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COD Infinite Warfare Update 1.25, Read What’s New and Fixed


Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Update 1.25 is now available for download. This new patch includes minor bug fixes and game improvements. According to the official COD Infinite Warfare 1.25 changelog, the new update comes with various fixes and improvements. In addition, COD Infinite Warfare version 1.25 also includes stability improvements.

An issue that could occur when Pack-A-Punching a weapon in Attack of the Radioactive Thing would give erratic results when filling up the Fate and Fortune meter is now addressed.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Update 1.25 Patch Notes



• HVR: Previously, this weapon would not spawn in the Magic Wheel. This has been fixed

• MacTav-45 and M1: When double Pack-A-Punching either of these weapons, they gained no stats compared to their single packed versions. This has been fixed

• Rack-9 – Firebug: Fix for a bug that was preventing this variant from being usable


• Smiley Chainsaw: Now purchasable as a wall-buy in the Director’s Cut

• Fix for a bug that could occur when Pack-A-Punching a weapon in Attack of the Radioactive Thing would give erratic results when filling up the Fate and Fortune meter.



• Trek-50: Updated hit location to help give more consistency on collateral shots.

• G-Rail – Barrage: Slowed the overall rate of fire (both maximum and minimum)

• Atlas (all variants): Adjusted recoil to make it a little more competitive with other LMGs. Adjusted the gun kick to provide a better view down range.


• Atlas – Artifice: Adjusted the kick to make it little more friendly. Adjusted the burst cooldown to bring in-line with other weapons

• Auger (all non-Epic variants): Lowered longer range damage to keep the Auger more true to its role as a close range LMG

• X-Eon – Horizon: Fix for the Nuke passive that was allowing a second Nuke to be called in after only gaining 10 kills once the first Nuke was called in


• VPR – Hades: Fixed an issue with the passive not triggering correctly

Check out following known issues currently players are facing.

  • An OPPAVIA error on PlayStation 4This error can occur when the same PSN account is logged in to more than one PlayStation.
  • “Update requires restart” messages but can’t update. – Players are reporting getting stuck in an update loop when attempting to connect to servers.

Workaround: Try the following troubleshooting steps.

  1. If you have Modern Warfare Remastered installed: Launch Modern Warfare Remastered and connect online. After connecting quit Modern Warfare Remastered and switch back to Infinite Warfare.
  2. If you don’t have Modern Warfare Remastered installed, or Step 1 didn’t work: Clear the cache on your console.
  3. If Steps 1 and 2 don’t work: Uninstall and reinstall Infinite Warfare and all DLC.
COD Infinite Warfare 1.25

Check your game update and download the latest Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Update 1.25.