Black Desert PS4 Update 1.78 Patch Notes

    Black Desert PS4 update 1.78 is now available for players. According to the official Black Desert version 1.78 patch notes, the latest update added quality of life improvements. Apart from this, Black Desert patch 1.78 also includes stability improvements.

    Previously, a big update added the Hashashin pre-creation event and various fixes to the game.

    Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Black Desert version 1.78 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

    Read what is new and fixed in Black Desert update 1.78?



    ● Treasure Hunters continue to stow away their chests around the Black Desert World.

    – Over time, Treasure Hunters have stored even more precious items in their treasure chests.

    – Rumor has it that the most valuable relics have been stowed away in new secure chests, and these chests require a special key to unlock.

    – But Adventurers are not the only ones seeking these chests. Goblins and Grave Robbers have been spotted lurking around them. .

    – When you open an existing treasure chest, there is a chance a Goblin or Grave Robber has got to it first, and you never know which one you’re going to find inside.

    – When they appear, you will need to chase after the opportunity-seeking Goblin or Grave Robber and make them drop their special keys.

    – Goblin’s Key will unlock more valuable and rare items than a Grave Robber’s key.

    – Only special keys can unlock the new Treasure Chests which are scattered across Balenos, Serendia and Calpheon. Some of these chests may contain special historical artifacts forged years ago.


    ● When using the Campsite option, the starting select position has been moved to the ‘Repair’ function.

    ● The Central Market starting select position has been moved to the ‘Desired Price;.

    ● New options have been added to the ring menu option.

    – News

    – Crafting Notes

    – Ranking

    – Control Guide

    – Beauty

    – Black Spirit’s Rage

    – Active Effects

    – Challenge

    – Black Spirit’s Safe

    – Attendance Reward

    – Central Market

    – Adventure Log Bookshelf

    – Item Drop

    – Boss Notification

    – Trade Info

    – Alchemy

    – Totem

    – Find Party

    – Chat Group

    – Settings

    – Edit UI

    – Character Tag Settings

    – Character Tag


    ● You can now see the tooltip of items on the ‘Edit Ring Menu’ window.

    ● Restored the Chat Window On/Off feature.

    – Fixed an issue where the Chat Window cut off from screen when moving the cursor to the bottom of the screen while window size was reduced.

    – Party/Platton widget is now fixed regardless of Mount UI position.

    Character Tagging

    ● Character tagging has been added to the game.

    Character Tagging allows you to link two characters and allow you to conveniently switch between the characters whenever you want. Once characters have been tagged, two of your characters will be tied together, meaning they will share the same location with each other.
    – You must have at least one character with level 56 or above to begin Character Tagging.
    – Both characters need to be in the same town before starting the tagging. (However, characters cannot be tagged in Kusha, Abun, and Muiqunn.)
    – Enter the Character Tag menu by going to Main Menu> Character
    – You can freely switch between your tagged characters by adding character tag to your ring menu.

    Changes and Fixes

    Fixed an issue with Indomitable Flag getting stuck.

    ● Some abnormal textures have been modified in Sausan Garrison in Mediah.

    ● Fixed the movements of characters in some areas of the Scarlett Sand Chamber.

    ● Fixed an issue with the Wizard ‘Corvicanus’ outfit.

    ● Fixed an issue with the back of the shield of the Nova’s Adamant Costume.

    ● Some phrases have been modified to correct typos and to make it easier to understand.

    ● Fixed an issue with some of the background graphics being displayed incorrectly.

    ● The wording of the Combat/Skill EXP Exchange Coupon.

    ● Fixed issues with the Trading EXP Transfer Coupon so that it works properly.

    ● Fixed the issue where the number of products did not increase according to the character’s life skill grade (Beginner, Apprentice, Skilled, Professional, Artisan, Master, Guru) when using Processing > Chopping with Elder Tree Plank to make Elder Tree Plywood.

    ● Fixed the issue where the number of products did not increase according to the character’s life skill grade when using Processing > Chopping with Palm Plank to make Palm Plywood.

    ● Fixed the issue where the number of products did not increase according to the character’s life skill grade when using Processing > Heating with Elder Tree/Palm Plywood to make Sturdy Elder Tree/Palm Plywood.

    Download free Black Desert update 1.78 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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