Blackthorn Arena Update 2.04 Patch Notes – August 8, 2021

    Blackthorn Arena update 2.04 is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Blackthorn Arena patch notes, the latest update resolves various issues and added gameplay optimizations.

    Previously, a big update was released with various bug fixes and changes. Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues.

    Blackthorn Arena patch 4 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.

    Blackthorn Update 2.04 Arena Patch Notes (August 8, 2021)

    • Fix the bug that the model of the Terrell Armor is not displayed correctly on female characters.
    • Fix the bug that the effect of the commander passive skill could not take effect normally.
    • Addressed an issue that the armor maintainer trait could not take effect normally.
    • Fixed the bug that the thick fur of the shapeshifter did not take effect properly after shapeshifted.
    • Fixed the bug that the bonus of the werewolf form did not match the description.
    • Addressed an issue that the status icons of the werewolf form and werebear form were displayed incorrectly.
    • Fixed a bug that clicking to view a character’s information in the shapeshifted state would result in failure to return.
    • Added Ranger sets to the Desert Arena’s trophy pool.

    Balance Adjustments:

    • Reduced the overall weight of the Ninja suit to make it more in line with the positioning of light armor.
    • Samurai’s Iaido slash is now guaranteed to crit.
    • Shapeshifter’s Howl of Terror duration is now affected by the target’s volition.
    • Gladiator’s Dash attack has increased range and is now more likely to hit enemies.

    Download free Blackthorn Arena patch on PC.

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