Patch Notes

Call to Arms Gates of Hell Ostfront Update 11 Patch Notes (1.009)


Call to Arms Gates of Hell Ostfront update 11 (Content update 1) is now available to download on PC. According to the official CTA Gates of Hell Ostfront patch notes, the latest update contains a large number of improvements and additions in various areas.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues with the game. Today’s Gates of Hell Ostfront patch 11 will address a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


CTA Gates of Hell Ostfront Patch Notes – August 21, 2021

  • Added a flag-capture indicator which tells you how much you are capping by, and allows you to invest more or less troops to the flag depending on how strong the capturing forces are.
  • Added all-new squads and infantry types to Multiplayer and Conquest, based on historical squad layouts.
  • Added recon soldiers: Lower survivability but increased view angle and range.
  • Added IS-2 Model 1943.
  • Added T-34 Model 1942.
  • Added Panzer 756(r).
  • Added ISU-152.
  • Added new Tiger I Hunter with animated camo nets.
  • Added SG-43 stand.
  • Added SG-43 weapon.
  • Added Panzerfaust 100 weapon.
  • Added Faustpatrone 30 weapon.
  • Added a new interaction code function for modders: {if season “..”, It allows to change parameters based on the map season directly.
  • Added new multiplayer map 1v1 Nevel.
  • Added new multiplayer map 1v1 Valley.
  • Added new multiplayer map 4v4 Hills.
  • Added new multiplayer map 4v4 Shiryayevo.
  • Added multiplayer (toggleable) mechanic: Loss when reaching zero score. This encourages less waste of units.
  • Added many vehicle_views.
  • Added overhead icon for stealth soldiers.
  • Added bulletproof wheels to german armored cars sdkfz: 221, 231, 234.
  • Added repair skill to engineers.
  • Added “no_scavenge” tag to vehicle interaction code as a check for conquest not to keep vehicles in the middle of death simulations that happen over time (burning, drowning, exploding, etc)
  • Added more Soviet voice acting lines to single player
  • Added new vehicles and late war vehicles to conquest roster


  • Updated all existing squads.
  • Updated income resources curve for multiplayer. The previous model was an increasing curve until 45 minutes. Now there is a peak at 25 minutes and a shallower climb to it, so there is more income stream at the early stages of the battle to avoid the game opening dictating the result of the entire game.
  • Updated Russian localization to a much better standard.
  • Updated fog of war appearance.
  • Updated 2v2 Blizzard
  • Updated 2v2 Fall
  • Updated 2v2 Tikhvin
  • Updated 2v2 Industry (conversion from 1v1)
  • Updated 3v3 Barrikadiy (conversion from 2v2)
  • Updated 3v3 Steppe
  • Updated many minimaps
  • Updated armored cars to have bullet resistant tires that had them historically (BA-6, Sdkfz 234, etc)
  • Updated rocket artillery reload times (rebalancing rocket arty)

Bug fixes

  • Addressed multiple crashes
  • Addressed numerous conquest bugs.
  • Addressed First person position on many new vehicles
  • Addressed issue when online players would be out of sync with the game clock
  • Addressed plane engine sounds not going away after airstrike in Conquest
  • Addressed units not re-entering vehicles if repair fails.
  • Addressed spawning of sandbags
  • Addressed consumption of sandbags
  • Addressed sniper losing his zeroing abilities when he runs out of ammo
  • Addressed puma armour layout
  • Addressed vehicles being damaged when running over cannons (disabled cannon blast damage when being crushed)
  • Addressed the abandon unit / self destruct to be canceled if vehicle is recrewed before exploding.
  • Addressed flame particle volumes to face travel direction all the time
  • Addressed grenade pivot points so their blast damage waves originate in the middle of grenade instead of offset (in rare cases, blast could happen inside a tank instead of outside)
  • Addressed fire damage from molotov grenades, Ampulomet cannon, and 12cm Mortar – incendiary ammo. All were way too high.
  • Addressed Icon and description for conquest player airstrikes.
  • Addressed DSHK_stan and DSHK_aa to work/shoot after the body has been repaired
  • Addressed vehicles from playing wrong 3rd person MG shooting sounds
  • Addressed water fx not playing sometimes
  • Addressed smoke dischargers on Tiger 1H so they empty when firing, and fill when reloaded.
  • Addressed wheeled vehicles from being able to move with the engine toggled off, after repairing a broken engine.
  • Increased (Equalised) accuracy of AI with direct control, which previously had a +25% accuracy boost. Consequently, the AI became better at shooting and gained capabilities. Now, only third person retains an accuracy boost (+50%) in exchange for tunnel-visioning.
  • Increased total MP in a mid war game from 2600 to 3500.
  • Increased total MP in a late war game from 3400 to 5000.
  • Increased kill point influence on the game. It will penalise spamming of troops.
  • Increased MP flag income rate when you win by one/two flags.
  • Increased MP starting game score to 250, to compensate for the greater influence of negative kill points.
  • Decreased income rate from payback. It will reward a more conservative playstyle
  • Decreased MP flag income rate when you win by all flags
  • Decreased accuracy of bazooka/ panzerfaust class weapons when shooting/ aiming at targets beyond intended max range
  • Decreased tanks being stunned by lower amounts of blast energy

Download Gates of Hell Ostfront patch 11 on PC (Steam).