Black Desert update 1.34 patch details

    Black Desert update 1.34 released on PS4. According to the official Black Desert version 1.34 changelog, the latest update added the Maehwa, grind spot expansions, an update to Hystria and Aakman and more. Apart from this, Black Desert patch 1.34 also includes stability and performance improvements.

    Previously, a big update was released with a long list of bug fixes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Black Desert version 1.34 update is expected to fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

    Black Desert update 1.34 patch details


    The Order of the Apricot’s General, Maehwa, makes her way to Black Desert. Maehwa seamlessly blends melee and ranged combat, and is an incredibly powerful small scale combatant. In awakening, she unlocks the Kerispear, a long polearm weapon that gives the Maehwa the ability to draw forth a blue flame that decimates her opponents. Find out more about the Maehwa in our GM Note: Link

    Maehwa will be released with her awakening, Rabam skills and absolutes.


    New Bonus quests have been added that can randomly be acquired while killing monsters. These quests will be automatically received when you pick up the Dark Energy item of the corresponding monster zone. These quests can be discovered in the following areas:


    Valencia Monster Zones Mediah Monster Zones
    Bashim Base Abandoned Iron Mines
    Taphtar Plain Manes Hideout
    Basilisk Den Wandering Rogue Den
    Cadry Ruins Helms Post
    Gahaz Bandit’s Lair Elric Shrine
    Desert Naga Temple Sausan Garrison
    Crescent Shrine Soldier’s Grave
    Titium Valley Hasrah Ancient Ruins
    Roud Sulfur Mine Pirate Island
    Pila Ku Jail Shultz Guard


    Once these bonus quests are completed, you will be rewarded with contribution points and the buff, Conqueror’s Might, which rewards you with a buff that grants extra Combat and Skill EXP buffs.


    Years of research have come to fruition, as the Blue Reagent is now available. This reagent allows you to combine 3 green grade elixirs to create 1 blue grade elixir. Blue grade elixirs give more of a boost than their green grade components. The Blue Reagent can be purchased from Material Vendors in the Black Desert World.


    Black Spirit Rage 10%, 25% and 50%  have been added to all classes. These skills allow you to increase the number of hits, attack range and damage of the skills used, and can also provide extra buffs. The skills can be locked in a similar fashion to 100% and 200% skills, so you can choose which skills you would like to enhance. To activate these skills, you will need to input an additional command during the skill.

    Class 10% 25% 50%
    Archer Full Bloom Ultimate: Zephyr Leap Righteous Smite
    Berserker Devastation Titan Blow Flow: Slugfest
    Dark Knight Grip of Grudge Spirit Hunt Shattering Darkness
    Kunoichi Lunar Dash Sah Spree of Sonan Chain Crash: Sah Chakram
    Lahn Eradication Bleeding Hearts Flow: Mangler
    Maehwa Sticky Snowflake Flow: Cloud Stab Moonrise
    Musa Below the Belt Flow: Dash Slash Fiery Angel
    Mystic Hurricane Sweep Spiral Torpedo Sea Burial
    Ninja Sudden Decapitation Sura Chaos Spree Bloodthirst: Katana Shower
    Ranger Elven Rage Waltz of Wind Regeneration
    Sorceress Turn Back Slash Violation Grim Reaper’s Judgement
    Striker Ferocious Assault Ultimate Crush Skull Crusher
    Tamer Moonlight Strike Echo Pierce Garuda
    Valkyrie Lancia Iustitiae Terra Sancta Promptness
    Warrior Pulverize Merciless Flow: Slashing the Dead
    Witch Equilibrium Break Detonative Flow Thunder Storm
    Wizard Cataclysm Water Sphere Hellfire



    With the new Black Spirit Rage skills, we have also added the ‘wound’ system. When using a Black Spirit Rage skill, a certain percentage of the damage inflicted will be applied as a wound.

    ‘Wound’ will temporarily reduce the amount of maximum HP by a certain amount of damage that was inflicted. The amount of maximum HP reduction will depend on the Black Spirit Rage skill used. 10% Black Spirit rage will inflict the least amount of wound, where the 200% Black Spirit Rage skill will deal the most amount of wound.

    If you are afflicted by wounds, your max HP will slowly recover over time. When logged out, this recovery time will pause. If your character dies, the wound system will be erased and your Max HP will be restored.


    We are making a few changes to 4 different monster zones across Black Desert. These include expansions on current areas, and redistribution of mobs.

    Hystria and Aakman

    Since the 40% changes occured, we have carefully been monitoring feedback, and one of the most common items of feedback that we got was down to the changes in both Hystria and Aakman.

    The initial 40% was an opening cut intended to improve performance in grind spots, and now we are taking a deeper look into different areas. Hystria and Aakman will both be receiving changes to the positions of different mobs, and the types of monsters that appear in these mobs will also be adjusted. We would like to thank everyone who provided the initial reduction for these spots, and we hope that the changes are in line with expectations. Please note that if we discover that the area has been over-tuned, we will make further adjustments.

    Gyfin Rhasia Temple

    In this update, we will be making major changes to Gyfin Rhasia Temple. Gyfin Rahsia is a 5 man party zone that requires some of the higher gear scores possible in Black Desert. Although we know that many people are not ready to enter the zone, we want to make it a spot that when people feel like a challenge, the area is worth going to.

    For this to occur, we have repositioned many of the monsters in this zone so that the combat flows better. We have also adjusted the stats of the Gyfin Rhasia monsters, and increased the amount of vendor items that the monsters drop. Due to these changes, we have increased the recommended AP for the area to 270.


    ● Gyfin Rhasia Statues of Earth have switched to Combat monsters.
    ● Stats of Gyfin Rhasia Temple monsters have increased
    – HP Increased by 180%
    – AP increased by 7%
    – DP Increased by 8%
    ● The time it takes for Gyfin Rhasia Temple monsters to find an enemy and enter combat mode has been decreased by 30%
    ● Combat EXP has decreased by 50%, Skill EXP increased by 100%
    ● Vendor items dropped has increased

    Monster Before After
    Gyfin Rhasia Decimator 1-3 2-3
    Gyfin Rhasia Flamen 1-3 2-3
    Gyfin Rhasia Crusher 1-3 2-3
    Gyfin Rhasia Statue of Earth 1 1-2
    Gyfin Rhasia Tower of Transfusion 1 1-2

    Crescent Shrine

    A new area has opened up and expanded the Crescent Shrine area. This new part is filled with monsters consumed by black energy and have a higher chance of dropping the Ring of Crescent Guardian and Soiled Crescent Rings.



    This update will be bringing multiple optimization updates to help improve performance with the game.

    The first update is designed to alleviate issues in towns and cities. Building from the Training Dummy changes in the last update, we will be making it so that players using the training dummies will have their costumes removed, and visually will be set to the basic default costume. This change will only apply when using the training dummy, and once the training has completed, the costume will reload.

    In our investigations, we recently discovered that Auto-Sorting the inventory was causing minor issues. We have applied a fix to this so that less resources are consumed when items enter the inventory and will continue to monitor how much is used there.

    Another change is that interactable objects for resource collection will be reduced by a small amount. Depending on the concentration of resources (such as trees, rocks) we have removed a small number to help improve performance in those areas.

    The first item change this week is with Pearl Shop horse costumes. Before this update, Pearl Shop items for wagons, horses and boats would be character bound. In an attempt to make it easier to transfer horse costumes between your characters, we have made the following items family bound:


    -Wagon Skins
    -Horse Sets
    -Boat Sets


    You can now melt Concentrated Magical Blackstones into Sharps and Hards. To do so, you will need to perform simple alchemy with the Concentrated Magical Blackstone (Armor/Weapon) and the new Old Moon Solvent that is available from Old Moon Managers across the world of Black Desert. The recipes are as follows:


    Recipe Result
    Concentrated Magical Blackstone (Weapon) x1
    Old Moon Solvent x1
    Sharp Black Crystal Shard x1
    Concentrated Magical Blackstone (Armor) x1
    Old Moon Solvent x1
    Hard Black Crystal Shard x1
    Concentrated Magical Blackstone (Weapon) x10
    Old Moon Solvent x10
    Black Stone (Weapon) x1
    Sharp Black Crystal Shard x10
    Concentrated Magical Blackstone (Armor) x10
    Old Moon Solvent x10
    Black Stone (Armor) x1
    Hard Black Crystal Shard x10


    [Guild] Cannonball and [Guild] Flame Cannonball are now sold by Guild Military Supply Managers across Black Desert. The damage dealt by these items will be the same as the old crafted versions of the items. These items can be purchased by members of a guild with the rank of Quartermaster or higher for up to 200,000 silver.

    Due to the introduction of the [Guild] Cannonball and [Guild] Flame Cannonball, the crafted versions of the Cannonball and Flame Cannonball have been improved.

    ● The damage on crafted Cannonballs has been increased by 30%.
    ● The burn on crafted Flame Cannonballs has been drastically improved, now dealing -100 HP every 3 Seconds for 45 seconds.

    The following items have had their maximum prices on the markets changed.


    Item Previous Max Price New Max Price
    Log 7,550 9,800
    Useable Scantling 25,200 32,800
    Standardized Timber Square 88,500 106,000
    Sturdy Timber Square 650,000 780,000
    White Cedar Sap 6,600 7,900
    Acacia Sap 6,600 7,900
    Elder Tree Sap 10,300 12,400
    You can also now purchase more of the following items in one transaction. The amount of items that can be purchased has changed from 10 to 50.

    -Ancient Relic Crystal Shards
    -Forbidden Book
    -Scroll Written in Ancient Language
    -Manshaum Voodoo Doll


    A new item has been added to the Pearl Store that will allow you to change a skill of a fairy. Theiah’s Orb can be used to change the skills of your fairy, and the amount of orbs needed to change a skill depends on the number of current skills that the fairy has learned. If you have the item, you can begin to change your fairy skills from the fairy window.

    Amount of Theiah’s Orbs needed to change skills:


    Number of skills the fairy has Required Theiah’s Orbs
    1 Skill 1 Orb
    2 Skills 2 Orbs
    3 Skills 3 Orbs
    4 Skills 4 Orbs


    Florin is well known for its luscious green fields and beautiful flowers, and it seems local bee populations have found this out too. There are now additional wild bee hives around Florin.

    The Frenzied Skeleton Decurion and the Frenzied Skeleton Centurion that appear at the Soldier’s Grave will now attack you regardless of level.


    We have made a modification to the Fairy UI so that when a fairy has learned a skill that is the highest possible level for that fairy, it will now show an icon denoting that it is currently at its max level.

    We have also reintroduced Altar of Blood, Post Party Recruitment and Crafting Notes have all been readded to the game. They can be found in the start menu.


    Destroying ships, mounts and wagons will result in a 200,000 Karma reduction.

    We have also made it so that when a horse gets the Two Seater skill, a message is revealed to nearby adventurers, and not just the owner of the horse.



    The invincible effect upon reviving at a fortress/command center during node and conquest wars has been modified so that it does not expire upon drawing your weapons. This will only apply when reviving at a fort or command center.

    A change that should have been highlighted in the March 4th update but was unfortunately not confirmed was a reduction to the number of participants in Node Wars. We have reduced the number of participants in order to help optimize the conflicts, and are working on applying more optimization changes in the near future.

    The issue where certain structures could be attacked and destroyed when a World Boss appears has also been fixed.

    General Character Changes

    ● You can now activate the Charging Thrust skill with the Great Sword by holding forward and pressing (Xbox=B, PlayStation=O).
    ● The number of Smash Attack hits of the skill Grave Digging was increased by 1 hit.
    ● The PvE damage of Grave Digging and Black Spirit: Grave Digging was increased, and the PvP damage was increased by 10%

    Grave Digging and
    Black Spirit: Grave Digging
    Before After
    I: Spin hits, Smash Attack Hits 597% x4, 775% x3 901% x4, 1125% x4
    II: Spin hits, Smash Attack Hits 658% x4, 822% x3 973% x4, 1247% x4
    III: Spin hits, Smash Attack Hits 716% x4, 894% x3 1074% x4, 1247% x4
    IV: Spin hits, Smash Attack Hits 762% x4, 801% x4 1200% x4, 1263% x5
    ● The number of Chop Attack hits of Flow: Slashing the Dead was increased by 1hit
    ● Fixed an issue where in certain situations, not all of the damage would apply in the Chop Attack of Flow: Slashing the Dead.
    ● The damage of Frenzied Strikes has been increased.
    Skill Name Before After
    Frenzied Strikes I 719% x 4

    719% x 4

    719% x 5

    791% x 4

    791% x 4

    791% x 5

    Frenzied Strikes II 822% x 4

    822% x 4

    822% x 5

    904% x 4

    904% x 4

    904% x 5

    Frenzied Strikes III 925% x 4

    925% x 4

    925% x 5

    1018% x 4

    1018% x 4

    1018% x 5

    ● The number of hits of Flow: Armor Break when the skill is off cooldown was increased by 2 hits.
    ● The damage of Flow: Armor Break was increased.
    Skill Name Before After
    Flow: Armor Break 653% x3 849% x5
    ● Damage has been modified for Pulverize and Black Spirit: Pulverize

    Skill Name Before After
    Pulverize I 667% x6, 881% x1 881% x7
    Pulverize II 798% x6, 1037 x1 1037% x7
    Pulverize III 903% x6, 1174% x1 1174% x7
    ● Monster spinning effect has been applied to good hits when using Pulverize
    ● The hit range of Pulverize and Flow: Tempest was changed to cover the characters surroundings. This means that these skills should apply more damage than before.
    ● Down Smash effect will be applied on good hits when using Flow: Tempest.
    ● Merciless can now be used on cool down.


    ● Fixed the issue where you couldn’t use Shield Strike or Righteous Charge immediately while using Guard.
    ● Fixed an issue where you couldn’t activate Just Counter immediately as a combo after using Guard.
    ● You can now combo Lancia Training sideways attack or Sacrum Ferit sideways attack after the Sanctitas de Enslar skills.
    ● You can now combo Flow: Revelation Sanctus after using Sanctitas de Enslar skills.
    ● The following buffs will now take effect if you use Breath of Elion after learning Flow: Breath of Elion.
    – Critical Hit Rate 10% for 15 sec. to self and nearby allies
    – Increase Movement Speed 20% for 15 sec. to self and nearby allies.
    ● You can now combo Death Line Chase or Promptness before the last hit of Hastiludium.
    ● Casting Hastiludium skill during Death Line Chace has been made faster
    ● Fixed an issue where in certain circumstances, the inputs for Purificatione activated the skill Promptness.


    ● Fixed an issue where pressing (Xbox=B, Playstation=□) after using Hellfire would activate Flame Knot and not Lava Field.


    ● If a Shai uses Over Here! While not participating in Node/Conquest War, the skill will no longer block attacks.


    ● Fixed the issue where the Critical Hit Rate increase effect was not being applied when using Absolute: Crimson Fang after certain skills, even after learning Bloody Fang.
    ● Fixed an issue where the floating effect was being applied when using Hidden Claw after Knee Hammer even during Hidden Claw’s cooldown.


    ● Increased the casting speed of Ultimate: Echo Pierce to match that of other Echo Pierce skills.
    ● Legendary Beast Dance damage has been increased.


    Skill Before After
    Legendary Beast Dance I ▶Vermilion Bird Damage 380% x7
    ▶Black Turtle Damage 380%x6
    ▶Azure Dragon Damage 380% x6
    ▶ White Tiger Damage 380% x6
    ▶Vermilion Bird Damage 494% x7
    ▶Black Turtle Damage 494%x7
    ▶Azure Dragon Damage 494% x7
    ▶ White Tiger Damage 494% x7
    Legendary Beast Dance II ▶Vermilion Bird Damage 468% x7
    ▶Black Turtle Damage 468%x6
    ▶Azure Dragon Damage 468% x6
    ▶ White Tiger Damage 468% x6
    ▶Vermilion Bird Damage 608% x7
    ▶Black Turtle Damage 608%x7
    ▶Azure Dragon Damage 608% x7
    ▶ White Tiger Damage 608% x7
    Legendary Beast Dance III ▶Vermilion Bird Damage 556% x7
    ▶Black Turtle Damage 556%x6
    ▶Azure Dragon Damage 556% x6
    ▶ White Tiger Damage 556% x6
    ▶Vermilion Bird Damage 723% x7
    ▶Black Turtle Damage 723%x7
    ▶Azure Dragon Damage 723% x7
    ▶ White Tiger Damage 723% x7
    Legendary Beast Dance IV ▶Vermilion Bird Damage 644% x7
    ▶Black Turtle Damage 644%x6
    ▶Azure Dragon Damage 644% x6
    ▶ White Tiger Damage 644% x6
    ▶Vermilion Bird Damage 838% x7
    ▶Black Turtle Damage 838%x7
    ▶Azure Dragon Damage 838% x7
    ▶ White Tiger Damage 838% x7
    ● Changed the damage dealt by the Flow: Ascension, which needs to be used after the Garuda skill, to correlate to the extra hit damage of the Garuda Skill.
    ● Flow: Intimidation has been improved
    Skill Before After
    Flow: Intimidation Applies Beast Rampage’s damage x3 Applies Beast Rampage’s damage x5
    ● Tree Climb skills are now available in the ring menu.

    We have noticed that many tamers still use the Tamer’s Main Weapon skills due to the relatively low damage dealt by her awakening skills. We wanted to help the awakening aspect of the Tamer so that they can flow between both forms.

    Other Changes

    ● The following knowledge entries have been changed:
    – Ancient Stone Chamber, Mural of Prophecy I,II,IV
    – Fallen Giant Walls
    – Cron Castle Altar
    ● Fixed an issue where when creating a Ranger, Sorceress, Tamer or Lahn, footstep sounds and voices would not match the animation on screen.
    ● Made minor changes to the text of certain Mystic and Kunoichi skills in certain languages.
    ● Certain System messages have been corrected.
    ● Fixed an issue where the level of experienced required to level up certain pets was abnormal
    ● Fixed an issue where certain items that were put into storage/Central Market would be invisible.
    ● Fixed an issue where ring menu settings would reset on Playstation 4.
    ● We have added the option for a player to recover up to 2 accidentally deleted items per month. This option can be found in the ring me

    Black Desert update 1.34 is now available for download.

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