Coromon Update 1.0.16 Patch Notes – April 4, 2022

    Coromon update 1.0.16 is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Coromon patch notes, the latest update addressed various bugs and added gameplay adjustments and fixes.

    Recently, a minor hotfix was also released with changes and fixes. Unfortunately, since the release, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Coromon patch 1.0.16 will fix a few of these issues.

    Read the full details below.

    Coromon April 4 Patch Notes

    • Fixed a crash that occurred when players would somehow not have the Essence Locator.
    • Enabled “Disable Screenshots” by default, which caused crashes for some players. You could re-enable this setting to re-enable the preview images on your saveslots.
    • Fixed crash when you would lose one of your Coromon in the fight against Light Sensei.
    • Added a message for when Oleg does not increase the potential. Oleg also gives a partial refund if this happens.
    • Fixed a crash when all Skills of a Coromon were disabled.
    • Fixed Spiked Body Trait hurting the user instead of the attacker.
    • Lunarpup line now has access to an additional Trait: Steady
    • Slightly increased level and monster variation in the last floor of Thunderous Cave.
    • Fixed a situation where players could get softlocked in Pawbury Mescher Realm map.
    • Fixed 3 of the 4 solutions in the pyramid table riddle, where purple and magenta were switched on our end.
    • Fixed the avatar of Perfect Armadil.
    • Fixed the issue with Supersensory Trait which could cause an infinite loop.
    • Fixed players getting stuck when interacting with the sculptor from the left.
    • Freeze condition can no longer stay on a Coromon infinitely.
    • Fixed a situation where players could walk through walls in Haunted Halls.
    • Fixed a situation where players could walk through walls in Vermeer Grotto.
    • Fixed Pele being at the wrong location after defeating Hozai.
    • Rebooted the Fusebox so that it damages the attacker instead of healing it while discharging.
    • Tactical Retreat trait now shows the name of the Coromon.
    • Fixed players being able to walk over water in the Radiant Park Mescher Realm map.
    • Fixed Snow causing an Invalid Online match.
    • Fixed Rain weather not preventing Burn condition.
    • Fixed Potent Pitterbyte avatar to have the correct colors.
    • Fix players being able to snip Shrooms twice when running away and back to the shroom.
    • Xp Chip item now shows how many you possess.
    • Fix players remaining on their surfboard when losing while surfing.
    • Updated the avatar of Dugterra potential variations.
    • Fixed a crash that could cause Frantic Mask to cause a stack overflow.
    • Added a possible fix for a crash caused by an unknown controller when launching the game.
    • Spark Disc now depletes 3 SP per hit, like the description says.
    • Researchers in the pyramid now also have the Researcher battle track.

    Download free Coromon patch 1.0.16 on PC (Steam).

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