Call of Arms Gates of Hell Ostfront Update 13 Patch Notes – Sep 10, 2021


Call to Arms Gates of Hell Ostfront update 13 (v 1.011) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official CTA Gates of Hell Ostfront patch notes, the latest patch updated a long list of gameplay improvements and bug fixes.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues with the game. Today’s Gates of Hell Ostfront patch 13 will address a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


CTA Gates of Hell Ostfront Patch Notes – Sep 10, 2021

  • Added humans can heal while in prone stance to avoid being exposed to enemy fire while healing.
  • Added medics can revive soldiers while in prone stance to avoid being exposed to enemy fire while reviving.
  • Added ability to switch Direct Control mode (classic/3rd person) while NOT inside direct control.
  • Added UI button to show player what direct control mode they have pre-selected.
  • Added Added direct control and direct control toggle to vehicle view
  • Added empty fuel cans to tanks, armored cars, cars, and trucks inventory
  • Added new 3d model for Hand-HohlLadung
  • Added additional Mosin rifleman to Late War Soviet Guards Rifle Squad
  • Added new tank commander animation to some tanks
  • Added new FX for less violent tank detonation
  • Added voice over for soviet soldier in The Cold Supper
  • Added global intermediate firinc arc for grazing guns (increased gravity slightly for multiplayer, decreased for singleplayer)
  • Updated chinese localization
  • Updated MP Fall: added another road
  • Updated MP barrikady: Fixed terrain and objects
  • Updated MP Hills: gathered rocks to improve pathfinding
  • Updated MP Kalinin: Fixed missing trench end, minor edits
  • Updated MP Steppe: removed one fence around the church
  • Updated MP & SP Tikhvin: fixed indestructible barn doors
  • Updated MP Shirayevo: fixed bridge for pathfinding, vehicles should be able to cross it without jumping around
  • Updated MP Balzerweg: added more and better cover to the destroyed convoy flag, removed lost MG34 from the mission file
  • Updated Conquest heroic difficulty so AI advances up the research tree faster. Peaks at 17 matches instead of 24.
  • Updated vehicle view for panzer4d, stug3f, panzer5, tiger2, sturmtiger, tiger1, ferdinand, isu152, su100y
  • Updated bm13 Katyusha with suspension.
  • Updated wooden bridge 206 with hitboxes, destructibility and walkable surface
  • Updated weathers on Shiryayevo
  • Updated Late War German Tier 3 Fusiliers squad Fusiliers from a MG42 50 drum to 250 round belt MG42
  • Updated Late War German Tier 4 Gebirgsjager squad Fusiliers from a MG34 75 double drum to 250 round belt MG42
  • Updated third person max range fire restriction only for guns with top-down view on first person
  • Fixed netcode/muliplayer burn/fire actions sync (human and vehicle on fire)
  • Fixed netcode/muliplayer for component state desync (vehicles with broken components not synced between players and server)
  • Fixed netcode/muliplayer revive sync state
  • Fixed in conquest actors appearing twice ingame (doubled tank crews on vehicles)
  • Fixed in conquest resource count rounding bug (number of research points in rewards, etc)
  • Fixed in conquest crew members of vehicles spawning with the weapons in their hand when they shouldn’t.
  • Fixed crash in scene destroy (should not happen, but GEM doesn’t care)
  • Fixed CP value for ZiS5 transport truck in conquest
  • Fixed crew count for grille_m in conquest (spawning crew in center of map)
  • Fixed is2_43 invisible engine part on fire bug
  • Fixed Spawn at edge of map border of 4v4_hills
  • Fixed bot purchase date for conquest to include the gaz_aaa_72k
  • Fixed panzer4g armor durability
  • Fixed LOD and other settings for sov_2st_build1 (building)
  • Fixed t26_33 invisible wheelL6
  • Fixed assault sapper mg inventory to always have helmet
  • Fixed Late War German Tier 3 Squads CP values. They were un-intentionally lower than Soviets Tier 3 squads by 9-10 CP
  • Fixed costs of German infantry with random chance to have Panzerfaust in late war
  • Fixed costs of Russian infantry with SVT40 in late war
  • Fixed t60 xx model
  • Fixed localization duplicates
  • Fixed panzer 5a and tiger1hunt “enumerator number” access route.
  • Fixed ram volumes not attached to body bone of vehicles
  • Fixed 1st Person view on tiger2b
  • Fixed panzer1b turret on xx model
  • Increased bazooka class weapons penetration distance from 0.7m to 1m
  • Increased damage done to components after armor penetration from blast waves (HE shells)
  • Increased blast energy for 200mm+ caliber HE shells and Sturmtiger Rocket
  • Increased accuracy of 120mm mortars at longer range
  • Increased accuracy of rocket artillery at longer range
  • Increased accuracy past max range to still really low (albeit not absurd) values to avoid awkward trajectory issues
  • Increased cooldown timer for Tank Crew squads to 90 seconds
  • Reduced restitution physics for wood and ground materials to reduce grenade bounce
  • Reduced conquest pionier squad from 14 to 12 soldiers
  • Reduced price of KV1-S
  • Reduced price of Su-152
  • Reduced price of KV-85
  • Reduced price of IS-1
  • Reduced AT Rifle penetration beyond intended max range
  • Removed big explosions from tanks when hull durability reaches 0. Replaced with smaller fx. Big explosion remains for ammo detonation.

Download Gates of Hell Ostfront patch 13 on PC (Steam).