Big Farm Story Update 1.2 Patch Notes (Official) – Sep 8, 2021


Big Farm Story update 1.2 (Sep 8, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Big Farm Story patch notes, the latest update added new features, changes, and more, and much more.

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Big Farm Story Patch Notes – Sep 8, 2021


  • New feature: Alpaca Taxi – With this update, we introduce the alpaca taxi. Progress through the story to unlock it and you can travel to some destinations instantaneously.
  • New feature: Rain – Hurray it rains! A good farmer loves a rainy day because it means that fields do not need to be watered

New feature: Seed return – You feel like selling crops doesn’t bring you enough profit and don’t want to wait for the best market contracts? We have got you covered: Every time you harvest crops there is now a good chance that you get seeds back allowing you to farm much more without having to buy as many seed bags! The chance for getting seeds when harvesting varies between the different crops.

Cheaper decorations – You love to decorate your house, but don’t want to wait until you earned tons of coins at the market? Discover new furniture and farm decorations in Owen’s and Amelia’s store with an extra low coin price to get started and to makes things even better they also reduced prices for the existing decorations!

  • New craft-able decorations – Owen has a load of new stickers in his store that unlock the crafting of various farm decorations and even new building skins.
  • Convenience: Well – From now on, water at the well is not limited anymore. So, fill your inventory with water as often as you like!
  • Convenience: 2nd Well – What is better than one well? Two wells! Unlock a second well in the location that has the additional fields
  • Balancing: Fishing – You love to be a fisherman? Great news, fish will now always respawn, so you can spend the whole day fishing if you want to!
  • Balancing: Building materials – Don’t want to wait for getting the right materials in your market contracts? Great news, you can now craft screws and roofing shingles at your workbench.
  • Balancing: Logs – You feel like getting logs takes too long? We’ve got you covered. From now on, more logs will spawn in all scenes, where you can find them.
  • Balancing: From now on, you get more energy from all food dishes.
  • Balancing: Unlocking the later fields is now much cheaper.
  • Balancing: Not needed market materials can now be sold for extra coins in Amelia’s and Owen’s stores.
  • Improvements: Animal store – In addition to giving your grown animals to the care of other farmers, you can now also earn care tokens by exchanging animal products in Jacob’s store.
  • Improvements: Mathilda’s Market – There is a new side quest asking to upgrade contract slots and sizes, because that’s how you can earn much more money at the market.
  • Improvements: Fields – The unlock order of fields is now better visible
  • Improvements: Pet list – The pet list has been cleaned up to avoid confusion
  • Improvements: Collision issues in mountains have been fixed, so that players won’t get stuck in them
  • Improvements: Mo’s Alpaca delivery – From now on, the alpaca delivery timer will immediately end once you go to sleep

Coming soon: DLC – Do you want to support the development of the game and enjoy some extra farm decorations, building skins and furniture in addition to all the free ones we added in this update? Then go check out our new optional DLC packages “Peaceful Nature” and “Pet Paradise”

Download free Big Farm Story patch 1.2 on PC (Steam).