Chronicon Update 1.31.0 Patch Notes – Dec. 13, 2021

    Chronicon update is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Chronicon patch notes, the latest update 1.31.0 added quality of life improvements and gameplay optimizations.

    Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Chronicon patch 1.31.0 will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Chronicon Patch Notes – December 13, 2021

    Anomalies & Monsters:

    • Increased damage of all Anomaly bosses to be on par with Lesser Act bosses (ie bosses in Acts before the final boss/Lesser Boss Anomalies).
    • Regular cave theme no longer roll as Temple Tunnels, and can instead roll as Sand Cave layouts (new thing from DLC, but accessible to everyone).
    • Reduced damage of Sandworms by 20% across the board.
    • Updated some randomized champion names.
    • Drastically reduced the damage of “Surger” Affix enemies.
    • Lesser Rune drops from Dungeon Anomaly completion are now weighted towards the least obtained runes (as per codex entries), to take out some of the frustration of bad luck and repeated drops.


    • Added Discord join button to the main menu (under “More”).
    • Added UI theme slider to interface settings menu (the DLC adds a whole new UI theme & music).
    • Made all types of healthbars invisible during cutscenes.
    • Improved enchant value display by showing stars on natural high rolls (previously stars would only show if they were augmented by the player).
    • Moved Wardrobe dyes 1 pixel to the left to be centered in their boxes.
    • Updated Help Index on Companions and CDR interactions.
    • Updated main menu.

    Items & Equipment:


    • Items now have a (very!) small chance to roll with all enchants att max augment.
    • Updated description of Aspect of the Ethereal to be more clear and have consistent wording with similar powers.


    • Lethal Mobility: Effect now lasts 7 seconds, up from 3.
    • Infected Wounds: Augments buffed to [30][[50]], from [25][[30]].
    • Chilled Blood: Augments buffed to [30][[50]], from [25][[30]].
    • Burning Lightning: Augments buffed to [30][[50]], from [25][[30]].

    QoL & Misc:

    • Added a dummy that attacks players and companions in Tinka’s Domain, so you can test “on hurt” triggers like Thorns, etc. You’ll find it in the bottom left and you need to get close for it to attack.
    • Added Evades to the death log.
    • Upgrading Gems now upgrades them 5x at a time rather than all, when holding ctrl. (10 was suggested, but 5 made the most sense since you need 5 to go to the next tier).
    • Swapping gear, resetting skills, or importing a build will now reset debuffs on the Dummies.
    • You can no longer convert a favorited item into a rune, nor unlock its enchants, without first unfavoriting it, to prevent accidents.
    • Improved Spanish localization based on community feedback.
    • Tweaked burn/fire particles a bit.


    • Improved impact visuals of some Archery Base skills for Warden.
    • Improved impact visuals and sound feedback from several base skills for all classes.
    • Improved default impact particle effects used for Shadow, Holy, and Physical Storm skills.
    • Soul Thief and Hellcaller (Warlock Passives) should now interact with Jon’s Book of Souls.
    • Lich Heart (Warlock Mastery) now affects Lich Ultimate skills as well.
    • Death Come Near Me (Warlock Mastery) now counts bosses as 15 foes, like other similar skills does.
    • Standardized the wording on all weaken passives.


    • Added an unlock sound to locked chests.
    • Added a sound when slotting in a skill.
    • Added a new sound for when reaching the top rank of a skill.
    • Added footstep sounds that vary depending on material stepped on; ie sand, gravel, grass, etc no longer all sound like tile.
    • Added new sounds for the following items: Elixirs, Tarot Card, Champion’s Crown, and Runes.
    • Rebalanced sound volume for all player attack grunts.


    • Fixed random tooltip being drawn when accessing the Beast panel on the UI when using a controller.
    • Fixed issue where the last item tooltip would be shown when swapping to the codex panel using a controller.
    • Fixed some incorrect button prompts on item cards while in shops using a controller.
    • Fixed Lushlands tileset making weird trees in some Anomaly layouts when close to edges or water.
    • Fixed an error which caused several difficulty related scaling effects to cap off at Mythic 1, such as enemy DoT damage caps and Boss Health growth.
    • Fixed issue where some mobs would loudly do their spawn noises when entering a zone.
    • Fixed issue where Shrine positions were not validated before attempting to place them, resulting in sometimes spawning too few.
    • Fixed some “island” type areas/anomalies not having ground under walls bordering the water/lava/blood.
    • Fixed issue causing DLC entries in the Codex to be required for completion Achievements.
    • Fixed Templar shield “Heatwall” not increasing the damage of the skills listed.
    • Fixed issue where if a companion died between performing a skill and that skill hitting something, it would not be considered a companion attack and damage numbers would be displayed regardless of settings.
    • Fixed characters saying the wrong line when entering The Captain’s Quarters in Act 1.
    • Fixed being able to click UI through cutscenes.
    • Fixed tooltips from UI appearing during cutscenes.
    • Fixed bug which could cause materials of different types to group together incorrectly when dropped, resulting in only obtaining one of the types.
    • Fixed crash from having corrupted graveyard data.
    • Fixed key shortcuts in tooltips prompting to mark gems as Favorite or Drop (this is not possible).
    • Fixed multiple identical warnings/on-screen prompts playing after each other, such as quest updates in co-op playing for each player.
    • Fixed Skull of Harlon and several other similar items giving a much stronger boost than intended.
    • Fixed loot filters not working as intended for consumables.
    • Fixed Spores/Shrooms spawned through the Poison Trees rune incorrectly triggered player on-hit effect and passives (it’s a companion attack!).
    • Fixed particles being rendered on top of pause screen.
    • Fixed rare crash that could happen if player was hit by a knockback effect just after dying.
    • Fixed issue where Contagion (Warlock passive) would sometimes grab the stack numbers of another buff, like the Bloodbinder set debuff, when spreading Infection.
    • Fixed Crown of Innate Probability calculating proc rates incorrectly when a skill would have multiple sources, such as a Mastery with a proc rate addition.
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