Core Keeper Update 0.5.5 Patch Notes (New Features)

Core Keeper update 0.5.5 is rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Core Keeper 0.5.5 patch notes, the latest update adds new features and new items. Apart from this, Core Keeper patch 5.5 also includes balancing and graphic fixes.

Recently, a major Sunken Sea update added new NPCs, new Mechanics, new items, and much more. Unfortunately, players have been experiencing issues with the game since the last patch.

Today’s Core Keeper update 5.5 will fix a few of these issues.

Core Keeper Patch 0.5.5 Notes – April 6, 2023


New Features:

  • The Seasonal Merchant now has a new festive skin and new seasonal items for sale. The skin will revert to its original appearance after the event ends, but the items will remain available.
  • The Easter Crafting Table can be acquired from the Seasonal Merchant.
  • The Large Golden Egg is now sold by the Seasonal Merchant.
  • Certain tiles have started to bloom and now have flowers on them. These tiles will revert to their original appearance once the season ends.

New Items:

  • New decorative environment items can be crafted at the Easter Workbench, including:
  • Easter Garland
  • Easter Egg Lamp
  • Daisy Flooring
  • Easter Pillar
  • Easter Egg Flower Pot
  • Easter Meadow Table
  • Easter Meadow Stool
  • Easter Pedestal
  • New vanity equipment sets can be crafted at the Easter Workbench, including Chicken equipment set and Eggcellent equipment set.



  • The Core Keeper main menu logo has been updated with a new, seasonal appearance.


  • The drop chance of Easter Eggs from enemies has been increased.
  • Infected Cavelings and Mold Tentacles will no longer drop Gray Easter Eggs but only drop Green Easter Eggs.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where regenerating maps would create slightly larger saves on each start. Regeneration typically happens for map parts containing Obsidian walls. Currently affected saves are cleaned up which could improve save and load times for those affected.

Download free Core Keeper update 0.5.5 on PC (Steam).

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