Conan Exiles 1.71 Patch Notes for PS4 (Official) – Sep 14, 2021


Conan Exiles update 1.71 for PS4 is now available to download. According to the official Conan Exiles 1.71 patch notes, the hotfix addressed the chest exploit, added a crafting fix, and more. Apart from this, today’s Conan Exiles version 1.71 (update 2.5.2) also includes a balance update.

Previously, a big update was released with various bug fixes and gameplay changes.

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Conan Exiles 1.71 Patch Notes for PS4 – Sep 14, 2021

Exploit fixes

  • Chests that require a key to open can no longer be quick-looted.

Crafting Fixes

  • Harpy’s Kiss and Black Ice arrows can no longer be dismantled.

Balance Update

  • Voidforge Bow no longer consumes glove durability and instead uses arrows normally. Damage is increased to compensate for this change (28, up from 22).
  • Significantly reduced the amount of bonus the Frenzied Bow (Regular and Epic versions) receives from Oil of Agony.

Download free Conan Exiles version 1.71 on PlayStation 4.