CarX Drift Racing Online Update 1.17 Patch Notes – Oct 6, 2021

    CarX Drift Racing Online update 1.17 (2.12.1) is now available to download on PS4 and Xbox One. According to the official CarX Drift 1.17 patch notes, the latest update contains fixes for cars, UI, graphics, and more. Apart from this, CarX Drift Racing Online version 1.17 also includes stability fixes.

    Previously, a big update added quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing a number of issues while playing the game.

    Today’s CarX Drift patch 1.17 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

    CarX Drift Racing Online version 1.17 patch notes (2.12.1) – Sep 13, 2021

    • Added a limit on the number of characters in one chat message Cars
    • Improved saving of data about installed body kits
    • Changed the logic of the bus width parameter
    • Addressed weight in Ultimate modification on Panther M5 90-S, Panther M5, Pirate, Imperior, Syberia SWI and Piranha X cars
    • Changes in Phoenix NX, Falcon FC 90-S, Falcon RZ and UDM 3 car models
    • Increased downforce on Racing modification of new cars
    • Lowered the suspension height on the Carrot II
    • Tweaks to the dashboard lighting on the Sorrow car
    • Corrections in colour saturation of vinyls
    • Addressed default smoke color to white
    • Addressed incorrect display of a ghost with a rigid suspension
    • Changed the logic of buying a color. Now the color is offered to buy in case of a change in the value of the color code
    • Addressed automatic steering wheel rotation when opening the menu
    • Addressed incorrect display and saving of the result in Drift mode
    • Addressed turning on day mode after starting a test run
    • Minor fixes to disqualification in Twin Drift mode
    • Edits in the installation of disks on different axes
    • Changes to the default settings of the first person camera on the Spector RS car
    • Addressed incorrect inclusion of the assistant when switching between controllers
    • Minor fixes in the control of lists with the mouse wheel
    • Edits to reset control parameters
    • The area of ​​clicking on the sliders in the “Layer Editing” window of the “Vinyl Editor” section has been increased
    • Minor corrections in the indicator of the installed camera
    • Improved list behavior
    • Minor changes in hiding the interface
    • Edits in the layout of the filter block in the list of multiplayer rooms
    • Changes in accepting an invite after opening the Steam overlay
    • Addressed display of labels of new / updated cars on low graphics
    • Added new region “South America”
    • Addressed incorrect display of players with rigid suspension
    • Improved performance on tracks

    Download free CarX Drift Racing Online patch 1.17 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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