Bugsnax Update 2.01 Patch Notes (Isle of BIGsnax)

    A new Bugsnax update 2.01 (Isle of BIGsnax Update) is now available to download on PS4, PS5(2.002), PC and Xbox One. Accroding to the official Bugsnax patch notes, the latest update added new features, changes, quests, and more. Apart from this, today’s Bugsnax patch 2.01 (2.002.000) also added nearly 200 decorations.

    Unfortunately, since the release, some players are experiencing various issues with the game. Today’s Bugsnax version 2.01 will address a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

    Bugsnax Isle of BIGsnax Update Patch Notes – April 28, 2022

    • A new biome to explore.
    • A dozen fresh Bugsnax to capture.
    • Over 100 challenges and 30 quests.
    • Nearly 200 decorations to collect and display.


    The new island is home to Bugsnax that have not been seen on Snaktooth Island. Triffany hypothesizes that they are an ancient species, and have been preserved at the bottom of the ocean. These Bugsnax include:

    • Bunger Royale, a massive, multi-layered Bunger, with tater tots for horns and legs.
    • Tikkada Masala, a cicada-like Bugsnak resembling tikka with naan wings.
    • Millimochi, a worm- or millipede-like Bugsnak resembling mochi.
    • Cellystix, a stick bug-like Bugsnak resembling celery sticks. Several Chocolant can be seen riding on it.
    • Chocolant, an ant-like Bugsnak resembling three chocolate chips, found riding upon Cellystix.
    • Spaghider, A spider-like Bugsnak with spaghetti legs, fork prong fangs, and a meatball abdomen.
    • Clawbsteroni, a lobster-like Bugsnak made of pasta.
    • A massive Bugsnak resembling a wheel of wax-sealed cheese on a closed platter.
    • Deviled Eggler, a flying Bugsnak resembling deviled eggs.
    • Pielobite – Pielobites have a protective pie shell that keeps them from getting shrunken. They’re also pretty skittish, so the second something threatens to unclip their shell, they’ll flee across the island!
    • Cheddorb. a massive Bugsnak resembling a port wine cheeseball.

    The massive Bunger is seen being shrunk by a new item known as Shrink Spice by the Journalist, allowing said Bunger to be small enough for capture.


    You can decorate and personalize the hut with all kinds of unique furniture, wallpaper, and lawn ornaments (my favorite being a twenty-foot tall grumpus skeleton). There are around 180 decorations to collect.

    Hut Customization

    “The Journalist’s hut” is now finished, and can be customized with various furniture items and decorations. Its exterior can be customized as well, and a second floor can be added.

    Checking Your Mail

    Your hut is also tied to a new set of activities delivered via mailbox. The grumpuses in town will send you requests and challenges, and every time you complete one you’ll get a thank you letter with some gifts attached. You’ll also get letters and gifts to mark various milestones throughout the game (so returning players will have quite a few built up to start with).

    Isle of Bugsnax Patch Notes

    • Features
      • Now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, & Steam.
      • New biome has been added with new story and new giant bugsnax.
      • Player hut has been added with mail challenges and decorative rewards.
      • Hat system has been added with random appearances throughout Snaktooth Island.
      • Three new achievements/trophies have been added.
      • Ability to apply hats and swap donated Snax at Gramble’s barn.
      • A new interview has been added.
      • New voiceover lines have been added in the end game sequence.
      • New images have been added to the credits.
      • Full support for Steam Deck.
    • User Interface
      • Loading bar replaced by a radial loading graphic as part of the sticker loading screen.
      • Sticker loading screen uses grumpuses instead of Bugsnax when entering Snaxburg.
      • Fast travel available on journal map page for all platforms.
      • Checkbox added to Bugsnax scanned in Snax Scope to denote if captured before.
      • Bugopedia will cycle to the bugs of the level the player is currently in when first opened.
      • Option to constrain HUD to 16:9 aspect ratio in ultra widescreen resolutions.
      • Option to adjust brightness / contrast of game screen.
      • Additional options to adjust readability of UI in scale, contrast, and font where possible.
      • Achievements journal page for platforms without integrated achievements system, such as Nintendo Switch and DRM-free PC stores.
      • Fix an issue where journal opened to quests would not correctly scroll to pinned quest.
      • Fixes for scroll behavior within UI elements.
      • Pressing ‘M’ will go to map on PC keyboard.
      • Continued in-progress support for Windows touchscreen.
    • Player
      • Trip Shot more accurately goes off when fast-moving objects pass through.
      • Trip Shot improved physics stability and placement.
      • Snakgrappler is more lenient in grabbing items.
      • Strabby Ball works more consistently when entering hiding holes.
      • Snap Trap radius visualization reduced in height to improve fill rate performance issues on slower systems.
      • Jumping/crouching is disabled for a few seconds until movement is detected, to prevent spamming dialogue skip leading to erroneous jump/crouch.
      • PS5: Strabby Ball laser trigger vibration switches to controller vibration when fully pressed.
    • Bugsnax Changes
      • Lollive animation and behavior corrections.
      • Pinkle respawn graphical and behavior corrections.
      • Legendary bugsnax no longer respawn after using beds to pass time.
    • Bug Fixes
      • Performance improvements to the final encounter due to spawned bugsnax being stored invisibly in one physical location.
      • Improvements to player arms animation when moving between different states of holding traps and performing actions.
      • An issue where save could be temporarily locked into completing Daddy Cake Legs.
      • An issue where tutorial Bunger could be led from its spawn area, soft locking the game.
      • An issue where Cromdo would not go to the karaoke spot.
      • Stability fixes to Chandlo’s weight dropping challenge.
      • Eyelid animation fixes for characters with closed eyelids.
      • Reduce occurrence of erroneously ‘sensed’ Bugsnax silhouettes from showing in journal before they are visible.
      • An issue where Bugsnax would not run away during Gramble’s sidequest.
      • Grumpuses transformed in the end game sequences no longer trigger trophies.
      • In some circumstances, restoring the game after the ending fails and a backup method is used. Grumpus transformations will now be redundantly stored and should restore properly even in this failure recovery method, whereas previously grumpuses may have retained endgame modifications.
      • (PC) Fix an issue where gamepad camera controls did not respect remapping.
      • (Windows) Fix a bug where trackpads could no longer be used for camera movement when a second mouse was used on laptop devices.
    • Modding (PC only, Work-In-Progress)
      • The game will now prioritize loading .zip files, in alphabetical order, placed in the root directory of the game files.
      • Ability to prioritize load all game files (models, textures, XML files) in zip files.
      • Ability to load additional FMOD projects and prioritize playing mod sound events over original files.

    Download free Bugsnax update 2.01 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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