Bloons TD Battles 2 (BTDB2) Update 1.4 Patch Notes


Bloons TD Battles 2 update 1.4 is rolling out on PC, iOS, Android & Steam. According to the official Bloons TD Battles 2 patch notes, the latest update added a new event (Speed Battles and Play with Fire), and Bling Season 6. Apart from this, the BTD Battles 2 update 1.4 includes a long list of bug fixes.

Previously, a major update added random quad events, a new game mode, a new map(Star) and much more. Unfortunately, players are still facing some issues with the game. Today’s BTD Battles 2 patch 1.4 will address a few of these issues.

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BTD Battles 2 Update 1.4 Patch Notes – July 7, 2022

New Features

  • New Event: Speed Battles
    • A new limited time event that really turns up the pressure!
    • All bloon sends unlock 1 round earlier
    • All bloons move faster
    • Income from eco is given more often.
  • New Event: Play with Fire
    • A new limited time event that will seriously challenge your strategy.
    • All bloon sends (both yours and your opponents) are sent to BOTH players.
    • Using a bloon boost will affect your sent bloons on both sides.
    • All bloon sends are worth 2x eco (including negative eco)
  • Bling Season 6
    • 12 awesome new cosmetic items to collect!
  • Changes to Ranked Seasons
    • As mentioned in the 1.3.3 patch notes, ranked seasons are changing with the start of Season 6
    • There will now be a break between seasons. During this time ranked play will be disabled but casual, events and private games will still be available.
    • A special preseason event will run during this time with rewards of Battle Points and Monkey Money.
    • When Season 6 starts, your trophies will be reset to zero and you will be given a starting bonus equal to 75% of the trophies you had at the end of Season 5.

General Changes

  • New Hall of Masters Medals
    • 2 New Hall of Masters medals have been added.
    • There are now medals for finishing in the Top 50 and the Top 25.
  • In-game Rules Display
    • You can now view the rules for Event and Casual mode during the game.
  • Graveyard Counter
    • You can now view the number of bloons the Wizard’s Necromancer and Prince of Darkness upgrades have in their graveyards for creating zombie bloons.

Balance Changes

  • Bloon Sends
    • Grouped zebras eco changed from 2.5 -> 3.5
    • Spaced leads eco changed from 4 -> 3
    • Spaced rainbows eco changed from 3 -> 4
    • Grouped rainbows eco changed from 5 -> 6
    • Tight ceramics unlock round changed from 30 -> 28
  • Dart Monkey
    • x4x Super Monkey Fan Club: Range of monkeys affected by the ability increased from 40 -> 50
  • Boomerang Monkey
    • xx5 MOAB Domination: special kylie MOAB damage increased from 20 -> 30
  • Ice Monkey
    • x3x Arctic Wind: increase the amount bloons are slowed from 50% -> 60%
    • x5x Absolute Zero: Increase the amount bloons are slowed from 70% -> 80%
    • 5xx Super Brittle: $32k -> $34k
  • Glue Gunner
    • 3xx Bloon Dissolver: +1 damage to MOAB class
    • xx3 Moab Glue: $3.4k -> $3.2k
    • x5x Glue Storm: $15k -> $14k
  • Monkey Ace
    • x2x Spy Plane: grants +1 damage bonus damage to camo bloons from all weapons
    • 4xx Operation Dart Storm: +1 pierce to darts
    • xx5 Flying Fortress: dart damage increased from 2 -> 4 and bomb damage increased from 3 -> 5
  • Mortar Monkey
    • Base: $750 -> $700
    • Footprint size decreased from 11 -> 8
    • 1xx Bigger Blast: $500 -> $350
    • 3xx Shell Shock: $900 -> $850
    • 5xx The Biggest One: damage to MOAB class increased from 50 -> 60
  • Dartling Gunner
    The Dartling Gunner has been a prolific tower in the Battles 2 meta for a long time. We increased its pierce in one of the earliest updates to make it a viable starter but this resulted in it being the most dominant tower in the meta and it has had several nerfs to try and bring it back to the power level we intended. This update reduces the price and base pierce back to its original values with the intention that Dartling can be used as a starter but will not be able to hold off early waves as effectively without upgrades or help. We have increased the pierce of xx2 Powerful Darts to allow it to keep its potency in the mid game.
    • Base: $900 -> $750
    • Base: pierce reduced from 3 -> 2
    • xx2 Powerful Darts: pierce increased from +3 -> +4
  • Wizard Monkey
    • 3xx Arcane Mastery: $1.3k -> $1.2k
    • 3xx Arcane Mastery damage type changed from energy -> plasma (now able to pop leads)
    • 4xx Arcane Spike: $10k -> $9k and +4 damage to leads/DDTs
    • 5xx Archmage: +8 damage to leads/DDTs
    • xx3 Shimmer: $1.7k -> $1.5k
  • Super Monkey
    • 3xx Sun Avatar: pierce reduced from 6 -> 7
  • Ninja Monkey
    • x4x Bloon Sabotage: slow effect no longer soaks through MOAB class bloons (still soaks through regular bloons however)
    • x4x Bloon Sabotage: if a ninja is sold while its ability is active, bloons already on screen will now continue to be slowed for the remainder of the ability duration. Newly spawned bloons will not be slowed.
    • xx5 Master Bomber: sticky bomb splash damage reduced from 300 -> 200
  • Village
    • xx5 Monkeyopolis no longer requires nearby Banana Farms to purchase.
    • xx5 Monkeyopolis base price is now $15k + $5k per farm absorbed
    • xx5 Monkeyopolis produce increased to $2400 per round (4x $600 crates) + additional crates to the value of the total value of farms absorbed divided by 2000.
  • Quincy
    • Level 10: Storm of Arrows cooldown reduced from 70s -> 60s
    • Level 18: Storm of Arrows cooldown reduced from 55s -> 50s
  • Cyber Quincy
    • Level 3: Increase the amount of pierce Cyber Shot gives arrows from +13 -> +15
    • Level 15: Increase the amount of pierce Cyber Shot gives arrows from +19 -> +30
    • Level 10: Cyber Storm cooldown reduced from 70s -> 60s
    • Level 18: Cyber Storm cooldown reduced from 55s -> 50s
  • Benjamin
    • Level 10: Syphon Funding can now only affect a maximum of 10 ZOMGs per ability (no restriction on BFB and below)
  • DJ Ben Jammin’
    • Level 10: the number of BFBs that Beatdown can downgrade is now capped at 2, however it can still downgrade up to 10 bloons in total (eg if there are 10 BFBs and 10 MOABs on screen, it will downgrade 2 BFBs and 8 MOABs).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues using multitouch for placing towers and sending bloons simultaneously (Mobile only).
  • Fixed trophies rounding incorrectly at the start of a new season.
  • Fixed players sometimes not displaying on Hall of Masters leaderboard after completing placement matches.
  • Fixed crash when moving towers using Heli Pilot’s redeploy ability.
  • Fixed bloon sends not sending if hotkey was being held down when bloonset unlocks (Desktop only).
  • Fixed Dartling Gunner Plasma Accelerator and Ray of Doom visuals remaining when the Dartling is moved using the Heli Pilot’s Redeploy ability.
  • Fixed Engineer’s Bloon Trap not redeploying when its targeting is changed.
  • Fixed bloons showing Benjamin’s Syphon Funding ability visual when they were not affected by the ability.
  • Fixed Banks flashing when they generate cash.
  • Fixed multiple private games sometimes displaying for the same host.
  • Fixed 050 Mortar firing visuals not matching the model.
  • Fixed Engineer being unable to hit bloons if placed too close to the track.
  • Fixed planes flying around on icebergs when a 050 Ice Monkey is placed next to a 400 Monkey Buccaneer.
  • Fixed Alchemist’s Rubber to Gold attack not targeting correct bloon.
  • Fixed various localisation issues.
  • Various networking improvements.
  • Fixed bloon sends continuing after button released if a desync happens while sending bloons.
  • Fixed multiple displays causing Event menu to temporarily disappear (Desktop only).

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