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Black Desert Update 1.39 Patch Details (PS4 & Xbox One)


Black Desert update 1.39 released for PS4 and Xbox One players. According to the official Black Desert version 1.39 changelog, the new update brings more chapters to Igor Bartali’s Adventure Log, a huge shake up to node wars and conquest wars, and another set of balance changes. Apart from this, Black Desert patch 1.39 also includes stability improvements.

Previously, a big update was released which added the Drieghan region, new field bosses, new life skill mini-games and more. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Black Desert version 1.39 is expected to fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Black Desert update 1.39 Changelog (Updated)

Adventure Log

New chapters of Igor Bartali’s gripping Adventure Logs are now available. Complete the various tasks set in the book and you will unlock various perks for your whole Family including +3AP, extra weight, more HP and more! Check out the new chapters of the Adventure Log available in the Adventure Log Bookshelf.



This update sees a significant change to Node Wars, and in turn these changes will also apply to Conquest Wars.


New and Improved Items

The first set of changes we are making in this update to the Node/Conquest war scene is introducing some new items, and also offering upgrades to existing items. These new items and new upgrades are designed to present more options for guilds that participate in Node/Conquest wars.

Medium and Large Siege Towers

Medium and Large Siege towers are now available for use in Conquest Wars. Siege Towers need to be created in a Siege Tower factory, and take around 5 minutes for a Medium Siege Tower to be created and around 10 minutes for a Large Siege Tower to be created. If the factory is destroyed while making the towers, the towers being generated will be destroyed too.

Siege Towers are structures that are deployed to the battlefield, and then moved slowly to walls to allow attacking forces the ability to scale a wall relatively easily. They are moved slowly into position, and once there can be used by any player (Friend or Foe) to quickly scale the walls of the castle or fort.


Once a Siege Tower has been crafted, it can be deployed around 300 meters from any base, and will then need to be pushed into position by one player. Medium Siege Towers work best against Barricades, and gates and Large Siege Towers work best against castle walls. Remember that your enemy can also hijack these structures, so protect them well to make sure they do not get stolen.

Trina Demolition Axe & Trina Matchlock

The Trina Demolition Axe and Trina Matchlock have also been added to Node and Conquest Wars. These weapons are designed specifically for node and conquest wars, and offer benefits over other weapons.

Trina Demolition Axe

The Trina Demolition Axe is an item which can be wielded by guild members. When used to attack Node and Conquest War annexes, it will deal a lot of extra damage. There are two types of Trina Demolition Axes.


The [Combat] Trina Demolition axe is an adventurer’s own axe that can be upgraded to increase its power. This weapon has no time limit, and can be repaired like other weapons. The [Combat] Trina Demolition Axe can also be upgraded up to PEV (V) to further enhance its abilities. While equipped, an adventurer cannot use their normal skills.

While the [Combat] Trina Axe is equipped, you will not be able to attack on the back of a horse, but you will be able to install, upgrade and repair fortifications and annexes.

Trina Demolition Axes can quickly make work of enemy fortifications, so use it effectively to dominate the battlefield.


You can craft a [Combat] Trina Axe once you complete the State-of-the-Art Firewarm and obtain the associated knowledge from the quest line. Dalian in Trent will be able to give you this quest once you have a character that is level 50 or higher.

Trina Matchlock

The Trina Matchlock allows you to deal damage from afar, and deals extra damage to humans. This weapon can support your defensive lines by offering melee classes a much needed long range defensive option.

While the [Combat] Trina Axe is equipped, you will not be able to attack on the back of a horse, but you will be able to install, upgrade and repair fortifications and annexes.

The [Combat] Trina Matchlock can be enhanced to dizzying heights, and will remain with the adventurer who has it.



To create the Trina Matchlock and Trina Axe, you will need to access the Manufacture Tab in the processing menu and add the relevant materials in order to craft them.

Trina Matchlock Recipe: 5x Steel, 1x Fir Timber, 1x Pure Iron Crystal, 1x Fine Hard Hide.
Trina Lead Bullet: 5x Lead Ingot, 10x Powder of Flame, 5x Rough Stone, 1x Fire Horn.
Trina Demolition Axe: 5x Steel 1x Cedar timber, 1x Pure Iron Crystal, 10x Black Stone Powder.

New Annexes

● You can now purchase the following conquest specific annexes. To fully unlock the power of these items, you will need to provide certain materials (and a little bit of time) to enhance them:


[Guild] Hwacha (Conquest War)

– This Hwacha can be upgraded to the ‘Big Hwacha’. When upgraded, you will need special arrows to load into the big hwacha. You can do this at the command post/field HQ. They have better stats than the normal Hwacha.

[Guild] Flame Tower (Conquest War)

– This Flame Tower can be upgraded to the ‘Enhanced Flame Tower’. When upgraded, you will need ‘Oil for the Enhanced Flame Tower’ in order to fuel it. These enhanced Flame Towers have better stats than their normal counterparts.


Upcoming Node War Changes

Dev Note

We are planning to reform the rules of conquest war in time to reinvigorate Node Wars. Unfortunately we are still relatively early in the design stages of the overhaul, and it may take a while for them to be developed. In the meantime, we want to shake up the scene and present new challenges for guilds participating in Node Wars.



Tiered Structures and Annexes

● The price and performance of the structures used in Node Wars will be adjusted based on the tier of node you are placing on. If you wish to participate in a tier-3 node war, you will need to purchase annexes and forts with the ‘Tier-3’ tag.

Each different tier will have a different cost of entry, as the structures required will have varying prices.


Tier 1
Item Name Cost from Guild Funds
[Guild] Square Fort (Tier 1) 10,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Barricade (Tier 1) 12,500 Silver
[Guild] Recovery Center (Tier 1) 250,000 Silver
[Guild] Cannon Observatory (Tier 1) 500,000 Silver
[Guild] Flame Tower (Tier 1) 1,250,000 Silver
[Guild] Hwacha (Tier 1) 2,500,000 Silver
[Guild] Indomitable Flag Factory (Tier 1) 625,000 Silver
[Guild] Supply Depot (Tier 1) 3,500,000 Silver
[Guild] Wooden Fence Gate (Tier 1) 625,000 Silver


Tier 2
Item Name Cost from Guild Funds
[Guild] Square Fort (Tier 2) 30,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Barricade (Tier 2) 17,000 Silver
[Guild] Recovery Center (Tier 2) 375,000 Silver
[Guild] Cannon Observatory (Tier 2) 680,000 Silver
[Guild] Flame Tower (Tier 2) 1,875,000 Silver
[Guild] Hwacha (Tier 2) 3,750,000 Silver
[Guild] Indomitable Flag Factory (Tier 2) 850,000 Silver
[Guild] Supply Depot (Tier 2) 5,250,000 Silver
[Guild] Wooden Fence Gate (Tier 2) 850,000 Silver


Tier 3
Item Name Cost from Guild Funds
[Guild] Square Fort (Tier 3) 50,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Barricade (Tier 3) 25,000 Silver
[Guild] Recovery Center (Tier 3) 425,000 Silver
[Guild] Cannon Observatory (Tier 3) 1,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Flame Tower (Tier 3) 2,125,000 Silver
[Guild] Hwacha (Tier 3) 4,250,000 Silver
[Guild] Indomitable Flag Factory (Tier 3) 1,250,000 Silver
[Guild] Supply Depot (Tier 3) 5,950,000 Silver
[Guild] Wooden Fence Gate (Tier 3) 1,250,000 Silver


Tier 4
Item Name Cost from Guild Funds
[Guild] Square Fort (Tier 4) 50,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Barricade (Tier 4) 25,000 Silver
[Guild] Recovery Center (Tier 4) 425,000 Silver
[Guild] Cannon Observatory (Tier 4) 1,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Flame Tower (Tier 4) 2,125,000 Silver
[Guild] Hwacha (Tier 4) 4,250,000 Silver
[Guild] Indomitable Flag Factory (Tier 4) 1,250,000 Silver
[Guild] Supply Depot (Tier 4) 5,950,000 Silver
[Guild] Wooden Fence Gate (Tier 4) 1,250,000 Silver


Conquest War
Item Name Cost from Guild Funds
[Guild] Command Post (Conquest War) 50,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Field HQ (Conquest War) 50,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Square Fort (Conquest War) 50,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Strong Square Fort (Conquest War) 50,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Sturdy Octagonal Fort (Conquest War) 50,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Barricade (Conquest War) 25,000 Silver
[Guild] Recovery Center (Conquest War) 500,000 Silver
[Guild] Cannon Observatory (Conquest War) 2,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Flame Tower (Conquest War) 2,500,000 Silver
[Guild] Hwacha (Conquest War) 5,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Indomitable Flag Factory (Conquest War) 2,500,000 Silver
[Guild] Supply Depot (Conquest War) 7,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Wooden Fence Gate (Conquest War) 2,500,000 Silver


● Separating the Node and Conquest War structures allows us to tailor the Node War experience to different levels of experience. To start this process, each tier of node war structures will have different levels of durability.

Fort, Command Post, Field HQ, Flame Tower, Hwacha, Barricade, Wooden Fence Gate
Tier 1
Tier 2 33% stronger than Tier 1 structures.
Tier 3 66% stronger than Tier 1 structures.
Tier 4 100% stronger than Tier 1 structures.
Conquest 4 150% stronger than Tier 1 structures.


Recovery Center, Cannon Observatory, Supply Depot, Indomitable Flag Factory
Tier 1
Tier 2 33% stronger than Tier 1 structures.
Tier 3 66% stronger than Tier 1 structures.
Tier 4 100% stronger than Tier 1 structures.
Conquest 4 100% stronger than Tier 1 structures.


Other Node/Conquest War Changes

● The damage for the Hwacha (Tier 4/Conquest War) and Flame Tower (Tier 4/Conquest War) increased by 50% against Humans.


● The ‘Barricade’ which can be crafted from the Siege Weapon Workshop, and the ‘Iron Barricade’ it can be upgraded into, have new names and modified durabilities.

Before After
Barricade Sturdy Barricade
Max Durability increased by 60% compared to before


Before After
Iron Barricade Sturdy Iron Barricade
Max Durability increased by 100% compared to before

– The ‘Sturdy Barricade’ crafted from the Siege Weapon Workshop is not restricted by Node tiers, and can be used in Conquest Wars.


As we are making these changes to Node/Conquest War items, we will be removing the existing structures from the game. Guilds that had the following items in their storage will receive a refund added directly to your Guild Funds:

Removed Items
–  [Conquest] Command Post

– [Conquest] Field HQ


– [Conquest] Square Fort

– [Conquest] Strong Square Fort

– [Conquest] Sturdy Octagonal Fort


– [Node] Square Fort

– [Node] Strong Square Fort

– [Node] Sturdy Square Fort

– [Guild] Barricade

– [Guild] Recovery Center

– [Guild] Cannon Observatory

– [Guild] Flame Tower


– [Guild] Hwacha

– [Guild] Supply Depot

– [Guild] Wooden Fence Gate


– [Guild] Indomitable Flag Factory

Node Restructuring

● We are reducing the number of Nodes available for node wars by around 37%. Condensing the amount of nodes available each day is designed to make the remaining nodes more competitive. As the total number of nodes has decreased, taxes earned has increased by roughly 37% for each node. As we are reducing the amount of nodes, all forts across the world of Black Desert have been removed. Forts built in Node Wars before the maintenance on April 14th have been removed, and guilds compensated for the cost.

Removed Nodes
Balenos – Foot of Terrmian Mountain

– Terrmian Cliff


– Casta Farm

– Balenos River Mouth

– Imp Cave


– Ancient Stone Chamber

– Goblin Cave

Serendia – Northern Heidel Quarry

– Central Guard Camp


– Eastern Gateway

– Southwestern Gateway

– Orc Camp


– Glish Swamp

Calpheon – Delphe Outpost

– Epheria Valley

– Oze’s House


– Keplan Hill

– Beacon Entrance Post

– Hexe Stone Wall


– Crioville

– Tobare’s Cabin

– Lake Kaia


– Northern Wheat Plantation

– Trina Beacon Towers


● There are also adjustments made to the Tier of certain nodes. Please note that if you owned one of these Tier 4 nodes before the update, you will not be able to post up for Conquest Wars.

Node Tier Max. Participants
Glish Ruins Tier 4 → Tier 2 25
Mask Owl’s Forest Tier 4 → Tier 2 60
Epheria Sentry Post Tier 4 → Tier 2 60
Bree Tree Ruins Tier 1 → Tier 2 40
Abandoned Land Tier 1 → Tier 2 30
Rhua Tree Stub Tier 1 → Tier 2 20


● When capturing Calpheon, the additional 50% Item Drop Increase will apply to both Calpheon and Kamasylvia.


The first item change we are making is to the maximum prices of PEN grade Ogre Rings and Ring of Crescent Guardian. PEN Ogre Rings have been increased by around 30%, and PEN Ring of Crescent Guardian has been increased by around 20%. Please remember that it may take time for the prices on these items to adjust.

We are also making improvements to Morco’s Gear Bag so that it will no longer unlock the items that it stores after disconnecting.

Pets will now use their skill as soon as they can after being brought out. There may be a short initial cooldown, but once that has completed, the pet will be able to use it’s skill as soon as possible.



Monsters in the Valencia region with the tag will now have 30% more HP.


We will also be reducing the recommended level for Swamp Naga’s by 1 level.



To make life easier for adventurers, we are making changes to the Magical Sub-weapon quests. You will now be able to complete these quests in Mediah, as well as Calpheon City. If you have not completed nor in the process of doing the ‘Magical Sub-weapon Exchange I’ quest, you can complete the ‘Uncontainable Heat’ quest from the Mediah main quest. This will then allow the Black Spirit to give you the quest, ‘Cleansing the Cave’ which will allow you to receive the ‘Magical Sub-weapon Exchange I’ quest. This will not allow you to duplicate the amount of Magical Sub-weapons you can receive, and once completed in one area, you cannot complete it in the other.

We are also making changes to a few of the early sub-quests in the game to help newer players focus more on the main quests. The requirement changes for these quests provide a very low barrier to enter, but enough that it will no longer distract new adventurers.

Quest name Quest Requirement Before After
Beasts at the Crops Amity with Severo Loggia Amity 11 Amity 21
Materials for Alchemy Amity with Alustin Amity 11 Amity 21
Who’s the Toughest Amity with Tachros Amity 11 Amity 21
Mural of Prophecy Level 15 and above 25 and above



The quests that help connect Valencia part 1 and 2 main quests will now be displayed in the Quest List.

As mentioned in a recent note, we are changing the quest requirements to start accessing the Valencia Quests. The new requirement will be for adventurers who are Level 55 and above, and have also completed the Mediah Main Quest. Quests which help link Valencia I and Valencia II main quest story lines will also now appear on the recommended quest list. These quests are:
-Sahazad’s Worth
-Barhan’s Authority

-Manmehan’s Passion
-Saya’s Interest


Due to the change in requirements for the Valencia main quest, we have tried to make the Balenos ~ Calpheon Main Quests more comfortable by offering more movement speed buffs in parts where there are long distances to travel.

Completing the ‘Abandoned Fate’ quest will now give adventurers the ‘Giath’s Secret’ knowledge. Adventurers who have already completed this cross road quest, but have not acquired the knowledge, can speak to Grusha to receive it.

Other Quest Changes

  • Fixed an issue where pre-renewal Kamasylvia quests were sometimes displayed in the Quest List for players who have not progressed Kamasylvia Main Quests.
  • The requirement for ‘Abandoned Fate’ has been reduced to one quest.
    -The quest will be completed once you return to Grusha after discovering ‘Grusha’s  Journal’ in the goblin Cave.
  • Fixed the issue where the knowledge entry for ‘Smoked Fish Steak’ had the wrong number of Mudskippers required.
  • Fixed an issue where the rewards window for,’Embarking on an Adventure’ would show as empty in certain circumstances.
  • Greatly decreased the regen time of Cron Castle Barracks that are required for ‘The Lost Records of Cron’ quest.

General Character Changes

All Class Changes
Successfully hitting another Adventurer on horseback with the Black Spirit’s Rage 10%, 25%, and 50% will now de-mount them.

Archer Full Bloom Ultimate: Zephyr Leap Righteous Smite
Berserker Devastation Titan Blow Flow: Slugfest
Dark Knight Grip of Grudge Spirit Hunt Shattering Darkness
Kunoichi Lunar Dash Sah Spree of Sonan Chain Crash: Sah Chakram
Lahn Eradication Bleeding Hearts Flow: Mangler
Maehwa Sticky Snowflake Flow: Cloud Stab Moonrise
Musa Below the Belt Flow: Dash Slash Fiery Angel
Mystic Hurricane Sweep Spiral Torpedo Sea Burial
Ninja Sudden Decapitation Sura Chaos Spree Bloodthirst: Katana Shower
Ranger Elven Rage Waltz of Wind Regeneration
Sorceress Turn Back Slash Violation Grim Reaper’s Judgement
Striker Ferocious Assault Ultimate Crush Skull Crusher
Tamer Moonlight Strike Echo Pierce Garuda
Valkyrie Lancia Iustitiae Terra Sancta Promptness
Warrior Pulverize Merciless Flow: Slashing the Dead
Witch Equilibrium Break Detonative Flow Thunder Storm
Wizard Cataclysm Water Sphere Hellfire


● You can now obtain ‘Fragment of Darkness’ when successfully hitting targets with the following awakening skills:


– Dead Hunt

– Engulfing Shadow

– Abyssal Blow


● Fixed the issue where the description related to Accuracy was omitted from the descriptions for the following skills.

– Flow: Dash Slash


– Twister

– Flow: Extra Credit

● The ‘Crust Crusher’ skill’s Critical Hit Rate effect will now apply in PvP.


● ‘Crust Crusher’ will now pull enemies together.

● The activation speed for ‘Crust Crusher’ was increased.

● ‘Crust Crusher’ cooldown decreased by 3 seconds.


● The CC effect of ‘Twister’ is changed from Stiffness to Floating.

● Removed the ‘split damage’ effect which was unnecessarily applied to Musa’s Awakening and Main Weapon Skills.


● You can now combo Flow: Cloud Stab after Stigma.

● You can now combo Flow: Moonlight Dash after Flow: Cloud Stab.

● You can now combo Moonrise after the second hit of Petal Drill.


● Fixed an issue where the skill effect was not shown for Hop II and Hop III when used to go forward.

● Fixed an issue where the Black Spirit: Get Well did not apply to allies when a World Boss was summoned.


● The damage of ‘Land Buster’ will not decrease even when ‘Infernal Destruction’ is on cooldown.

● You can now combo ‘Skull Crusher’ during the use of ‘Flow: Crosswind’.


● You can now combo ‘Flow: Bite Off’ after Rampaging Predator faster than before.

● Decreased the movement slowdown when hitting an enemy with ‘Spiral Cannon’

● You can now combo other skills faster than before after the following skills:


– Endless Explosion

– Fallout

– Silent Step during Awakening.


– Flow: Crosswind while using Spiral Cannon.

● Second and third hts for ‘Ultimate Crush’ will now be used faster on consecutive use.

● You can now use ‘Rampaging Predator’ in the pre-awakening state.


Other Changes

● Boats that are destroyed will now have an entry written in the journal.

● You can now only enter Altar of Blood if you have full HP

– Losing HP while queuing into Altar of Blood will cause you to leave the queue.


● Fixed an issue where in certain circumstances, items could not correctly be placed on tables inside residences.

● Applied fixes that will help improve frame rates when acquiring items, knowledge and skills.

● Reduced the number of amity points needed to buy donkey gear sold at the amity shop of Partus, the stable keeper of Keplan. You will now require 50 Amity instead of 500. 

  • Addressed game crashing issues.
  • Stability and performance improvements added.
  • Other under the hood fixes.

Black Desert update 1.39 is now available for download.