Core Keeper Update 0.5.3 Patch Notes – March 8, 2023

Core Keeper update 0.5.3 is rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Core Keeper 0.5.3 patch notes, the latest season update adds new skins and new items. Apart from this, Core Keeper patch 5.3 also includes performance and stability fixes.

Recently, a major Sunken Sea update added new NPCs, new Mechanics, new items, and much more. Unfortunately, players have been experiencing issues with the game since the last patch.

Today’s Core Keeper update 5.3 will fix a few of these issues.

Core Keeper Patch 0.5.3 Notes – March 8, 2023


  • The Seasonal Merchant has a new skin and new items to sell for the new season. The skin will change back after the season ends but the items can still be bought.
  • Anniversary Cake: Topped with Glow Tulip glaze. When eaten, it emits a strong glow around the player and also gives a permanent health increase. Sold by the Seasonal Merchant.
  • Four festive birthday hats sold by the Seasonal Merchant.
  • New “Happy Birthday” music sheet. Sold by the Seasonal Merchant.
  • Terraria “Journey’s Beginning” music sheet. Drops from the King Slime boss.
  • New hidden achievement.


  • Updated the Flower Crown sprites to better fit all hairstyles.


  • Corrected sorting order of stone platforms in front of the Core.
  • Fixed an issue where Ore Boulder shadows would sometimes flicker.
  • Fixed Hive Larva Fish not being able to be fished in regular water in the Clay Caves biome.
  • Changed Twisted Agate sprite to not be mistaken for a seed.
  • Changed input backend on Linux to avoid issues when running the game with Steam Input enabled for some controllers.

Download free Core Keeper update 0.5.3 on PC (Steam).

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