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D2R Server Status | Diablo 2 Servers are Down


D2R servers are down (Diablo 2 Battlenet is Down) on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. Since the last update, players are experiencing a number of issues when they trying to play online. Out of those affected, some are experiencing login and character deletion issues. You can check D2R server status, maintenance, and downtime details here.

Since this morning D2R servers are down. However, your characters are safe. If you were just playing the past few hours there will be a server rollback – you may lose recent progress. If your Horadric cube was in use during a server crash or game crash, it messes with the save state. The cube and anything in it may be gone. You can get a new cube by running the Halls of the Dead in Act 2 and getting a new one from the chest.

Blizzard posted the following:


As part of our continued investigation into the issues over the past few days, our team will be actively monitoring and reacting to the situation during peak play times and there may be periods where logins or game creation are limited.

We recommend that you check for and install any available PC and console updates. Be sure to allow any updates to install completely before beginning your game installation.


D2R Server Maintenance Time Details

Also, check for any scheduled maintenance. It is possible that game servers are down for backend server maintenance.

May 31, 2022 –   Diablo Game servers will go down for maintenance from 10 am PDT to 12 pm PDT.

Check D2R Server Maintenance details here.

Check D2R Server Status

Check the status of your chosen platform to ensure that there are no problems with the service itself: