Bloodhunt PS5 January Update Patch Notes – Jan 24, 2023

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt December update is now available on PS5 and PC(Steam). According to the official Bloodhunt patch notes, the latest update adds a new hunting rifle to the game. Unfortunately, since the release, players are experiencing fps drop and performance issues. Today’s Bloodhunt version 1.010 will address a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

What is new in Bloodhunt January Update? – January 24, 2023


The Hunting Rifle is a single-action rifle that packs quite a punch, getting hit by it will give the target Kindred a nasty bleeding surprise.

The Hunting Rifle sits somewhere in between the Sniper Rifle and the Marksman Rifle in that it has a lower rate of fire than the latter but a higher damage output. Additionally, it introduces a unique bleeding feature that makes it ideal for hunting. Its main weakness is that it only comes with an iron sight, which narrows its use for long distances.


Getting hit by the Hunting Rifle might not be as bad initially as getting struck by the Sniper, but its bullets behave uniquely, expanding wounds on vampires and making them bleed over time.


This update also adds a new mechanic that challenges and makes it feel more rewarding when you perform daring feats in the game by awarding you a medal. All medals are displayed in the middle of the screen highlighting your accomplishment.

Here is a list of all the medals that have been implemented with this update:


Name Criterion Rule
Killing spree 3-player killstreak Without dying
Rampage 5-player killstreak Without dying
Dominating 10-player killstreak Without dying
Unstoppable 15-player killstreak Without dying
Frenzy 20-player killstreak Without dying
Blood Frenzy 20+ player killstreak Without dying


Name Criterion Rule
Double takedown 2 rapid takedowns Time
Triple takedown 3 rapid takedowns Time
Quadra takedown 4 rapid takedowns Time
Penta takedown 5 rapid takedowns Time
Infinite takedown 5+ rapid takedowns Time


Name Criterion Rule
Feeding 1 Feed 3 times Achievable once per match
Feeding 2 Feed 6 times Achievable once per match
Feeding 3 Feed 9 times Achievable once per match


Name Criterion Rule
Blood taste 1 Diablerize 3 enemies Achievable once per match
Blood taste 2 Diablerize 6 enemies Achievable once per match
Blood taste 3 Diablerize 9 enemies Achievable once per match


Name Criterion Rule
Survival 1 Be among the final 25 players Achievable once per match
Survival 2 Be among the final 10 players Achievable once per match
Survival 3 Be among the final 5 players Achievable once per match


Name Criterion Rule
Lockpicker Open 2 Camarilla crates Achievable once per match
Robbery Break into 2 stores Trigger the alarm twice; once per match


Name Criterion Rule
Revenge Kill a player who killed you Takedown or kill


Crosshair notifications are small rewarding messages that pop up near your crosshair letting you know after you have done something impressive in the game.

Below, you can find a list of the possible notifications, and what triggers them:

  • Elimination, triggers by killing a player
  • Bloodhunt takedown, triggers by downing a bloodhunted player in BR
  • Assist, triggers by assisting a takedown or kill
  • Headshot, triggers by landing final shot kills in TDM or final headshot takedowns in BR
  • Slide shot, triggers by landing final shot kills in TDM or final headshot takedowns in BR
  • Aerial shot, triggers by landing final shot kills in TDM or final headshot takedowns in BR
  • Diablerie, triggers by diablerizing a player in BR


  • Bots now try to avoid entering combat when they only have the starting pistol
  • Bots now will treat Entity as a bigger threat
  • Bots’ weapon accuracy has been adjusted to make them slightly more challenging

Additionally, we have resolved a few bugs with the bots, some of which are mentioned further down in the bug fixes section.


  • Increased the Minigun ammunition from 300 to 400
  • Increased the Double-Barreled shotgun damage
  • Increased the max spread of the AK
  • Increased the Heavy Crossbow gas damage


  • We resolved an issue with invisible accessories and facial hair on the holiday masks
  • A visual issue that sometimes showed 0 players at the end of a match has been fixed
  • You no longer get stuck and are again able to move if you cancel ‘Rejuvenating Voice’ after getting downed mid-air
  • Bots no longer get stuck in making decisions about whom to perform diablerie on
  • The description for the ‘Shark Chum’-challenge has been corrected to accurately represent the unlock requirements
  • You now will be able to spawn with Dual Daggers in Prague with the ‘Warrior’ perk equipped (get cutting!)
  • Visually, all ‘Buzz Cuts’ now are consistently the same length across multiple hairstyles
  • Once again you can change keybinds for the basic movement controls in the settings
  • The abilities of disconnected players in TDM will no longer continue to be active
  • The final objective in the quest The Talent Show – Part 3 can now be completed
  • In-game messages for Twitch Drops are now properly localized
  • The health bar above spectated teammates is now being displayed consistently
  • [PS5] An issue which under certain circumstances would crash the game after opening the store has been resolved
  • Some issues with characters and letters present in certain localizations have been resolved
  • Several other technical bugfixes

Download free Bloodhunt version 1.011 on PS5 and PC.

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