Bloons TD 6 Update 29.0 Patch Notes (BTD 6 Update 29) – Dec 8, 2021

A new Bloons TD 6 update 29.0 is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Bloons TD 6 patch notes, the latest update added new Paragon Tower (Navarch of the Seas) to the game. Apart from this, the BTD 6 update 29.0 also includes Co-op Lobbies 2.0 and a long list of bug fixes.

Previously, a major update was released which added new Boss Bloons and Paragon Towers.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing various bugs and gameplay changes. Today’s BTD 6 update 29 will address a few of these issues. Read more details below.

Bloons TD 6 Update 29 Patch Notes – Oct 14, 2021

Key New Features
  • New Paragon Tower: Navarch of the Seas!
    • Bringing all 3 paths together under the command of a sharply dressed, market-savvy, pirate-code-adhering military arch-commander. No need for a bigger boat here.
    • We enjoyed bringing Navarch into the mix as it covers both military category and water-heavy maps. With an emphasis on boat farming, destroyer spam for early rounds, and pop farming with active use of hooks it makes it a very different and fun road to Paragon. Portable Lake spam in non-ranked games has also led to some good laughs.
  • Co-op Lobbies 2.0!
    • We have condensed the UI flow of co-op lobby creation, allowing more options to be picked after creating the lobby instead. Number of slots, Map, Difficulty & Mode are now all instead chosen within the lobby itself.
    • Once made public, these elements cannot be changed, in an effort to prevent co-op teams coming together but then bailing if the host changed settings.
    • Along with this Local Join Lobbies will now display player profile/avatar/banner rather than the map, as these feel like more important factors in a local search situation now.

Co-op quick match buckets reworked into: Any game, Medium Game & Long Game. The removal of short/easy button is a response to players mostly choosing longer games and in the interest of encouraging players to try more options, even if they have to lean on and learn from their teammates. Short/easy games will still come up in Any searches, and players who want that can Create Match and make that public for other Any players to join.

New Awesome
  • New Intermediate map: Quiet Street
    • Chill out and enjoy the holiday here! Doubles up Trophy Store tracks Winter Nights (new) or Sunset – Silent really well.
    • Might look easy but side by side paths can create pierce-through issues when you least expect it
  • New Hero Skin: Ezili – Galaxili skin
    • And so she’s back, from outer space…
    • Galaxili’s vibe is very different from her main, we hope you enjoy the way she reaches for the stars
  • New Achievements: Davids vs Goliath, So Spiiicey Ninja Kiwi, No Harvest, Student Loans, <redacted>
  • New Trophy Store Items
    • Heroes: Psi Bison pet
    • Monkeys: Village – Australia Flag
    • Co-op: Emote – Cool Ben, Emote – Biker Bones Rage
    • Game & UI: Time Stop Matrix skin, Avatar 52 – Boomerang, Avatar 53 – Pirate Captain, Avatar 54 – Geometric Quincy, Music Track Winter Nights Chilled Mix
  • Limited Time only trophy items:
    • We tried to make these extra fun to grab with enough time and Trophies over the holiday to do so
    • Avatar 55 – Star Topper Adora, Mortar – Snow Explosions, Doomsleigh DDT skin, Elf Hat Bloons decal, Energised Christmas Tree totem
  • Community Winner banner trophy items:
    • Leaping Into Space: Player Banner 8, community winner Galaksyz
    • Face The Sun: Player Banner 9, community winner Bohrokki

Big Changes / Additions in BTD 6 patch 29.0

Added 2 new sliders for people to play with in the Challenge Editor. An Ability Cooldown % modifier as well as a Removable Object cost modifier. Maxing out this Removable Cost modifier in either direction will either make all removables Free or completely Disabled for interaction. (So to the No Corn Chimps gang, enjoy!)

  • Added some stat tracking for players to view on Daily & Advanced Challenges
  • Round ramping for deep freeplay has been increased on rounds 251, 301, 401 & 501, ramping on round 152 has been pulled back to 151
  • Continues & Restarts in co-op will now send a message to other players saying that they have been used
  • New Co-op Callouts: Boss Crusher, Well Rounded, Endless Power!
  • Leaderboards for co-op boss events will now be able to display up to a 100 total ‘teams’ for each category rather than just 100 ‘players’ for each; we didn’t want the lists to get too long and cumbersome, but most people wanted long lists (hopefully not cumbersome!)
  • Added individual stat tracking for Heroes & Hero skins to profile. This unfortunately cannot be retroactively recorded, as these were not part of existing stats that we could bring forward. We hope players will see the silver lining and start chasing high stat counts for heroes and alts into the New Year.

Bug Fixes & General Changes

  • Addressed a number of UI, interaction, and feedback issues. Full disclosure many of these were related to toolkit upgrades and internal changes necessary to support the console development that we are in late stages on. It is critical work and we’re using it to improve flow where possible but changes inevitably make bugs. Thanks for your patience on this and we hope that being able to play 4-player couch co-op on PlayStation and Xbox sometime next year will make up for it.
  • A lot of general polishing improvements made to the new Review Mode
  • Addressed a number of localization issues
  • Behind the scenes optimizations in multiple places
  • Addressed an issue with lives not being restored after a short delay when hitting 0 in sandbox
  • Addressed issues around Boss events not correctly assigning victory after defeating tier 5
  • Addressed a number of issues with co-op reconnection
  • Addressed an issue preventing some android issues loading correctly
  • Review Mode has been removed from apopalypse as the design for this mode is incompatible with Review at this point
  • Addressed some high resolution broken UI issues
  • Addressed an issue with removing 2 trees on Dark Castle at the same time bugging the animation to remain permanently on screen
  • Odyssey no longer visually shows ‘claimed’ on maps for first time completion
  • Addressed a rare crash when removing obstacles in maps
  • Addressed an issue with co-op daily lobbies not listing correct rewards
  • Addressed an issue with Tech Bots remaining floating on water after selling an Ice Monkey they were floating on
  • Addressed a UI selection issue that would occur after quitting to menu from a boss event
  • Medal tooltip text should again display on tap and hold action for iOS and Android
  • Fixed some visuals on normal version Lych boss models
  • Addressed an issue with tower vision not always correctly visually updating after nearby removable objects have been removed
  • Added proper sound effects to the Confetti Pops trophy store item
  • Added helper text to boss mini leaderboard
  • Addressed some minor texture resizing issues
  • Addressed a number of issues with Odyssey custom roundsets
  • Changing avatar in co-op lobby should now correctly save changes
  • Fixed text clipping & button alignment related to some UI menus
  • Addressed an issue with Insta Monkey Loot icon not matching the correct tier background in some menus
  • Addressed certain symbols not being enterable into webview for login
  • Reset challenge for individual maps in Odyssey Creator should now work correctly

Ice Monkey

  • 401 & 501 Ice Monkeys should now be able to stack their debuffs correctly without the Larger Radius crosspath overwriting the effect
  • 150 Absolute Zero should no longer apply an inconsistently weaker Permafrost

Mortar Monkey

  • 103 Signal Flare Camo removal AoE is now affected by the 1xx Bigger Blast crosspath

Wizard Monkey

  • x5x Wizard Lord Phoenix permanent phoenix should no longer sometimes not take external buffs depending on build order

Ninja Monkey

  • 022 Caltrops gain distraction chance from crosspath
  • 023 Sticky Bombs gain distraction chance from crosspath
  • xx3 Ninja Monkey Flash Bomb should no longer apply stun visuals to MOABs since it does not stun them
  • Ninja Paragon sticky bomb attack should now correctly create an aoe when it destroys the target


  • 5xx Superstorm no longer behaves differently in sandbox and real games

Monkey Village

  • xx5 Monkeyopolis should now always benefit from the cash buff from another xx4 Village

Captain Churchill

  • Addressed some background rogue spaghetti impacting performance; nothing worse than rogue spaghetti in a tank


  • Lv7 Ezili Sacrificial Totem now functions independently and stacks with Village buffs

Pat Fusty

  • Lv13 should now correctly increase stun duration
Desktop Version
  • The “Windows” key should no longer be assignable as a hotkey due to issues caused with its normal functions
  • Resolve a number of input issues raised in the latest Unity update

Bloons TD 6 version 29 Balance Changes

Boomerang Monkey

Just a cool/fun factor and “because it should” reasoning here honestly, not necessarily necessary but we think it fits.

  • 501 Long Range Rangs now increases area of Orbits by 15%

Separately, we noticed the Glaive Dominus press knockback’s actual explosion was only dealing a fraction of the damage of any other part on this upgrade, this combined with it pushing targets out of the tower’s radius made it somewhat stally so we juiced up the power of this explosion significantly.

  • Paragon Press Attack: Explosion damage increased from 100 -> 2500
  • Paragon Press Attack: Explosion bonus damage to boss + 5000
  • Paragon Press Attack: Fire DoT increased from 100 -> 500

Glue Gunner

Since glue gunners can’t work together as we all want them to and we could not bite that off for this update, for now have decided to do more for the top and middle paths themselves.

Bloon Solver’s single target power feels like it ramps slowly on larger targets, and while it is mainly a grouped cleanup, we decided to give a nudge here with bonuses to large targets to help with higher round falloff.

  • 4xx Bloon Liquefier DoT deals +1 damage to ceramic
  • 5xx Bloon Solver DoT deals +1 damage to MOAB Class

Glue Strike doesn’t seem to hold up to any other option in a similar role, so we’ve doubled down on its support factor with a new role and are hoping for more synergy to emerge there.

  • x4x Glue Strike ability now weakens Lead Bloons allowing them to take sharp damage
  • x4x Glue Strike bonus damage taken while glued increased from 1 -> 2
  • x5x Glue Storm bonus damage taken while glued increased from 1 -> 2

Monkey Sub

The logic on a Lead crosspath not being required to give Lead popping to an attack based on something weak against Lead has never sat right, so we’re finally sorting that out and making sub a little angrier.

  • 400 Reactor sub damage type changed from Normal -> Shatter
  • 420 Reactor sub damage type remains as Normal type

Increasing the strength of the basic Ballistic Missile attack on the Pre-Emptive Strike sub, so that it can bring a little more to the table after the initial single hit on each spawn.

  • Pre-Emptive Strike missile damage increased from 1 -> 10
  • Pre-Emptive Strike missile ceram damage increased from 10 -> 15
  • Pre-Emptive Strike missile MOAB damage increased from 10 -> 15

Dartling Gunner

The MAD has come to stand out far too much in any Boss situation, often feeling like a crutch that must be used due to how perfectly it fits the Boss situation even though it wasn’t appreciated a great deal before that content was added. We’ve tried to pull it back in this situation with lowered damage per hit while making up for some of this lowered damage with increased pierce.

  • x5x MAD damage to MOABs reduced from 750 -> 550
  • x5x MAD pierce increased from 8 -> 12

The bottom path Bloon Exclusion Zone on the Dartling has had a lot of talk about damage types, with points raised on the viability here due to the high price. It did recently get a strong buff from the T3 up, but in order to work more into other synergies we have decided to finally do a damage type change here as well, starting from early on in the path.

  • xx2 Powerful Darts damage type from Sharp -> Shatter

Wizard Monkey

As Wall of Fire still stands out too much for a Tier 2 upgrade, it is seeing a nerf with some power being shifted further up to the T3 instead. In contrast, Fireball continues to underwhelm, so is seeing an initial buff plus a larger buff at T3.

  • x2x wall of fire tic rate decreased from 0.1s -> 0.15s
  • x3x wall of fire tic rate increased back to current 0.1s
  • 021 pierce bonus to wall of fire reduced from 5 -> 4
  • x1x Fireball fireball’s attack delay reduced from 3s -> 2.2
  • x3x Dragon’s Breath fireball’s damage increased from 3 -> 9


While having fun with the new Druid of the Vine changes, we want this new power to scale further with the T5. We are also starting to look at moving some cash farming potential with Jungle’s Bounty to favour Obyn as the ‘Druid Hero’ more than Benjamin who is meant to focus more on Banks – more on that further down in the Obyn section.

  • x4x Jungle Druid range reduced from 55 -> 45
  • x5x spirit of the forest thorn pile damage increased from 1 -> 5

Spike Factory

While we feel speed interactions for Spike Storm was a necessary evil for performance related concerns, we did not want to kill off self synergy contained local to the tower, so we are trying out an exception to this rule for the 042 crosspath. Additionally, due to the large annoyance in using spike storm in bosses due to the persistent rounds a boss will last for, Spike Storm will now be allowed to carry over one round before being cleaned up.

  • 042 Spike Storm ability will benefit from the xx2 crosspath start of round speed increase
  • x4x Spike Storm now allows spikes created from the ability to last past the end of 1 round

Super Mines gets damage – to stand it out in Bosses more.

  • 5xx Super Mines Base Spike damage increased from 10 to 50
  • 5xx Super Mines Base Spike ceramic bonus increased from 6 -> 20
  • 5xx Super Mines Base Spike fortified bonus increased from 1 -> 15
  • 5xx Super Mines mini explosion damage increased from 10 to 20
  • 5xx Super Mines mini explosion ceram bonus of 10
  • 5xx Super Mines mini explosion fort bonus of 5
  • 5xx Super Mines Large Explosion ceramic/moab bonus reduced from 2 -> 0
  • 5xx Super Mines Large Explosion fortified bonus increased from 1 -> 250
  • Editorial: There is no such thing as any kind of ‘max spike limit’ and never has been. Just putting this out there, as we don’t know who started that rumor but certainly don’t need to keep spreading it.


Engineer’s bottom 2 paths have a heavier support focus, so to start them off a bit easier we have shifted some starting cost out and into the non-supportive path. For the sake of further improved crosspath potential, we have also re-envisioned the ‘Larger Service’ crosspath as giving smarter service as well in the form for targeting for Bloontrap & Cleansing Foam

  • Base price reduced from $450 > 400
  • 3xx Sprockets price increased from $525 > 575
  • 030 Cleansing Foam gains targeting for the Cleansing Foam
  • 014 Bloontrap gains targeting for the Bloontrap from the Larger Service crosspath


Similar to Wall of Fire, Gwendolin’s Cocktail gains too much strength in grouped situations too early on and so this power has been pushed to higher levels.

  • Lv3 Cocktail of Fire’s pierce refresh rate slowed from 0.1 -> 0.2
  • Lv3 Cocktail is no longer able to innately ignore Purple Bloons
  • Lv7 Cocktail of Fire’s pierce refresh rate increased back again from 0.2 -> 0.1
  • Lv16 Cocktail of Fire can once again damage Purple Bloons

Obyn Greenfoot

As a ‘druid buffing’ hero, Obyn has in actuality been a bottom path druid buffing hero, so we’ve tweaked a couple extra levels to give more path specific bonuses to other druid paths that weren’t benefiting as much from his wizened presence, regardless of whether your Obyn says “Fries” or “Clive”. Also since we worked out how to do more advanced targeting for the engineer anyway, this has been applied to Wall of Trees too. We considered brambles as well but prefer the early game variety, didn’t want brambles and WoT to appear at the same spot, and didn’t want to overcomplicate with 2 targeted placements, and WoT is clearly the more important.

  • Lv5 All your Druid of the Jungle have increased range +20%
  • Lv9 All your Druid of the Storm projectile radius increased +20%
  • Lv9 All your Druid of the Storm have MOAB damage +1
  • Lv10 Wall of Trees now gains a Set Target option
  • Lv12 All your Magic Monkey abilities cooldown 5% faster


Psi’s Psionic Scream often didn’t feel as satisfying if a lot of the blown back targets rolled a minimum distance, so we have upped the minimum distance that it can blow back

  • Lv10 Psionic Scream minimum blowback increased from 10 -> 50

Monkey Knowledge

Gorgon Storm clearly released overtuned for a single knowledge point due to the way it works with large numbers of projectiles applying consecutive stuns. It will still be extremely powerful even after this, but should be harder to achieve an actual permastall on MOABs most of the time.

  • Gorgon Storm stun duration on MOAB class bloons reduced from 0.5 -> 0.1

Download free Bloons TD 6 update 29.0 on PC (Steam).

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