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Bloodhunt Known Issues, Bugs, and Workaround (Updated)


Recently, a new Bloodhunt patch was released with various bug fixes. Unfortunately, players are experiencing several issues with the game. Today, we have posted some known Bloodhunt issues and bugs.

Check out more details below.

Bloodhunt Known Issues


The last patch added multiple bug fixes to various locations where the player could get stuck or not traverse upon, there are still several places where this can occur.


The game devs also identified an issue where players who are returning to the Elysium from Prague may end up floating in the air, unable to walk around in the Elysium. Should this happen, you can either matchmake again or restart your client to be able to move around in the Elysium.


The game has multiple texts that are cutoff or missing, and in some cases even incorrect, both in the menus and in the in-game chat UI. We are still working on fixing bugs related to this area.



Gamepad support is not fully implemented yet, and we are working on improving the gamepad experience. For now, we highly recommend that players use mouse and keyboard if able.


While we are happy to have this feature available, please keep in mind that there are several issues to consider while using it.

  • Players are currently unable to add their stream friends as Sharkmob account friends. As a workaround, please add them as Sharkmob account friends for now.
  • Players who have been invited to a different Elysium instance are unable to send group invites afterwards. As a work around, please restart your game client before inviting if this scenario occurs.
  • Player names may not show up correctly in the Elysium social tab, even though they should.
  • If a player changes group they may end up in an incorrect Elysium session, if the player had already transitioned between different Elysium session previously.


Bloodhunt counts its progression once the match has ended for the player. If the player quits mid-game the challenges and rewards progress will reset to the state it was prior to the match. This is as intended, but we wanted to make you are aware of this.

VOIP Issues Workaround

An issue that is affecting our VOIP functionality when players change party members in their Coterie or when jumping between servers.

If you are unable to connect to VOIP after playing a group game, restart your client and regroup with your friends to make it function again.


Download Shieldwall patch on PC (Steam).

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