Conan Exiles update 1.11 Released, Read What’s New and Fixed

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Conan Exiles update 1.11 is now rolling out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to the official Conan Exiles 1.11 patch notes, the latest update contains fixes for stuttering/lag as well as several crashing issues. In addition, Conan Exiles version 1.11 includes stability and performance improvements. Check out more details below.

Recently, a minor hotfix was released which added fixes for dodging, the stamina exploit, and war paint. The patch had fixed a bug where players could give themselves infinite stamina while running towards the camera.

Conan Exiles Update 1.11 Patch Notes

  • An improvement for the server list.
  • Fixed stuttering and lag issues.
  • Added fixes for crashing and game freezing issues.
  • Conan Exiles 1.11 update added performance and stability improvements.
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If you do not see the Conan Exiles version 1.11, please restart your console.

Check your game update and download the latest Conan Exiles update 1.11.

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