Black Desert Update 1.86 Patch Notes – June 23, 2021

Black Desert PS4 update 1.86 is now available for players. The patch is also available on Xbox One. According to the official Black Desert 1.86 patch notes, the latest update brings bug fixes, tweaks, and fixes. Apart from this, Black Desert version 1.86 also includes stability fixes.


Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Black Desert version 1.86 is expected to fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


Black Desert Patch 1.86

Pre-creation for the newest class to Black Desert, Corsair, is available now. Pre-create to earn rewards to start you on your journey!

Season Character Pre-Creation

● Season Character pre-creation has started.

– A new character must be created in order to begin a season.

※ During the pre-creation period, you can create a seasonal character despite not being able to access the season servers.

Item Changes

● As a surprise gift, J’s Hammer of Loyalty will also be available through a coupon code.

– You can receive one J’s Hammer of Loyalty by entering the coupon code, 2021-HEID-ELHA-MMER on the website.

– The coupon, and the mail it is attatched too, must be redeemed before July 31st ,11:59PM (UTC) 2021. After this date, the mail will disappear and the coupon will become invalid.

– J’s Hammer of Loyalty, once collected, must be used before the December 22nd 2021 Maintenance. Any J’s Hammer of Loyalty not used by this date will be delete.

– This coupon can be registered only once per family.

Character Changes


● Flashing Light – Fixed the issue where the backward movement of the skill would be shorter if it was used after hitting Bloodthirst: Katana Shower



● Shout to the Sky III – Changed the following buff effect to not stack.

– Recover +150 HP every 2 sec for 10 sec (applied to self and allies)



● Succession: Arid Assault – Fixed the issue where the Bound Effect was applied even when the skill was used while on cooldown.



● Changed the Overcharged state to no longer apply for skills used on cooldown. Consequently, the following skills’ descriptions have been changed.

– Awakening: Ancient Kibelius

– Shock Relay

– Lightning Surge


● Bolt – Fixed the skill to now display the beginning animation when used during the Overcharged state.


Node and Conquest War Changes

● The max durability and DP has increased for Node/Conquest War Fort/Command Post/ Field HQ, and other annexes have also been improved.

Forts and Annexes
Fort/ Command Post/ Field HQ Node War:


Square Fort (Tier 1) – Max Durability +33%

Square Fort (Tier 2) – Max Durability +50%

Strong Square Fort (Tier 3) – Max Durability +60%

Sturdy Square Fort (Tier 4) – Max Durability +67%


Conquest War:

Square Fort – Max Durability +67%

Strong Square Fort – Max Durability +39%

Sturdy Octagonal Fort – Max Durability +25%

Command Post & Field HQ – Max Durability +17%

Recovery Center Node War:

Recovery Center (Tier 1) – Max Durability +36%

Recovery Center (Tier 2) – Max Durability +33%

Recovery Center (Tier 3) – Max Durability +22%


Node/Conquest War:

Recovery Center (Tier 4) – Max Durability +14%

Recovery Center (Tiers 2-4) – DP +167%

Cannon Observatory Node War:

Cannon Observatory (Tier 1) – Max Durability +36%

Cannon Observatory (Tier 2) – Max Durability +33%

Cannon Observatory (Tier 3) – Max Durability +22%


Node/Conquest War:

Cannon Observatory (Tier 4) – Max Durability +14%

Cannon Observatory (Tiers 2-4) – DP +167%

Elephant Nursery Node War:

Elephant Nursery (Tier 1) – Max Durability +36%

Elephant Nursey (Tier 2) – Max Durability +33%

Elephant Nursery (Tier 3) – Max Durability +22%


Node/Conquest War:

Elephant Nursery (Tier 4) – Max Durability +14%

Elephant Nursery (Tiers 2-4) – DP +167%

Supply Depot Node War:

Supply Depot (Tier 1) – Max Durability +82%

Supply Depot (Tier 2) Max Durability +83%

Supply Depot (Tier 3) – Max Durability +89%


Node/Conquest War:

Supply Depot (Tier 4) – Max Durability +82%

Supply Depot (Tiers 2-4) DP +167%

Indomitable Flag Factory Node War:

Indomitable Flag Factory (Tier 1) – Max Durability +5%


Node/Conquest War:

Indomitable Flag Factory (Tier 4) – Max Durability +5%

Indomitable Flag Factory (Tiers 2-4) – DP +100%

Indomitable Flag Node War:

Indomitable Flag (Tier 1) – Max Durability +5%


Node/Conquest War

Indomitable Flag (Tier 4) – Max Durability +5%

Indomitable Flag (Tiers 2-4) – DP +200%

Wooden Fence Gate Node/Conquest War

Wooden Fence Gate (Tiers 1-4) – Max Durability +20%

Flame Tower Node War:

Flame Tower (Tier 1) – Max Durability +19%

Flame Tower (Tier 2) – Max Durability +34%

Flame Tower (Tier 3) – Max Durability +43%

Flame Tower (Tier 4) – Max Durability +49%

Flame Tower (Tier 1) – DP +100%

Flame Tower (Tier 2) – DP +200%


Conquest War:

Flame Tower – Max Durability +43%


Node/Conquest War:

Flame Tower (Tiers 3-4) – DP +300%

Hwacha Node War:

Hwacha (Tier 1) – Max Durability +19%

Hwacha (Tier 2) – Max Durability +34%

Hwacha (Tier 3)  – Max Durability +43%

Hwacha (Tier 4) – Max Durability +49%

Hwacha (Tier 1) – DP +67%

Hwacha (Tier 2) – DP +150%


Conquest War:

Hwacha – Max Durability +43%


Node/Conquest War:

Hwacha (Tiers 3-4) – DP+234%

Enhanced Flame Tower Node War:

Enhanced Flame Tower (Tier 3) – Max Durability +32%

Enhanced Flame Tower (Tier 3) DP +234%

Enhanced Flame Tower (Tier 4) – Max Durability +28%


Conquest War:

Enhanced Flame Tower – Max Durability +17%


Node/Conquest War:

Enhanced Flame Tower (Tier 4) DP+275%

Big Hwacha Node War:

Big Hwacha (Tier 3) – Max Durability +32%

Big Hwacha (Tier 4) Max Durability +28%

Big Hwacha (Tier 3) – DP +178%


Conquest War:

Big Hwacha – Max Durability +17%


Node/Conquest War:

Big Hwacha (Tier 4) DP+213%


UI Changes

● You can now see the AP/DP of characters when checking their inventory in the Disconnect menu.

● Added the option to hide your own pets.

– Your pets will still gather drops as normal, however they will not be visible.

● You can now add a counter to track the amount of souls a Marni Stone fills, or the amount of vendor items in your inventory without opening it. Selecting the item in your Inventory will open an option to add a counter, which will show you how much you have filled a Marni Stone of how many Vendor items you have in your inventory. You can turn off the indicator by once again selecting the item in your inventory.



● When transporting mounts, you will now be able to see the tier of horse that is being transferred.



● Skill Input key has been added to the game. This will display a list of possible skills that can be activated from your current position.

● The loading image has been changed to celebrate the past Heidel Ball.


Other Changes

● Certain backgrounds have been modified to make them look more natural.

● Fixed an issue where you were unable to open your inventory while riding an Epheria Cog.

● Corrected the item descriptions for certain items.

● Changed the topographical features of Padix Island on the World Map.

● When your remaining time of a Value Pack is 1 hour or less, a new warning message has been adding when registering specific items.

● On an uninhabited island near Oquilla’s Eye, traces of pirates have been discovered.

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