Big Farm Story Update 1.1 Patch Notes – August 18, 2021


Big Farm Story update 1.1 (August 18, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Big Farm Story patch notes, the latest update added new surprise quests, new fishing features, controller support, and much more.

Currently, Big Farm Story servers are down for maintenance. We will post the Big Farm Story server status here.

Recently, a big update was released which added new changes, fixes, and more. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing a number of issues.


Today’s Big Farm Story update 1.1 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.

Big Farm Story Patch Notes – August 18, 2021


  • Surprise quests – You’d better check your mailbox! It’s time to enjoy 79 brand new surprise quests. And you should also know, helping a NPC friend in need is now even more rewarding: You get an additional third reward as a sign of appreciation.
  • New fishing feature: Fish traps – From now on, we make your fisherman life a bit more easy. Find destroyed fishing traps, repair these and get fish without catching them by yourself
  • Preservation shelves – You like the preservation shelves as much as we do? Great, with this update, more shelves can be unlocked
  • Controller Support – Enjoy the new button shortcut which lets you access the market dialog super fast
  • Convenience: Watering- Watering a crop that is already growing is now much faster with less clicks
  • Convenience: Crafting – Items that can be crafted instantly, will be collected automatically
  • Convenience: Crafting – Use the slider to craft multiple items at the same time
  • Convenience: Animals – Discover the new indicator for your hungry animals. So, you will never miss feeding them
  • Convenience: Minigames – Hitting the sweet spot while chopping wood and mining makes you finish the minigame faster
  • Balancing: Food – From now on, you can either give your cooked dishes to Claire to get cooking tokens or sell them in the farm box to gain even more coins faster
  • Balancing: Gifts – Receive more friendship points for all gifts to increase the friendship levels faster


  • Polished cutscenes and several small glitches fixed, e.g. pet is not interfering with cutscenes anymore
  • Further polishing and improvements for controller support

Download free Big Farm Story on PC.