bounce Crates.
  4. Coco:
    • The final reward box will no longer be checked before the player finishes the final requirements for the “Earn Scorer Badges by Scoring Wumpa” challenge.
    • Playing as Coco no longer causes her to appear extremely distorted.
  5. Tawna:
    • The location of the hookshot fx will now more accurately indicate the direction the hero will travel.
  6. Dingodile:
    • The Tailwhip attack no longer appears slower when using skins.
    • Dingodile no longer stutters during his hover animation when viewed by other players.
  7. N. Tropy:
    • The staff will no longer revert to the default option after completing a match.
    • The Harlequin Shake Staff no longer displays distorted textures.
    • The mastery badge can now be acquired by denying Wumpa without getting knocked out, instead of getting hit.


  1. In Private and Practice matches, using a power with more than one charge will no longer reset progress towards the next charge.
  2. The beam from a teammate’s Healing Fridge will consistently show up for the teammates being healed.
  3. Improved Power Drain’s collision to prevent it from blocking the use of a Relic Station it may be placed on.
  4. When powers with multiple charges are completely full, the colors on the power icon are no longer muted.


  1. Using the zapper in Zap Trap will now appropriately track KO’s and grant the Multi-KO Badge to players with multiple consecutive KO’s.
  2. Zap Trap now displays the team total as “1/4” instead of “1/8”.
  3. Resolved the issue of players occasionally being put into a standard competitive match while playing Zap Trap.
  4. Event collectibles no longer appear in the map after the player has collected the maximum number of items to complete the event.

Download free Crash Team Rumble update 1.05 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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