Changelogs Update v0.24 Patch Notes – Dec. 15, 2021 update 0.24  is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official patch notes version 0.24, the latest update added quality of life improvements and gameplay optimizations.

Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s patch 0.24 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below. Patch Notes – December 15, 2021 v0.24.0.1

In this small hotfix we deployed fixes for critical issues identified with the major release 0.24
  • Fixed an issue with the game not starting due to special characters in the Userfolder path (0x5000003)
  • Added Radial Menu button to the top bar to make it more visible (press E or use the gamepad left stick)
  • Removed obsolete Back button from the level selector mode
  • Fixed rear Facelift bumper EU license plate on the H-Series van
  • Fixed Ibishu Pessima dashboard being removable
  • Seat width tweak for 1996 Ibishu Pessima
  • Fixed filtering options for Race and Rally vehicles
  • Fixed typo in a Drift scenario description
  • Fixed Couch load nodes naming v0.24.0.2

  • Gavril D-Series
    • Fixed missing axle shaft slot from solid axle limit slip differential
    • Fixed fiberglass hood hinges and latch being stronger than the hood itself
  • Gavril H-Series
    • Adjusted steering trim for H25, H35 and H45 configurations
    • Fixed street tuned config having a front differential despite being RWD
    • Fixed names of side door parts
    • Fixed rear door damper beams not breaking with the hinges
    • Fixed some passenger configurations missing rear door interior panels
    • Fixed heavy duty 8-lug spare wheel clipping frame
  • Hirochi SBR
    • Fixed tailgate damper beams not breaking with the hinge
  • Ibishu Pessima (1996)
    • Added blue police lightbar and grille flashers for state patrol car
    • Fixed amber and red lightbar lens mesh postions
    • Improved front bumper deformation
  • Ibishu Pigeon
    • Alternative roofbars now use NodeMove instead of NodeOffset
  • Ibishu Wigeon
    • Fixed tailgate damper beams not breaking with the hinge
  • Couch
    • Fixed couch load not having a skin slot
    • Fixed inverted normals on one of the straps for pallet load
  • Fridge
    • Improved hinge behavior
    • Fixed scaling on the rear roofbar strap
  • Pallet roofbar load
    • Removed the offset from load slot for better compatibility with other vehicles


  • Gridmap
    • Fixed collision issue on both access ramps (start and end)
  • Italy
    • Fixed bus route preview for line 701
  • East Coast, USA
    • Fixed floating rocks
  • West Coast, USA
    • Fixed pier collision mesh
    • Fixed decalroad stretching
    • Fixed tunnel culling zone


  • Radial Menu is back in the Esc menu now
  • Improved gamepad / spatial navigation: deprecated the old system and improved crossfire
  • Added new fullscreen warning message when mods break the whole UI
  • Fixed window resizing making the UI slower and causing memory leaks
  • Overview Map
    • Replaced the Use mission system option with a new Show ingame missions markers option under User Interface settings
    • Added ability to cancel transition animation by pressing the map button or the menu button
    • Fixed wrong transition animation when parts have fallen off the vehicle
    • Fixed TrackIR breaking the map camera
  • Fixed inability to modify/add/remove bindings in certain languages
  • Fixed inability to move/resize UI apps, as well as the Hide in cockpit checkbox
  • Fixed broken Save/Load of default vehicle in the Vehicle Selector menu
  • Fixed always spawning in the Default location when using ‘Spawn’ button (instead of double-click) in the Level Selector menu
  • Improved gamepad UI navigation and focus
  • Fixed mouse and gamepad navigation to use the same focus system
  • Fixed Radial menu being stuck as open while the user visits any other menu: it will now close automatically
  • Corrected the UI audio slider label (used to incorrectly mention Effects volume too)
  • Fixed node grabber joints being visible in Photomode
    • Added button to toggle node grabber joint visibility in Photomode
  • Fixed text alignment of the Show FPS button
  • Fixed wrong Vehicle Customization icons color
  • Fixed a number of typos
  • Improved lag caused by the translation system
  • Fixed translations not showing correctly
  • Removed several duplicate headers
  • Optimized vehicles.lua: Faster vehicle selector
  • exiting from the vehicle config menu directly back into ingame
  • Fixed checkboxes rendering the checkmark broken
  • Fixed infinite scrolling in the vehicle selector


  • Added smooth movement option to the Free camera. It’s available from both Photomode and from OptionsCameraFree


  • Fixed Clear Cache not moving files to the backup folder
  • Fixed crash on exit


  • As a cop, you will no longer be pulled over by other cops
  • Traffic will now still be spawning even when in free cam
  • Fixed traffic AI not pulling over for emergency vehicles
  • Improved logic of player pursuit offenses
  • Improved traffic spawn group generator to never spawn configs with a very low population value
  • Changed default traffic group setting to Smart (With Configs)
  • Improved label for Disable switch to traffic setting


  • Fixed being in the wrong vehicle after a mission sometimes
  • Fixed Mission System not working with some mods
  • Drag Race
    • Fixed the end display not showing the time and velocity at practice mode
    • Minor improvements regarding flowgraph design


  • Temporarily removed East Coast USA - Car Delivery scenario, as it is unplayable and needs a bigger fix


  • Vehicle controls will be neutralizes if the vehicle on its side or upside down
  • Preserve initial state of vehicle controls after a reload (cntr-R) (handbrake engeged) if vehicle ai is in ‘disabled’ mode

Game Engine

  • Fixed default camera angle getting stuck when switching vehicles
  • Fixed Safe mode still using user folder instead of temporary folder
  • Fixed long delay at startup with certain mods
  • Fixed crash that could happen on very short navigation routes
  • Fixed mods getting deactivated after running the game in Safe Mode


  • Fixed an issue where the walking mode vehicle couldn’t be reset properly after an instability

World Editor

  • Flowgraph Editor
    • Improved documentation for decalLine and decalCircle nodes
    • Fixed variables not being transferred from missionData to FG variables
  • Fixed error in mesh road and river editors that prevents editing of node positions in the inspector


  • Fixed big trailer not resetting properly after being coupled to a truck

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