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Call Of Duty WW2 1.14 Update Patch Notes Released

Call of Duty WW2 update 1.14 for PlayStation 4 is now available for download. The new Call of Duty WW2 1.14 update comes with various fixes and improvements. The Blitzkrieg Community Event has also ended. Apart from this, the latest Call of Duty WW2 version 1.14 also includes stability and performance improvements.

The Sterling Weapon Contract is now live until 10AM PDT on Tuesday, May 15, as well as Daily Orders for rifles, LMGs, SMGs, shotguns, and pistols this week. COD WW2 DLC 2 will also release on XB1 and PC on Thursday.

Call of Duty WW2 update 1.14 Changelog

  • Made changes to image uploads on the UI front, upcoming Orders and Contracts, HQ map optimizations, Leaderboard filtering and Theater performance improvements, and promotional updates.
  • Ground War is gone, but, the game devs will bringing it back soon.
  • HQ 24/7 has been moved to the Party Games playlist tab.
  • Added performance and stability improvements.

Recently, a big Call of Duty WW2 update was released with new DLC Pack 2: The War Machine. The new DLC includes 3 new maps (Egypt, Dunkirk, V2), War Mode: Operation Husky, and Zombies: The Shadowed Throne.

The article is now updated with the official Call of Duty WW2 1.14 changelog.

Meantime, check your update and download the latest Call of Duty WW2 update 1.14.

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