Chernobylite Update Patch Notes – August 12, 2021


Chernobylite major update (August 12, 2021) is now available to download for PC (Steam) players. According to the official Chernobylite patch notes, the latest update added a long list of bug fixes and changes.

Previously, a big update added various quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Chernobylite patch will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.


Chernobylite Update Patch Notes (August 12, 2021)


  • Addressed a rare crash caused by the game renderer. As a result, the game should now run more stably on slower computers.
  • We’ve improved thread management. This should solve the stuttering problem that has occurred on some CPUs.

We have resolved a rare issue with an infinite loading screen that occurred with a specific event setup. Thanks to everyone who gave us their saves!

  • We have updated DLSS to the latest version.


  • Added some new events at different levels. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to polish them for the premiere, but we didn’t want to throw them away. So – hocus pocus – some new stuff for you guys!
  • We have added a significant missing piece of the script in the Ukrainian language version.

Improvements and feedback:

  • Turning off head bobbing now also affects camera wobbling when looking around. This should significantly improve the experience for people with motion sickness.

After loading saves, the resources were randomized in the places that have already been visited. It was confusing and allowed the players to cheat the game. Now, the resources are randomly selected during the start of the level and are permanently saved in the game save.

  • Sashko’s recruitment quest started very late, so we’ve improved his probability a bit. So now Sashko should join us faster.
  • During a manual save, a message appears informing about how long ago the “state of the game” was saved. Unfortunately, the info expresses the time in minutes, which made it say “0 minutes” most of the time, making it highly misleading. Now time is expressed in seconds.
  • We have graphically improved a few places. Now finding the lockpick places should be a bit easier.
  • Weapons lighting for dead soldiers in indoor spaces has been improved.


  • The self-renewing railgun magazine should now function properly.
  • Evgeniy refused to sell us the loot box during the Old Hideout mission. We persuaded him to improve.
  • Before the “death mechanics” tutorial, the power plant explosion will no longer use up the adrenaline from your backpack.
  • The deserter cheated on us in the trade and sold us the weapons without upgrades as upgraded. We had a serious conversation, and he should be more honest from now on.

We still have no clue how some players manage to lose Portal Generator. For now, Added checking each time the save is loaded if the player has the necessary equipment, and adding it in the event of a bug, so now, at least loading the save should fix the problem. Still, we would appreciate any hint as to how you lose the Portal Generator.

  • Addressed the timeline bug that blocked the player if the player died at a certain point in Voice from the Woods
  • Addressed a few events that triggered multiple times even though they should have been triggered once
  • Addressed a rare bug where the build menu could get stuck and could not be disabled
  • Addressed some typos in the script
  • Addressed a bug in Some Excuses where we would get stuck when approaching Semonov with Build Mode enabled
  • Addressed markers on the Crumb Trails quest. They broke if we skipped one stage of the quest
  • Collisions on the roof of the hospital entrance have been corrected, and the note will no longer collapse under the mesh there.
  • Addressed the collapse spot on Red Forest.
  • One type of fence stopped projectiles, but it shouldn’t. Addressed it.
  • We removed some untraceable resources from the Moscow Eye.

Download free Chernobylite update is now available for download on PC.