COD Warzone Update 1.56 Patch Notes – Official

    COD Warzone update 1.56 is now available to download on PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One players. According to the official Warzone patch notes, the latest update added quality of life changes and fixes.

    Previously, a major Warzone update 1.55 added a new MP map,new Operator, four new weapons, and more.

    Unfortunately, players are still facing crashes, lag, shuttering, matchmaking, and other issues. COD Modern Warfare version 1.56 will fix a few of these issues.

    Call of Duty Warzone Patch 1.56 Notes – Official


    Battle Royale Adjustments

    At the start of Season Two Reloaded, we talked about our intent to merge the core and Vanguard Royale experiences into a single, coherent Mode. We’ve now arrived at the final step of the merger, with Vanguard Royale Public Events joining the core BR event pool.

    • Public Events
      • Added:
        • Restock
        • Cash Drops
        • Heavy Weapon Drops
        • Resurgence
    • Loadout Drop Events:
      • First free Loadout Drop now occurs earlier
        • This change should make for better parity in the power curve.
      • Second free Loadout Drop remains in the 5th Circle
    • Guaranteed Events:
      • Infil:
        • Heavy Weapon Crate
        • Plunder Crate

          Being incentivised to landing in different locations due to Legendary loot appearing in the early game is a good opportunity for POI rotation.

      • 4th Circle:
        • Restock
        • Fire Sale

          Having mid-game events help players restock their inventory and give players improved looting opportunities in the mid-to-late game, especially if returning from the Gulag.

    As a reminder, here are some of the other changes that were implemented to core BR over the previous weeks:

    • Gameplay
      • Default core health is now at 150 (up from 100)
    • Loot
      • Dead Silence will remain as Legendary ground loot
    • Contracts
      • “Big Game Bounty”
      • “Top Secret”
      • “Supply Drop”

    We’re excited to see this initiative come to fruition and look forward to monitoring your continued feedback. Time to drop in!


    • Fixed collision issues with various elements across Caldera allowing Players to exploit/peek/shoot through them.
    • Fixed an issue where the Restock and Quick Fix Perk descriptions did not match their current functionality.
    • Fixed an issue where some Keyboard and Mouse button prompts could be seen when using a Gamepad.
    • Fixed an issue where the button prompt when receiving a Playlist Update would incorrectly say “Exit” instead of “Restart Now”
    • Fixed an issue where Players could not invite other Players to join their party from the “Invite From Social” menu.
    • Fixed an issue where “The Wall” Blueprint would disappear in-game before Players could receive it.
    • Fixed an issue allowing Players to clip through Golden Bunker doors.
    • Fixed an issue causing Combat Shield Blueprints to not appear correctly when equipped in a Loadout.
    • Addressed a bug with the Padmavati “Astrakhan” Operator Skin.
    • Addressed Fighter and Bomber Planes related to issues in Vanguard Royale modes.
    • Fixed an issue where using a controller and opening a Buy Station, the UI selection resets to the top of the list when scrolling upwards.
    • Fixed a bug where playing a Plunder mode, players may observe missing ground Loot and an abundance of Legendary items from chests.
    • Added stability and performance and stability fixes.
    • Other minor fixes.

    The following issues were addressed recently.


    • Private Matches have been updated to align with Public Match settings.


    • Fixed an issue causing inconsistent Operator parachuting functionality.
    • Fixed an issue causing the Community Challenges under the Rebirth Reinforced Event tab to not display the current/updated challenge.
    • Fixed an issue causing the Armaguerra 43 (VG) to mistakenly appear ingame as Submachine Gun Charlie.
    • Fixed an issue causing the Circle to occasionally move outside of playable space on Caldera.
    • Fixed an issue causing Party Invite notification text to appear misaligned.
    • Fixed an issue causing Armor Satchels acquired via Heavy Weapon Crates to equip with 0 out of 8 Armor Plates available.
    • Fixed an issue causing Heavy Weapon Crate pallets to occasionally appear as non interactable ground loot.
    • Fixed an issue causing an incorrect Mode to appear on the menu while queueing for a Match.
    • Fixed an issue causing a Scavenger Contract loot crate to spawn outside of reach on Rebirth Island.

    Download free Call of Duty Warzone update 1.56 on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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