Captain of Industry Update 0.4.9 Patch Notes – August 2, 2022


Captain of Industry update 0.4.9 is available on PC(Steam). According to the official Captain of Industry 0.4.9 patch notes, the latest update added a long list of bug fixes and gameplay changes.

Previously, a big update added new changes, fixes, and quality of life improvements and changes. Recently, a hotfix was also released.

Unfortunately, players are still facing various bugs in the game. Today’s Captain of Industry patch 0.4.9 will resolve a few of these issues. Read more details below.


Captain of Industry Version 0.4.9 Patch Notes – August 2, 2022

  • Pinned product stats display can be now reordered by drag & drop.
  • Added in-game calculator to the search field and game console.
  • Logistics improvements:
  • Construction/deconstruction jobs are now grouped into batches which drastically reduces trips that trucks have to make.
  • Changed logistics rules to allow exporting from storages even if they have an import slider active and the inventory is above the slider amount. Similar behavior applies for the export slider.
  • Trucks assigned to storages now have a job priority over non-assigned trucks.
  • Added an option to disable import routes exclusivity so that storages with active import routes can also accept products from non-assigned sources.
  • Logistics job priority for an entity now reflects the number of pending jobs. This means that vehicles will be more nicely distributed between multiple entities. It also prevents cases where balancing large high-priority storages choked the entire island’s logistics.
  • Assigning of vehicles (for example to storage or mine tower) now prefers non-paused ones.
  • Improved refueling priorities (storage export priority is no longer used to find a fuel source).
  • Improved vehicle queueing for storages and gas stations that was causing low throughput. Vehicles can still be served one at a time but they no longer waste time by forming a queue.
  • Logistics overview window now shows assigned vehicles to tree harvesting and buildings.
  • Cargo ship improvements:
  • Cargo ships now depart only when empty and when they can get full load (if possible based on max capacity of the world resource).
  • It is now possible to force-depart a cargo ship for emergency delivery.
  • Cargo ship UI now shows available quantities to pick up in the world.
  • Cargo ship depot modules now show their throughput in the UI.
  • Updated Unity to version 2021 LTS. This may help fixing some crashes and issues with compatibility.
  • Removed tree animations, resulting in up to 30% increase in FPS (based on the amount of trees on the screen).
  • Clicking a machine (to open an inspector) will show its I/O icons and ports like in build mode.
  • Added popup window for hovered buildings and machines in the research tree.
  • Fixed sorters to be able to match throughput of T3 transports.
  • Fixed excavator mining job that could get stuck doing nothing in rare cases.
  • Fixed recipes priority for recipes that have the same outputs.
  • Allowed dumping of fertilizers (with pollution effect).
  • Fixed colors of liquids so that they are more close to their icons colors.
  • Fix issue in adopt population button.
  • Fix text width in harvest statistics.
  • Increase refueling distance when refueling multiple excavators with leftover fuel. This especially affects tier 3 vehicles.
  • Chickens cannot be added to a paused animal farm.
  • Show products stored in connectors.
  • Show fuel consumption for vehicles in Vehicle depot.
  • Research lab no longer accepts products when not fully built.
  • Increase text contrast in error popups.
  • Fixed jerky camera when following a vehicle.
  • Updated translations, thanks to everyone who is contributing!


  • Fixed that mining trucks ignored storage assignment constraints in case their tower had a storage assigned.
  • Fixed cargo ships inspector that was “paying unity” while open.


  • Fixed a case where power generators could get stuck in a state where they are consuming mechanical power but not producing electricity (if there were not enough turbines to power them fully).
  • Hide port icons and arrows in the balancer UI.
  • Fixed transports copy-paste that was not copying settings such as construction pause.
  • Fixed cases where deliveries to building constructions could get stuck.
  • Fixed farm yield estimates that did not take empty fields into consideration.
  • Fixed a rare issue where quick-deliver could take away more products than it should.


  • Actually fixed farm yield estimates that did not take empty fields into consideration (this time for real).
  • Fixed console command for taking screenshots “capture_and_save_screenshot” that failed when given a custom screenshot size.
  • Fixed that some unlocks in research did not have a proper popup.
  • World resources are now unlimited on Sailor difficulty by default.

Download free Captain of Industry update 0.4.7c on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.