Chimeraland Update Patch Notes – Sep 7, 2022

    Chimeraland update is now available to download on PC(Steam) and iOS. According to the official Chimeraland patch notes, the latest update added a new weapon Captivating Zither to the game.

    Previously, a major update added quality of life changes and fixes. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s Chimeraland patch will address a few changes.

    Chimeraland Patch Notes – September 7, 2022

    New Gameplay:
    A new weapon—Captivating Zither is now available! Participate in Advanced Totems and 2-Star Legends Challenges for a chance to obtain the weapon’s design plan.

    Event Related:
    New 7-Day Sign In Event (September 8–14)
    New Fishing Event (September 8–22), and a new Aquarium has been added to the Main City.

    Shop Listings:

    • Dululululu Evol. Pill and Dululululu Seizing Mirror
    • Ocean Beast Pack
    • Sweet Summer Illusio Pack


    • More Chimeraland Classics quests and rewards have been added.
    • Button no longer flickers after obtaining Comfort and Leisure and summoning it at the vehicle interface.
    • Dinosaur names are now displayed without issues.
    • Bounty quests can now be completed without issues.
    • The 3 mountain currencies are now merged into 1.
    • Golden Crow’s neck is now displayed without issues.
    • Assistance Rewards have been removed from Home Protection, and travelers can now claim rewards just by visiting other travelers’ Homes.
    • Serpent dye no longer has blurred out issue, and Serpent: Resounding Call Head can now be dyed without issues.
    • Dinosaur fossils are now displayed without issues.
    • Some vehicles’ durability can now be repaired.
    • Fantafly’s skills are now working without issues.
    • Intermediate Revival Pill can now be used on Epic Medusa.
    • Hornbirdgon’s Head is now displayed the same in both Devour and Summon interfaces.
    • Storage items can now be used in the Fuse function when in the home area.
    • Evolved Pets can now complete World Info Handbook without issues.
    • Murali’s Illusion is now displayed without issues.
    • Capsule machines can now be used during the weekends without issues.
    • Friend chats can now be translated without issues.
    • First Purchase contents on Day 1/2/7 have been adjusted.
    • Beasts summoned with Beast Royal Charms no longer have Siege Attack bonus.
    • Adventure quest bugs have been fixed.
    • Item weight and stacks have been optimized.
    • Emote-related buttons after using Emotes are now displayed without issues in the PC version.

    Chimeraland game servers are down. The maintenance will take place from 06:00–09:00 (UTC+0), and servers will be unavailable during this time.

    • Chimeraland Classics’ Meditate Guide is now working without issues.
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