Blade & Sorcery Update 11 (The Home Update) Patch Notes


Blade & Sorcery update 1.11 is now available to download on PC. According to the official Blade and Sorcery patch notes, the latest update added a new home exterior, tutorial, new player inventory, new clothes, and much more.

Previously, a major update added some minor tweaks and changes to the game. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch.

Today’s Blade & Sorcery patch 1.11 will address a few of these errors. Read more details below.


Blade & Sorcery Patch Notes – July 9, 2022


  • Added home exterior
  • Added tutorial
  • Added player inventory, (run tutorial for explanation to how to use it)
  • Added clothes changing (using home mirror or “Equip” in item book)
  • Added edible food support (apple)
  • Added doors and levers system (home only for now)
  • Added some new weapons
  • Added two new hair style
  • Added multi-language support
  • Added game translation for French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Chinese (traditional and simplified)
  • Added muffling NPC with your hand to avoid doing noise
  • NPC now react to touch, light, bodies, items being held with telekinesis, and other NPCs being held with telekinesis.
  • Updated NPC combat animation and behavior for one-handed and two-weapon AI to be more dynamic, including parrying and riposting
  • Added rock throwing ****to NPC when the player is not reachable
  • Added water interaction with player hand and items
  • Added underwater effects and drowning when player (or NPC) stay too long underwater
  • Added new spell merge for fire (meteor) and lightning (ion beam)
  • Added new magic abilities to fire, lightning and gravity imbued staff (press spell menu when handled to activate)
  • Added new staff slam effect for Fire and lightning
  • Lightning now chains between metallic objects, imbuing other weapons nearby
  • Lightning can now have a chance to disarm NPC when their weapon is fully imbued
  • Grabbing an NPC and casting the lightning spell will instantly shock them
  • Added gravity hover, charging the Gravity spell while falling slows your fall
  • When gravity push is aimed downwards or when you are airborne, it will push you in the opposite direction
  • Added real-time lighting to spell charges
  • Added effect and mana cost to telekinesis spin
  • Allowed player to tele-grab NPC-thrown fireballs
  • Staffs will now steal energy from NPCs when you hit them, recharging their current imbue
  • Gravity bubble now have an effect on player
  • Game now include game version and minimum mod version directly into the game executable (will be used by Vortex)
  • Modder pdb files now loaded if available to help with modder debugging
  • NPC are able to blink
  • NPCs can now damage each other when they’re far away from the player

Changes / Enhancements

  • Canyon level update (new water + interaction, more details, misc changes and additions)
  • Small touches and lighting changes to Ruins
  • Updated character selection scene with new dungeon assets
  • Added some new rooms to Dungeon
  • New loading music
  • Wave and item selector UI overhaul
  • Improved gravity spell audio effects
  • Reworked Citadel vicinity
  • Improved NPC vision by increasing field of view and how well they can see you in the dark
  • Crouching no longer impacts stealth (stealth influenced by light and darkness, sound, and enemy FOV)
  • NPCs make less noise when killed in stealthy ways
  • Grabbed NPCs now behave differently when grappled so they don’t try to move and such like before
  • Archers stow their bows when their targets are too close
  • Warzone is added back on the wave selection menu
  • Improved probe based lighting on characters to be more uniform
  • Improved stealth mechanics: AI detection has been fine tuned for a better experience
  • Added an option to slide with A / X on Oculus touch or touchpad press on Index (so using staves is easier by using trigger)
  • Dual-wielding NPCs swap their left hand weapon to their right hand if they drop their right hand weapon
  • Improved staff gravity shockwave audio
  • Touchpad press is now used to use staff on Index controller.
  • Spells and imbues now stop when in water
  • Moved further invisible walls near ocean in some dungeon rooms
  • Removed ocean kill zones in some dungeon room
  • Improved and changed some dungeon room layout and spawns
  • Chickens’ wings are now physical parts of their body
  • Added handles to most props
  • Show player characters in the menu from the most recently played to the least recently played
  • Reworked torch model
  • Weapons now lose imbue slower
  • Lightning stuns metal-armored enemies for much longer
  • Increased arm stretch length to avoid hand disconnecting from handles when too far
  • Improved spell haptics
  • Small improvements to dying animations
  • Improved collision performance
  • Improved effect spawning performance
  • Clarified the “Max arm length reached behavior” option description, and set the default to “Hold”.
  • Removed bloom threshold and tonemap options. Added post process profiles options instead.
  • Boosted the damage and force behind the player kick.
  • Added audio slider in menu option to increase or reduce the slow motion sound effect
  • New “Clean visible dropped items” option. Which will periodically clean up dropped items even when you can see them, except for ones in your telekinesis range.
  • When cleaning dropped items, only duplicate of the same item will be despawned first, then any will be despawned until the number of items is under the max dropped items limit
  • Added kick audio
  • Added new jump audio
  • Added a compensation force to the player’s hands to stop them from dragging behind when you walk
  • Oar can be put in back holster
  • Minor balance changes
  • Added version revision, game version changed from 11.0.X to 0.11.0.X (so change mod manifest jsons!)
  • Removed the fake game.json that was used by Vortex in the default folder to avoid confusion and errors (Vortex is going to check executable instead)
  • Json file loading time improvements
  • Optimized ocean quality
  • Optimized item spawner book performance
  • (Modding) ItemModuleEdible/EventManager now has consume events
  • (Modding) Added code events for telekinesis spell OnTarget, OnUntarget, OnGrab, OnUngrab,
  • OnSpinStart, OnSpinEnd, OnPull, and OnRepel
  • Gravity hover now only activate when palms are down
  • Improve game text translations
  • Improved NPCs walking down slopes
  • Low quality underwater effects will now apply when quality is set to low
  • Fall damage threshold is lower
  • Added volume to snap/unsnap in ItemData json
  • Added blunt damage to arrows
  • Improved performance of Human/Armor collisions


  • Fixed NPCs ganging up to attack corpses
  • Fixed NPCs alerting themselves by knocking over items, and also fixed NPCs getting alerted by sounds from friendly NPCs they can see
  • Fixed NPCs not hearing player weapons hitting certain surfaces
  • Fixed chicken duplication glitch which would spawn broken chickens in the home
  • Fixed a bug where the player could take damage from NPC weapons well after their attack is finished
  • Fixed telekinesis-grabbing an item on two handles, then releasing with both would cause it to float
  • Fixed friendly NPCs treating the player as an enemy if the player makes sound which sets their alertness too high
  • Fixed a couple bugs with spectator mode which would cause NPCs to spam the log with errors
  • Fixed NPCs being unable to move if trying to test the game without a headset on
  • Fixed player hand phasing through NPC when grabbing/ungrabbing their parts
  • Fixed static items with penetration capabilities having a small chance to move when NPCs are impaled
  • Fixed Jar2H json causing hand to break
  • Fixed navigation issues in maps
  • Fixed broken handles making your hand become unresponsive (detailed log now displayed with how to fix)
  • Fixed loading a level before Warpfrog logo ends doesn’t allow user to use any UI (Books and Menu)
  • Fixed some NPC parts not changing colour with SetColor (sclera/iris/etc)
  • Fixed an issue disabling kick foot collision when grabbing an item
  • Fixed Gravity merge bubble not picking up NPCs unless the player was close
  • Fixed the game attempting to break spacetime when you try to drop an item that has a holder – such as a quiver – inside itself.
  • Fixed missing physics material on Canyon bridge causing no sounds when hit and causing fireballs to glide across the surface.
  • Fixed imbue effects generating a VFX mesh every time a weapon was imbued
  • Fixed lag spike when imbuing weapons
  • Fixed loadlevel during load loading another level inside the other.
  • Fixed thrown items not been cleaned up when they go outside the map / far away from the player. Like fireballs being shot out the map.
  • Fixed a variety of visual and render order bugs
  • Misc fixes and improvements
  • Fixed hard crash to desktop on large number of catalog items (big mod packs)
  • Fixed particle pooling not growing efficiently
  • Fixed armour detection sometimes failing on edges
  • Fixed ocean flickering when changing options

Download free Blade & Sorcery update 1.11 for PC (Steam).