Patch Notes

Cities Skylines Update 5.01 Patch Notes for PS4 Released


Cities Skylines update 5.01 for PS4 and Xbox One is now available for players. According to the official Cities Skylines 5.01 patch notes, the new update has added various new changes and gameplay improvements. In addition, Cities Skylines version 5.01 also includes stability and performance improvements.

Previously, a big update was released with the “Modern Transit” expansion on consoles. Unfortunately, since the last update, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play. Today’s Cities Skylines patch 5.01 is expected to fix all these issues. Check out more details below.

Cities Skylines update 5.01 Patch Notes for PS4

Console-specific changes:

  • Added new color picker for transport routes and Stadium
  • Cities Skylines 5.01 added disaster detection information on main Disasters toolbar
  • Improved readability of scenario win/loss requirements
  • Areas now shows number of tiles available for purchase
  • Cities Skylines update 5.01 fixed some localisation bugs
  • Fixed some crash bugs

Free content (Patch)

  • Fixed Crash mutex leak in AssetBundleHelper; fixed incorrectly loading asset bundles when it shouldn’t causing too many to be loaded at a time
  • Fixed goals panel not updating as well as scenario goals not being unlocked and checked correctly, resulting in scenarios with two conditions being broken
  • Fixed free camera radial menu icons; fixed decal materials changing themselves in editor; slowed down walking speed by 25%
  • Crash in Vehicle.BatchRenderOvergroundMesh()] Fixed missing if statement
  • Fixed PS4 package including ‘accidentally’ generated Windows Standalone asset bundles
  • Cities Skylines update 5.01 fixed crash when exiting to main menu while buildings still streaming
  • fixed trams and cable cars having same name in PT in game main toolbar
  • Fixed color picker panel buttons moving around on locale changes
  • Added new locale for mass transit and fixed color picker panel layout for non-english locale
  • Cities Skylines 5.01 fixed crash when exiting to main menu while buildings still streaming
  • Fixed crash in AvatarManager; fixed highway exit sign not colliding properly
  • Fixed info views having two tabs selected when opening in radial menu after being selected in game main toolbar
  • Made What’s New popup tabs wrap with LB/RB input
  • Masses of public transport users tinted the same colour as the Match Day Stadium]
  • Tsunami will be immediately detected if the player owns at least a single Tsunami Warning Buoy at any position in the city
  • Cities Skylines version 5.01 fixed area tiles showing incorrect number of available tiles
  • New Framework Binaries
  • [UnityBackgroundBuild] Fixed detecting platform when initial open of project fails
  • Fixed public transport details panel opening when bulldozing blimp pathways
  • Fixed autoTextScaling and autoHeight fighting to resize UI component and causing a stack overflow when loading game in Korean
  • DisasterRiskInfoViewPanel now correctly hides overlay when clicking on another item in the main toolbar
  • Implement DisasterNotificationPanel and make use of DisasterRiskInfoViewPanel
  • Cities Skylines update 5.01 reduced the size of the navigate button to fit more consistently in the panel
  • New paintbrush icon
  • Fixed an issue where, if the player enabled more than 42 policies, the policy icons would overflow and be clipped out on the city and district info panels. Also added the missing icons for premium studio and ad campaign
  • Add icons for SubBarDisasterNotification
    Add DisasterWarning SubBarIcon
  • Cities Skylines 5.01 add entries for missing achievement locale
  • Fixed tooltip positioning for smaller UI scales on the football panel
  • Makes color picker fit within safe area and work with UI scaling
  • Fixed color picker tooltip on panels and made sure that all buttons on the parent world info view are hidden when the picker is open
  • Fixed water pipe icons for real this time
  • Fixed Fog flickering bug
  • Cities Skylines version 5.01 addressed public transport demographic info not displaying
  • Scenario Conditions UI : Play X game weeks now only turns into After X game weeks if it is a losing condition with other conditions
  • Fixed Load/Save menu autosave text stuck in previous language on XB1 and W10
  • Fix asset bundles again] Hopefully more robust this time
  • Increase citizen, vehicle and prop texture resolution]
  • Fixed Perforce Edit/Add commands to work with files with spaces in their names
  • Fixed pollution colour
  • Cities Skylines 5.01 addressed ScenarioGoalsPanel not scrolling down far enough
  • Redesigned Scenario Goals Panel and New Scenario Win/Lose Conditions Panel
  • Add in New terms of Use] Exported from
  • Changed Scenario Win Popup layout so win / lose conditions are displayed one per line in list style
  • Areas screen redesigned to show how many new areas available to be purchased
    econcile lost GameAreaManager.cs changes
  • The Radial Road modifier panel is no longer 43 pixels from the top of the screen.
  • Fixed snapping options, since they were broken in the merge.
  • Fixed crashing issues.
  • Fixed stuttering and lag issues.
  • Cities Skylines version 5.01 stability improvements.
  • Added other minor fixes with Cities Skylines 5.01.

Cities Skylines update 5.01 for PS4 is now available for download.