Call of Duty Cold War Mid-Season Update Patch Notes


Call of Duty Cold War Mid-Season update patch notes is now available for players. COD Cold War Mid-Season update is also now available on PS4, PS5 Xbox One, and PC.

The mid-season update includes new content and playlists in MP & Zombies.

COD CW Mid-Season Update Patch Notes

New Content

Here’s a look at the new content in each mode for players to jump into:



  • New Fireteam map: Sanatorium
  • New Mode: Dropkick 6v6 –

This frantic game of nuclear hot potato features two teams each vying for control of a special and extremely important briefcase. The round begins with each team racing to the location of the nuclear briefcase and attempting to pick it up. Anyone grabbing the briefcase is automatically equipped with a powerful pistol, but it’s ideally up to the rest of the team to keep the briefcase-carrier safe. The team with the case gains access to launch codes, as well as an ever-increasing score for their team.

If you die while your team controls the briefcase, you will not respawn until your carrier has been eliminated and the briefcase has been dropped. If your team isn’t carrying the case, it must be flushed out and retrieved before it’s too late. Once one team reaches the score limit by controlling and owning the briefcase, orders to execute a nuclear strike are confirmed, and the round is won… in a highly explosive manner! The first team to 200 score wins.

  • New Melee Weapon: Wakizashi Sword


New Mode: Cranked – A limited-time mode both literally and figuratively! Keep one eye on the countdown timer, and the other on your zombie-killing: spend too long without an undead takedown and you’ll explode! There’s no time to lose as your survival depends on frantic, terror-filled takedowns where the only respite is the Cranked power-up, granting a brief breather before the carnage continues.

PlayStation exclusive: Raid added to Onslaught playlist with new Dark Aether intel


Playlist Updates

And, as it’s a Thursday, Treyarch has updated the playlists in Black Ops Cold War MP to the following:

  • Dropkick
  • Raid + Crossroads Strike 24/7
  • Gunfight
  • Fireteam Dirty Bomb
  • Prop Hunt
  • Nuketown 24/7
  • Face Off

Warzone playlist update

  • BR Quads, Trios, Duos
  • Buy Back Solos
  • Plunder Trios
  • Rebirth Island Mini Royale Solos
  • Rebirth Island Resurgence Quads