Bloons TD 6 (BTD 6) Update 27.0 Patch Notes [New Boss Bloons] – July 26, 2021


Bloons TD 6 update 27.0 is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Bloons TD 6 patch notes, the latest update added new Boss Bloons and Paragon Towers. Apart from this, the Bloons TD 6 patch 27.0 also includes stability improvements.

Bloons TD 6 Patch Notes – July 26, 2021

Key Features

Added a new Bloons TD6 Boss Bloon Event. Face off against the mighty hulk known as Bloonarius the Inflator!

    • In Events intended to run each week, the Boss will appear on a different map to enhance the variety of tactical decisions around economy and placement. Bosses start appearing at Round 40 and the Tier 5 appears at round 120. Each Tier Boss must be defeated within 20 rounds of its appearance or it’s Game Over.
    • Defeat the Tier 5 Normal Boss to unlock the Elite Boss for a whole new level of challenge. We mean it – Elite is bonkers monkey tough. Beating Tier 5 Normal and Elite Bosses award new badges to show off on Player Profile screens. An Elite badge is a true accomplishment – wear them with pride!
    • Boss Events feature a checkpoint save system instead of normal continues, creating a save at the start of each new Boss Tier.
    • Because of downstream Co-op and competitive Leaderboard features we intend to add in future updates, Boss Events can only be played while online.
    • Difficulty Fair Warning – Bosses are designed to be crazy challenging! If you are new to BTD6, make sure you can win most hard modes and really know how to farm well and maximize tower damage before you take on a Boss. Expect defeat. Nay, revel in it – bathe in anguish then emerge smarter, more capable, and with improved tactics that help you get further each time. If you have built up a stockpile of Powers and Insta Monkeys, feel free to use them – they are not required but they are certainly fair game. And, yes, build those Paragons…

New Paragon Tower Tier!

    • Paragon status granted to Dart Monkey and Boomerang Monkey, unleashing the might of the Apex Plasma Master and the Glaive Dominus!
    • Merge together all three Tier 5 upgrades of one Monkey Tower type to create an ultimate version that combines the powers of all 3 paths and deals incredible bonus damage to Boss Bloons.
    • Paragon Tier has a significant XP cost and can only be unlocked after unlocking the Tier 5 upgrade of all 3 paths.
    • In battle, Paragons gain strength by absorbing the power of all Monkey Towers of that type on the playfield – the greater the number and effectiveness of the Monkey Towers absorbed, the greater the Degree of Paragon you will create! Paragon Degrees start at 1 and reach a maximum Degree of 100.
    • Once created, Paragons cannot be buffed by other towers, nor can their transformation price be reduced.

Co-op Rejoining! We’ve been working on this for some time, and we are delighted to announce support for crashed/disconnected games. Player towers & cash will no longer be immediately distributed when a player disconnects but give time for the disconnected player to rejoin. If remaining players know the disconnected player won’t return or do not want to wait, disconnected players can be removed within the co-op menu depending on player position. Please note that some games will not be recoverable if multiple players disconnect at the same time, but this feature should greatly improve general co-op experience when one player drops for any number of reasons and wants to get back in.

Twitch Polls! Twitch Steamers and viewers take note, we now allow automated polling directly from the game to Twitch chat for viewers to vote on tower restrictions. We have more Twitch features planned for future updates, so if you have thoughts on fun streaming integration features for BTD6 please shout them out!

Every Day is Event Day! With Boss Events added, we will bridge the gap between Odysseys ending and the next week’s Odyssey starting. Odysseys will begin the weekend as usual, then Races a day later, then Boss Events that are intended to run until the next Odyssey starts. This allows access to all 3 Events over the weekend when most players have the most time to play and also keeps something special running every day of the week, in addition to our normal Daily and Content Browser Challenges.

Profile Banner Backgrounds! Customize the look of your Profile Screen background, and show off in leaderboards, co-op lobbies, and Content Browser entries! Look for these sweet profile backgrounds in the Trophy Store and don’t be surprised by the high trophy costs – you’ll know that players flairing these have earned the right to show off.

More New Awesome
  • New Intermediate map – Bloonarius Prime. Emphasis on the prime.
  • New Achievements
    • What is this new Bloonery?
    • Who’s the Boss?
    • I’m the Boss
    • Like a Boss
    • Apotheosis
  • New Trophy Store Items
    • Heroes: Gwen Fireball placement animation
    • Monkeys: Butterflies Upgrade FX, Village Germany Flag, Village UK Flag,
    • Bloons: Neon DDT, Water Bloon Pop FX, Bucket Hat Bloons
    • Co-op: Next Round! Scary! emote, Fist Pump emote
    • Game & UI: Aerials Banner, Spirit Wolf Banner, Dart Storm Banner, Reactive Banner, Incoming Banner, Ezili Avatar, Spiked Ball Avatar
  • Community Winner avatars
    • Avatar 44 SAS Monkey – by Deacon
    • Avatar 45 Blueprint – by dungeon-raided
  • Tweaks have been made to Freeplay Rounds 101-119 in order to balance out the length and difficulty in relation to the new Boss Events

Bug Fixes & General Changes in BTD 6 update 27

  • Custom Odyssey saves should now only show up under “My Saved Games”, if the save has not been completed
  • Odyssey UI now supports room for even more rules to be applied
  • Added more of a visible difference between new/old Odyssey Browser challenges
  • When share is still locked in Odyssey Browser added a pop-up like challenges to explain why
  • Resolved a case where game close/crash on final round of Odyssey could cause players to have an unwinnable odyssey freeplay save
  • Resolved some Odyssey specific save issues
  • In Deflation, Hero ‘cost to level up’ should again update at the end of each round

Resolved an issue where launching Steam via the BTD6 executable could fail to start Steam and also cause the game to not load

  • Resolved some asset bundle caching issues on certain devices
  • Fixed up some problems with restarting on Ravine causing problems with the sword, though it’s not perfect yet.
  • Resolved some localization issues – thanks to the native speakers who report issues!
  • Resolved some rare crashes

Boomerang Monkey

  • xx5 MOAB Domination press attack should correctly explode even if it runs out of pierce

Bomb Shooter

  • 4xx Bloon Impact no longer applies a ‘stunned’ debuff to MOABs without stunning them

Sniper Monkey

  • 520 Cripple MOAB once again applies it’s stun asset and debuff correctly in all cases


  • 301 Berserker Brew’s Faster Throwing crosspath once again increases the rate of the Brew attack

Spike Factory

  • 5xx Super Mines damage for the main spike hit corrected from 2 -> 10

Monkey Village

  • x3x MIB will now correctly allow supported towers with Ice attack to pop Rainbow Bloons into Frozen Zebras


  • x4x Overclock significant framerate loss issue resolved when linked to a tech bot without any target set for the Overclock ability


  • Lv10 Firestorm no longer damages the screen with an additional instance of Heat it Up


  • Level 20 Ball of Light once again has sound when being cast
Desktop Version
  • Hotkeys menu on the in-game pause screen has been relocated into a PC-Only options sidebar next to the new twitch integration menu for affiliate streamers.
  • As mentioned above, Twitch Polls integration has been added for Affiliate & Partner streamers.

Balance Changes in Bloons TD 6 version 27.0

Boomerang Monkey

Due to large memory leak issues with Glaive Lord’s stacking DoT which could not be resolved this upgrade has seen a rework to the DoT. Bionic Boomerang’s base attack rate has been improved to compensate for recent reworking of the 2xx Glaives Crosspath

  • 5xx DoT no longer stacks
  • 5xx DoT damage increased from 10 -> 100
  • x3x Bionic Boomerang attack delay reduced from 0.28 -> 0.238

Ice Monkey

Snowstorm’s duration has been improved to give it more bang for its buck as an alternate option to Ninja’s Bloon Sabotage, and Absolute Zero’s price has been reduced to bring it more within reach for a support upgrade.

  • x4x Snowstorm duration increased from 4s -> 6
  • x5x Absolute Zero price reduced from $26,000 -> 20,000

Monkey Sub

Ballistic Missile’s 230 crosspath has been in a confusing spot for a while where it functioned different to Advanced Intel, so it has been converted to function with Advanced Intel in the same way that any other Sub upgrade would. Additionally First Strike’s secondary explosion has had its target count reduced slightly.

  • 230 Ballistic Missile now benefits from Advanced Intel’s targeting in the same way as all other sub attacks to instead seek the radius from other towers on the map
  • x4x First Strike ability secondary AoE pierce lowered -> 80

Monkey Ace

Now allows you to find your center. Very zen.

  • xx2 Centered Path functions as normal until any path is set, but now allows players to set a center location similar to Heli Lock

Heli Pilot

As a small quality of life feature Chinook’s redeploy ability has been reworked to allow slight movements of towers in a single use, rather than having to move them away and then use another redeployment to move them back again.

  • x4x Support Chinook’s Redeploy ability is now ability to move a tower back down over the top of its current location

Mortar Monkey

Mortar Monkey has been given a T4 ability, since it didn’t have one and also to make up for Bloon Impact no longer triggering ‘stun debuff’ on MOABs when it hasn’t actually been stunning them. Signal Flare has had its camo revealing aspect reworked to make it more generally useful.

  • x4x Artillery Battery new ability ‘Bombardment’, for 8 seconds attack rate is increased by 4x & blast radius is increased by 15%, cooldown of 60 seconds
  • xx3 Signal Flare triggers a larger secondary AoE on impact with no weakness which reveals all camo Bloons size 50 & pierce 80.

Wizard Monkey


In order to allow for more strategic use of the birdy, Summoned Phoenix will now follow the set target priority.

  • x4x Phoenix now copies targeting of the Wizard

Super Monkey

Robo Monkey has never filled the super effective role it held in BTD5, so Dr Monkey has installed updated HUD targeting systems that now deal occasional critical hits. Additionally as the abilities on this path didn’t match up to their history or other Monkey Tower options (like Ground Zero) so they have been improved significantly in damage and increased radius.

  • x3x Robo Monkey is now able to deal critical damage on it’s hits
    • Criticals occur every 20 shots within the 15th-20th shot
    • Criticals deal a damage increase from 1 -> 10
  • x3x Robo Monkey price increased from $7000 -> 8400
  • x5x The Anti-Bloon criticals occur every 17 shots within the 13th-17th shot
  • x5x The Anti-Bloon criticals deal a damage increase from 5 -> 50
  • x4x Tech Terror Bloon Annihilation ability damage increased from 1000 -> 2500
  • x4x Tech Terror Bloon Annihilation ability radius increased from 60 -> 70
  • x5x Anti Bloon Bloon Annihilation ability damage increased from 3500 -> 5000
  • x5x Anti Bloon Bloon Annihilation ability radius increased from 110 -> 120

Ninja Monkey

To try and allow more strategic use Ninja’s Sticky Bombs will now use the targeting of the main tower instead of always Strong. Additionally as they weren’t feeling good enough in general Sticky Bombs will now deal a smaller amount of damage in an AoE to anything surrounding the main target.

  • xx4 Sticky Bomb now follows the tower’s target priority for Sticky Bombs
  • xx5 Master Bomber now follows the tower’s target priority for Sticky Bombs
  • xx4 Sticky Bombs now deals an additional AoE when they explode for 100 damage, 10 pierce and 40 AoE
  • xx5 Master Bomber inherits this new AoE and increases damage to 300


To allow for more strategy in placement, Druid’s Spirit of the Forest track vines are now more dense & deadly the closer they are to the main tower. Also by popular demand Avatar of Wrath’s 205 crosspath will now benefit from improved Lightning damage proportional to the RBE of Bloons on screen similar to the main thorns.

  • x5x Bloons outside 100 Range take current 2 damage + 8 to Multi HP
  • x5x Bloons within 100 Range will be hit for additional 1 damage +4 to Multi HP
  • x5x Bloons within 50 Range will be hit for yet another 1 damage +4 to Multi HP
  • 205 Avatar of Wrath now grants a slight portion of it’s RBE damage bonus to the Heart of Thunder lightning chains as well equal to 1 damage for every 6000 rbe on screen with a cap of +15 damage

Banana Farm

Given the relatively low value and use case of upgrading Banks further to IMF Loan, the overall incredible power of the Bank Deposits MK on Banks, and the fact that Banks are majorly considered to be the most powerful farm; we have decided to limit this incredibly powerful Knowledge point until the IMF Loan to both reign it in and give a little more back to that lacking T4 upgrade.

  • x3x Monkey Bank is no longer able to deposit cash from the Bank Deposits MK until the x4x IMF Loan and above

Spike Factory

Due to a number of performance concerns, the ability for the Spike Storm factory will no longer be able to benefit from a denser storm of spikes via stacking speed buffs on the base tower.

  • x4x Spike Storm ability will no longer benefit from increases to rate of fire


In order to just generally grant more value to this ability and develop strategy in what targets you want to pick to use it on and when, Adora’s buff gained after sacrificing another tower will now scale based on the sacrifice’s cost. Additionally as Sacrifice loses value when using it after Adora reaches the level 20 cap it now receives a large duration buff at that point.

  • Lv7 Sacrifice’s buff of 10% attack speed and range is now a ‘minimum’ amount
  • Lv7 Sacrifice’s buff value now increase by +1% for every $100 value of sacrifice made
  • Lv7 Sacrifice’s buff caps at a maximum buff of +25%
  • Lv20 now increases Sacrifice’s buff to +1% for every $50 value to a maximum of +50%
  • Lv20 now increases Sacrifice’s buff duration from 10s -> 60
  • Lv20 True Sun Transformation damage bonus increased 5 -> 8

Admiral Brickell

Due to much user concern with Brickell’s Sea Mines seriously overkilling weak targets and wasting themselves in this way, they now have a short delay between activations.

  • Placed Sea Mines now have a small delay, only setting off max 1 per 0.4sec


While we feel Sauda’s power has been balanced fairly well, we have also felt that too much of this power is generally available while ignoring the synergies that she was intended to be built around.To correct this her damage will in total remain the same, but some key levels that increased damage will now instead buff her weakness bonuses. We would also like to make it clear that this has been in the works for some time and has nothing to do with the recent 1TC completion, so please don’t be mad at that person. This will mean fairly little to most players, who are not doing those sorts of challenges anyway.

  • Lv13’s damage +1 now instead grants +1 damage to Sauda’s Lv7 Bloon Weakness
  • Lv17 “main attack damage +3” reduced from 3 to 1
  • Lv17 now grants +1 damage to Sauda’s Lv7 Bloon Weakness
  • Lv17 now grants +1 damage to Sauda’s Lv11 Afflicted Bloons Weakness


As Timestop is not considered to be an actual application of ‘slowing’ it will now apply to all Bloon types including BAD. This is a unique case that isn’t going to be changed for any Monkey Towers, just the Timestop.

  • BAD Bloons are no longer ignorant to the passage of time

Temple & Freeplay balance

Temples feel like far too much of the bulk of total power in deeper Freeplay scenarios. While this is their role, ever since adding the hidden Vengeful version of the Temple the VTSG has pushed ahead so much that it nearly invalidates other freeplay tower options. While this change won’t completely alter that, we have scaled back temples compared to the new Paragons & expensive regular towers by reducing the damage bonus of 555 temple by 33%, and also roughly easing up on the freeplay health ramping of MOABs by a similar amount

  • 555 Super Monkey base attack damage reduced from 75 -> 50
  • 555 Super Monkey attack multiplier for sacrifice powers reduced from 3x -> 2x
  • Freeplay formula for MOAB Health Increase from round 125+ reduced from 0.20 -> 0.15
  • Freeplay formula for MOAB Health Increase from round 152+ reduced from 0.50 -> 0.35

Download free Bloons TD 6 update 27.0 on PC (Steam).