Black Desert PS4 Update 2.28 Patch Notes – March 2nd, 2022

Black Desert console update 2.28 released on PS4 and Xbox One. According to the official Black Desert 2.28 patch notes, the latest update added new changes and fixes. Apart from this, Black Desert Online version 2.28 also includes various stability fixes.


Recently, a big update was released which added Atoraxxion – Sycrakea dungeon, new Season+ servers, expanded Caphras levels, and more.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Black Desert patch 2.28 will fix a few of these issues.


Check out more details below.

Black Desert Console Update 2.28 Patch Notes- March 2nd, 2022

“Artifacts,” the new equipment item, and “Lightstones,” items that give Artifacts additional effects, which were introduced during the last Calpheon Ball, were added.

Unlike the pre-existing gear that affects the displayed AP and DP numbers, artifacts and lightstones were designed to give Adventurers more choices that synergizes with their class and playstyle better. Artifacts have two lightstone-only slots and, when a certain combination of three or four lightstones are infused into those slots, an additional combination effect will be applied. It is similar to the current combined magic crystals like the Hoom crystals. There is a wide variety of combination effects to choose from, so there most likely will be something for everyone.

However, the effects of the combined magic crystals were fixed. Lightstones, on the other hand, provide different effects depending on the different combinations. Additionally, lightstones can be safely removed using Silver (via a vendor-bought item) which will make them much easier to experiment with compared to crystals.

Adventurers could “complete” their artifact collection by defeating monsters, however, lightstones require alchemy to bring out their full potential. The item “Imperfect Lightstones” can be obtained as loot for defeating monsters and rewards for various content. Then, the imperfect lightstones will need to be purified with Alchemy to uncover exactly which lightstone you’ve obtained, and even have a small chance of unearthing a second lightstone in the process. When we first presented lightstones during the Calpheon Ball, they were shown as enhanceable items.

However, we decided that using Alchemy, one of Black Desert’s major Life Skill, would be better for two reasons. First, we can lower the stress of needing to enhance another item. Second, this allows us to make major Life Skill content, Alchemy, even more meaningful. We also did add the option of paying an NPC (like Dalishain) with Silver in each of the major cities and towns to perform alchemy on the Imperfect Lightstones for Adventurers. However, this will be more expensive to do.
※ Note: Artifacts cannot be registered on the Central Market. However, “Imperfect Lightstones,” “Lightstones,” and “Purified Lightstones” all can be registered on the Central Market.

Like we mentioned earlier, our intent with artifacts and lightstones is to create a greater variety of item sets for our Adventurers. Most of the effects added in this update are based on pre-existing effects. We have future plans to add a wider variety of effects, like cooldown reduction of specific class skills and increasing damage during nighttime.

● Added to display the durability of the artifact equipped when its durability decreases from the UI displayed for Durability Reduction at the upper right of the in-game screen.
● Added the locations you can loot artifacts and lightstones to the Item Drop UI.
● Added the Alchemy recipes of the Purified Fire, Earth, Wind, and Flora Lightstones to Crafting Notes (F2).
● Changed the Skills (K) window so that you can now check out skill add-ons in Gamepad UI mode.


● Increased the range where the distribution of loot and number of monsters defeated was applied when Ordered Looting and Random Looting was set for the party.
– This will be applied when party members defeat monsters while the party signal on the list of party members is activated.


● Added a description on how you can obtain round completion rewards to the Reward UI on Black Spirit’s Adventure.
● Improved so that you can check the file name of the images you upload when uploading image files on the Forums page or other pages.
● Changed so that the Black Spirit mark would appear normally when reading notices with headers that have the Black Spirit mark in certain resolutions.
● Improved the design of the maintenance page displayed during maintenance.


● Fixed the issue where your character’s arms would appear abnormal when equipping the [Dark Knight] Darkborne Rose Vediant with certain outfits.
● Fixed the issue where your character’s feet would appear abnormal when equipping the [Sorceress] La Orzeca Armor.
● Fixed the issue where Viv Foretta Hamlet wouldn’t be displayed when selecting “Farming” via the Production Node filtering function on the World Map (M).
● Fixed the issue where certain backgrounds in the following regions would appear abnormal.
– Balenos Mountains, Crow’s Nest, and Atoraxxion: Sycrakea
● Fixed the issue where error messages would be displayed sometimes during quests in Gamepad UI mode.
● Changed some parts of “[Weekly] I, Too, Wish for Wings” to read more naturally.
● Fixed Fughar’s dialog in “[Help] Exchanging Narchillan Weapons” to be correct.
● Fixed the issue where the materials for crafting Alchemy Stones wouldn’t be displayed.
● Fixed when completing all Challenges (Y) and quests in the Quests (O) window to display a completion message.

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