Patch Notes

COD BO3 Update 1.28, Read What’s New and Fixed


COD BO3 Update 1.28 is now available for download. The players are reporting that the new COD BO3 1.28 comes with various bug fixes and improvements. In addition, COD BO3 version 1.28 also includes various stability and performance improvements.

Previously, the major update 1.27 was released with a new infected game mode. In the infected game mode, one player is randomly chosen as the first infected whose goal is to infect the other players. Once downed, players respawn as infected, slowly increasing the size of the horde. Infect all players, or survive until time runs out to win. In addition, the update also added a new Redwood Snow map to the game.

COD BO3 Update 1.28 Patch Notes



  • General stability updates.
  • Fixed an issue where some downloadable Multiplayer and Zombies maps were not playable offline.

Xbox One X:

  • Xbox One X users will no longer trigger the pre-match countdown timer if they load into a match early.



  • Redwood Snow
    • Fixed miscellaneous collision issues and exploitable locations.

Game Modes:

  • Infected
    • Fixed an issue where the end of game victory banner might display the wrong color.



  • The Whimsical GobbleGums Projectile Vomiting and Newtonian Negation will now be available to owners of the a la carte Gorod Krovi and Revelations maps, respectively.

Activision also officially announced Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Treyarch’s Call of Duty Black Ops 4 will be released for the PlayStation 4Xbox One, and PC worldwide on Friday, Oct. 12. However, no details about the campaign, multiplayer, or other modes were revealed as part of this initial announcement. More details for the fourth entry in the Black Ops franchise will be available on May 17.

Check your game update and download the latest COD BO3 Update 1.28.