Black Ops 4 Update 1.09 Released, Read What’s New and Fixed

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 update 1.09 (Operation Absolute Zero update) is now available for players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The new Operation Absolute Zero update includes many new features and content inspired by player input. According to the official Black Ops 4 1.09 patch notes, the new COD BO4 Operation Absolute Zero update has added new Specialist: Zero, for both Multiplayer and Blackout. Three new earnable Multiplayer weapons are now available in the Black Market – the Daemon 3XB SMG, SWAT RFT assault rifle, and Secret Santa melee weapon. Players can also immediately get their hands on these new weapons in Blackjack’s Gun Game with Black Ops 4 version 1.09. Apart from this, the new Black Ops 4 patch 1.09 also includes a long list of fixes for issues related to server performance, framerate drop, balancing, crashing, stuttering, and more. A new Holiday Event is coming on Dec. 13 for PS4 players with new seasonal items to unlock.

Previously, a big update was released with gameplay and stability improvements across all three modes. Unfortunately, since the last patch, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s COD Black Ops 4 1.09 is expected to fix all these issues. Check out more details below.

COD Black Ops 4 update 1.09 Patch Notes


New Specialist: Zero

COD BO4 1.09 Operation Absolute Zero introduces a new Specialist: Zero, a versatile and deadly hacker available in both Multiplayer and Blackout. In Multiplayer, Zero can disrupt and distract her enemies using the powerful hacking tools at her disposal, bringing new counteractive measures to the table in Black Ops 4. Players can unlock Zero by completing Tier 1 in the newly revamped Black Market and immediately start testing out her wonderful new toys.

COD BO4 update 1.09 patch notes
COD BO4 update 1.09 patch notes

New Multiplayer weapons and Camos

  • New Daemon 3XB SMG
  • New SWAT RFT assault rifle
  • New Secret Santa melee weapon
  • New Weapon Camos
  • Reactive Camos
  • Reticles

Changes for BlackOut in COD BO4 update 1.09

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has added updates to the core Blackout experience for all platforms, which includes new Armor repair systemaudio improvements, SDM and Spitfire weapon balancing, and seasonal changes across the entire map.

Players will immediately notice the map’s new visual updates as soon as they jump out of the helicopter, from seasonal changes in foliage and softer winter lighting, to new smoke trails to better indicate where everyone is dropping. Various environmental improvements are also available to Nuketown Island, Hydro Dam, and Factory.

The new Blackout destination – Hijacked debuts on PS4 on Dec 11. It is located on the peaceful waters of the map’s northwest quadrant. Inspired by the classic Treyarch Multiplayer map, our favorite luxury yacht becomes everyone’s new favorite hot drop in Blackout.

Once you make it to dry land, hop into the new ARAV armored vehicle with a friend and light up your foes with its turret-mounted machine gun. Players can also drop in as Zero after unlocking her, or as one of the four zombie-killing gladiators from IX after finding and completing the brand-new set of Blackout Zombies Character Missions.

The new and improved Black Market with COD Black Ops 4 update 1.09, includes new unlockable Blackout characters, new Epic Specialist Outfits, shared Warpaints, and more personalization items. Players will also find new weapons throughout Blackout starting December 11 on PS4 – try dropping into Firing Range next week to get your hands on the new hardware before anyone else does.

The new COD Black Ops 4 patch 1.09 is also added various new Custom Games, Weapon Camos, Stash interface updates on consoles, holiday map decorations, throwable Snowballs, new seasonal Special Event Tiers, in-game promos, gameplay improvements, and more.

Changes for Zombies

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 1.09 update patch notes
Call of Duty Black Ops 4 1.09 update patch notes

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 update 1.09 introduces three new free features for Zombies players: Daily Callings, the Black Ops Authenticity Stamp system, and Daily Tier Skips for Zombies.

Daily Callings provide new gameplay challenges that reward Zombies players with bonus XP and Nebulium Plasma upon completion. Be sure to check the Zombies Barracks for each day’s new challenge to maximize your earnings, level up faster, and concoct even more Elixirs and Talismans for your next record-breaking run.

Want to prove your zombie-slaying prowess to the world? For the first time in Zombies history, the new Black Ops Authenticity Stamp system gives players the ability to verify and share the results of their game online with a personalized code generated at the end of each match. The Black Ops Authenticity Stamp website tracks a variety of stats, including:

  • Number of kills, deaths, downs, revives, headshots, and rounds survived
  • Map selection, game type, numbers of players, and difficulty attempted
  • Special Weapons, Equipment, and Talismans used
  • Perks and Elixirs equipped
  • Number of Elixirs consumed
  • Match duration, score spent, final score, and more

With Daily Tier Skip for Zombies, simply complete 15 rounds in one game of Classic Zombies each day for your daily bonus Black Market Tier. The new COD BO4 1.09 update we’re also kicking off limited-time Winter Calling event in Zombies with new seasonal personalization rewards to unlock starting December 13 on PS4.

Changes for Black Market in Black Ops 4 version 1.09

The new revamped Black Market makes Tier progression simpler and more rewarding, and add new types of content that have been commonly requested from the community. Starting December 11, players can mix and match Warpaints with different outfits, and gain access to Warpaints without having to own a corresponding outfit.

The new Contraband stream kicks off with 100 Tiers designed to deliver a more diverse and exciting collection of items to earn, with themes built around every 25 Tiers and more opportunities to use personalization items in new ways. Here’s what to expect on day one:

  • 100 Clearly Defined Tiers: COD BO4 update 1.09 streamlined the progression experience by reducing the initial Tier showcase from 200 to 100. Every reward for the first 100 Tiers can be previewed in the Black Market right off the bat, so you can always track your progress toward your next favorite new item.
  • New Earnable Weapons: Black Ops 4 patch 1.09 introducing first batch of new earnable weapons in the Operation Contraband stream to deploy in your Multiplayer loadouts, including the Daemon 3XB SMG, SWAT RFT assault rifle, and Secret Santa melee weapon.
  • New Specialist Unlock: Operation Absolute Zero begins in the Black Market with our new Specialist, Zero, unlockable at Tier 1 for use in Multiplayer and Blackout.
  • New Item Categories and More Diverse Content: Weapon Camos, Reactive Camos, Reticles, shared Warpaints and new Mastercraft cosmetic weapon variants have been added to the Black Market by popular demand! Each Reactive Camo unlocked in the Black Market is uniquely designed for its designated weapon, while new Weapon Camos can be equipped across multiple weapons.
  • New Mastercrafts: Players can now earn new Mastercraft weapon variants in the Black Market, including new ABR 223 Mastercraft for tactical rifle fans.
  • New Blackout characters: Our Ultimis Zombies heroes are coming to Blackout in the Black Market! Keep an eye out for old-school Nikolai, unlockable at Tier 45.
  • New Shared Warpaints: Warpaints can now be equipped with outfits across different Themes on the same Specialist.
  • Reserves Now Start at Tier 101: Players will earn cosmetic Reserve content after unlocking the first 100 Tiers of Black Market content, including all-new personalization items and a new Mastercraft. And if you haven’t completed the collection of Reserve items from Operation First Strike, don’t worry – they’re still included in Reserves for Operation Absolute Zero.
  • Content Changes: Black Ops 4 update 1.09 also introducing new Gestures, Calling Cards, and additional personalization items along with the new content mentioned above. The new Black Ops 4 version 1.09 aren’t adding any new Decals for Specialist Outfits to the loot pool to ensure every item earned can be immediately equipped and enjoyed in the game. As with the rest of the game, we’ll continue to refine the Black Market experience as the Operation continues.
  • Daily Tier Skip for Zombies: All Zombies players can earn a bonus Daily Tier Skip in the Black Market by completing 15 rounds in a game of Classic Zombies each day.

Bug Fixes in Black Ops 4 1.09


  • Blackout map visual and environmental updates

  • Blackout audio and Armor design updates

  • Blackout weapon balancing (SDM and Spitfire)

  • Improved MP melee reliability

  • Updates to Prophet, Firebreak, and Seraph

  • Nuketown, Gun Game, and Safeguard added to Custom Games

  • Various MP Challenge fixes

  • Daily Tier Skips and high-round fixes in Zombies

  • Stability improvements in MP and Zombies

  • Character customization improvements

  • Options added: Global ADS sensitivity, tap to reload in Blackout


We’ve made the following changes on PS4 in our 1.09 update, with Xbox One and PC to follow:


  • Weapons

    • Melee

      • Increased melee detection range for melee weapons, including the Bayonet and Stiletto Knife Operator Mods.

    • Titan

      • Reduced ADS flinch mitigation (also applies in Blackout and Zombies).

  • Specialists

    • Prophet

      • Reduced Tempest ammo count from 14 to 10.

      • Additional tuning to Tempest accuracy incoming soon.

    • Firebreak

      • Purifier now more reliably connects with enemies.

    • Seraph

      • Increased Annihilator earn rate.

  • Gameplay

    • EKIA credit can now carry over after respawn when a player damages an enemy and dies before their teammate finishes that enemy off.

    • EKIA credit will now clear after 5 seconds from last damage dealt.

  • Custom Games

    • Added Nuketown to the Custom Games map list.

    • Added Gun Game to the Custom Games mode list.

    • Added Safeguard to the Custom Games mode list.

    • Addressed an issue in Search & Destroy Custom Games with higher round limits ending after the 4th round.

  • Scorestreaks

    • RC-XD

      • Addressed an issue that prevented activating a second RC-XD after one was already used.

    • Drone Squadron

      • Start-of-round restriction timer is now applied to the Drone Squadron.

    • Gunship

      • Resolved an issue where some Gunship shots could impact the Gunship aircraft.

  • Challenges

    • Not Outgunned

      • Not Outgunned Challenge now properly tracks progress in Heist and Control.

    • Ninja

      • Ninja Challenge now properly tracks progress in Heist.

    • Surf’s Up

      • Surf’s Up Challenge now properly tracks progress in Domination around contested points.

    • Threat Neutralized

      • Threat Neutralized Challenge now properly tracks Lightning Strike kills in Domination.

      • Threat Neutralized Challenge now properly tracks progress in Control.

  • Weapon Camos

    • Modified requirements for Diamond and Dark Matter active visual stages to transition every 5 kills (not only kills without dying) and not reset on death.

    • Modified Killathon Reactive Camo to activate visual stages every 5 kills (not only kills without dying) and not reset on death.

  • Stability – Fixed crashes that could occur:

    • When launching Custom Games with Custom Classes or Specialist Draft disabled.

    • When a player disconnected while escorting the Robot in Safeguard.

    • When attempting to attribute score to players that disconnected.

    • When a disconnected enemy caused damage to a player’s equipment in certain circumstances.

    • When the player’s Attack Helicopter was destroyed.

    • When attempting to destroy a vehicle when out of bounds.

  • Miscellaneous

    • Addressed an issue where players with Diamond Camo equipped could face a different direction in third person.

    • Addressed an issue where attempting to fire an empty weapon could leave the shot count at 1, preventing the use of the Mesh Mine.

    • Addressed an issue where the NVIR Optic could cause the Engineer Perk to malfunction if the player switched between classes.

    • Secondary weapons now show in the Specialist Draft if no primary weapon is equipped.



We’ve made the changes below with the goal of creating more predictability around when a player can hear another player’s footsteps, as well as a pass on unrelated game audio that could significantly impact footsteps. We intend to perform additional tuning on unrelated gameplay audio that egregiously impacts the player’s ability to hear other players moving in the world. Details include:

  • Occlusion

    • When players don’t have line of sight to another player, some of the sounds those players make are occluded using an audio filter. This filter subtracts some of the lower frequencies (AKA “bass”) to help to create a distinction between players who are in very close proximity to other players, but not necessarily in the same structure.

      • Changed occlusion levels to prevent situations that could make footsteps nearly inaudible.

      • Refactored occlusion code to properly occlude specific materials and buildings that were missing occlusion.

      • Terrain now occludes properly.

      • Fixed issues with garage doors that kept them from occluding properly when opening and closing them.

  • Distances

    • Rebalanced the distances at which players can hear first hear someone approaching.

    • Unified distances related to certain movement types – for example, sliding should now be heard about the same distance as other player movement sounds.

  • Gameplay Modifiers

    • Awareness and Dead Silence Perks have been changed accordingly with the new distance settings for footstep audio.

  • Directionality

    • Lowered the reverb on third-person footsteps, which helps with the player’s understanding of the overall location those footsteps are coming from. This is especially true when wearing headphones/playing in stereo and not in 5.1.

  • First and Third Person

    • Further lowered the first-person footstep volume that players hear themselves make.

    • Further lowered volume of teammates’ footsteps.

    • Decreased first-person weapon audio slightly to balance with third-person weapons heard by others.

    • Addressed an issue with first-person splash audio where jumping into water sounded louder than it should.

  • Environment

    • Lowered volume on the main ambient blend track (the overall sound made by the environment that players always hear, varying by map location and elevation), allowing subtler gameplay cues to be more audible more often, including footsteps.

    • Reduced volume and distance that garage doors can be heard from.

    • Modified the volume and distances that opening Stashes can be heard from.

Armor Redesign

Armor has been completely overhauled in Blackout. Our goals for these changes are to allow Armor to survive multiple engagements, and to reward players for taking out an enemy and destroying the enemy’s Armor in the process. While coming out of an engagement on the winning side feels good, it doesn’t feel good to have your Armor destroyed with each engagement you find yourself in. As such, players can find and use Armor Plates to repair damaged Armor, which are applied from your Inventory on all platforms, and from both the Inventory or the Quick Equip menu on consoles.

It takes approximately two seconds to use an Armor Plate to repair a segment of damaged Armor. One Armor Plate will repair a single Armor pip, regardless of Armor level. We will closely monitor the amount of available Armor Plates in the world and make adjustments quickly as needed. Details include:

  • Armor Plate Locations

    • In enemy Death Stashes after destroying the Armor of an opponent.

    • In Equipment Stashes.

    • More rarely, on the ground as a lootable item.

  • Durability

    • Armor durability has been increased, allowing Armor to last longer through an engagement.

    • Armor durability indicators have been updated to display individual pips of Armor.

  • Damage Mitigation

    • The percentage of damage that Armor mitigates has not been changed. As we monitor how these changes to Armor affect gameplay in Blackout, we will continue to evaluate damage mitigation values.

Map Changes

  • Overall

    • Added seasonal changes to foliage and softer winter lighting across the entire map.

  • Hydro Dam

    • Added elevators to allow players to get up and down in alternative ways.

    • Provided additional cover on the rooftops of both major buildings.

    • Opened additional rooms between the generator buildings.

  • Factory

    • Opened 3 previously sealed buildings to offer additional looting opportunities.

    • Added 2 new pipes to allow players to navigate between structures in alternative ways.

    • 2 previously closed train cars are now accessible.

    • 13 containers are now accessible.

  • Nuketown Island

    • Opened up 4 previously closed garages throughout Nuketown Island.

  • Map Boundaries

    • Expanded and improved upon boundaries on all sides of the map to be more consistent with the physical indicator of those boundaries seen inside the map, including:

      • Fence along the northern boundary of the map.

      • Power lines along the eastern side of the map.

      • Pipeline along the southern border of the map.

    • The mini-map now reflects the location of these boundaries.

Weapon Balance

  • SDM

    • Reduced damage.

    • Increased ADS time in and out.

    • Increased recoil.

  • Spitfire

    • Reduced damage.

    • Increased recoil.


  • Smoke Trails

    • Added Smoke Trails to wingsuits during initial infiltration to give players a better sense of how many people are dropping near their location.

  • Reloading

    • Added a new option in the Blackout Options menu to enable reloading by tapping the reload button, rather than releasing the reload button.

  • Zombies in Blackout

    • Zombies will now have a chance to drop ammo when killed.


  • Tier Progression

    • Added Daily Tier Skip credit for completing 15 rounds in a game of Classic Zombies each day.

  • Stability

    • High Rounds

      • Fixes for multiple memory leaks and other issues that could lead to crashes at high rounds in all maps.

    • General – Fixed crashes that could occur:

      • During respawn after the Join The Party Elixir or Charm of Impatience Talisman was used.

      • When every player disconnected before the match started.

      • When the player disconnected while certain audio played.

      • When sharing a Mystery Box weapon.

      • In rare cases when using the Scepter of Ra.

      • In rare cases when enemies transformed into Catalysts or Blightfathers.

      • In rare cases when taking damage to Armor.

      • In rare cases when a player disconnected after using a trap.

    • Voyage of Despair – Fixed crashes that could occur:

      • During steps 4 or 7 of the Main Quest.

      • When the player disconnected while using the Kraken.

      • When shocking a zombie with Kill-O-Watt while it was transforming into a Catalyst.

      • When a player disconnected while reviving another player.

      • In rare cases when using the Sentry or Ragnarok DG-5.

    • IX – Fixed crashes that could occur:

      • In rare cases while Perk statues randomly cycled.

      • In rare cases while using the Hammer of Valhalla.

      • In rare cases during special rounds in IX.

      • In rare cases when using Serpent’s Kiss on large group of Zombies.

    • Blood of the Dead – Fixed crashes that could occur:

      • When killing the Warden during the Michigan Avenue ghost escort due to a memory leak that could occur.

      • In certain cases during step 3 of Main Quest.

      • In rare cases when throwing the Hell’s Retriever at the bird during step 2 of the Main Quest.

      • In rare cases when using the Acid Trap in the Cafeteria.

      • In rare cases during the prison breakout step in the Main Quest.

      • In rare sound-related cases tied to the Spectral Shield.

      • In Theater Mode while spectating Richtofen when initiating the Magmagat quest.

    • Classified – Fixed crashes that could occur:

      • When entering codes during the Classified Wonder Weapon quest.

      • In rare cases when using teleporters.


  • Character Customization

    • Warpaints can now be equipped with outfits across different Themes on the same Specialist without having to own a corresponding outfit.

    • Character Personalization menu updated to separate Outfits from Warpaints, with larger display of items.

  • Weapon Camos

    • Camos (Multiplayer & Zombies) and Reactive Camos (Multiplayer) obtained through the Black Market can now be equipped in the Weapon Personalization menu via the Black Market tab.

  • Weapon Reticles

    • Reticles obtained through the Black Market can now be equipped in the Reticle Personalization menu via the Black Market tab.

  • Options (Global)

    • Added ADS Sensitivity Options for both high zoom optics and regular weapons.

  • Specialist HQ

    • Improved stability with Ajax’s Combat Training mission.

  • Fixed freezing and stuttering issues with Black Ops 4 1.09.
  • Black Ops 4 version 1.09 added various bug fixes and improvements.
  • Stability and performance improvements.
  • Fixed several multiplayer specific crashes
  • Increased delivery speed of Care Packages.
  • Gameplay improvements added with Black Ops 4 1.09.
  • Added various other under the hood improvements with Black Ops 4 version 1.09.

Black Ops 4 update 1.09 is now available for download on PS4 and Xbox One.

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