Battlefield 2042 Bugs, Known Issues and Workaround (Updated)

    Battlefield 2042 beta is now available to download. Unfortunately, players are experiencing several issues with the game. Today, we have posted some known Battlefield 2042 issues and bugs.

    Check out more details below.

    BF2042 Known Issues

    Unknown Error when attempting to Matchmake

    For players presently playing on Early Access, we’re aware that some of you are presently unable to join a server. We are scaling up more and more throughout the morning to help meet the demand, and we’ll get you all on the Battlefield as soon as possible

    The QR Code Screen is still showing for eligible Early Access players

    Our teams have deployed multiple fixes that will assist EA Play Subscribers and ensure that the game correctly identifies your ability to join us in Early Access. If you continue to receive this message, sit tight, we’re on it. If you’d like to confirm that you have the proper access to Early Access in Open Beta.

    Other Battlefield 2042 bugs

    • Minor Visual, Performance, and Graphical IssuesOur Open Beta is representative of progress made earlier in our development cycle. Many of the issues you encounter throughout the Beta have already received a great deal of new attention, and will continue to do so as we complete the final work on 2042.  Enjoy the experience you can have with our Gameplay, and take confidence that there’s more to show you on 2042, and natural optimisations that are made to raise performance above our high standards in these final weeks heading to launch.
    • Cross Play PartiesIn the Open Beta, you’ll be matchmade into Conquest Servers with players on relevant platforms. Players on PC are playing alongside those on the Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5; with players on Xbox One playing together with those on PlayStation 4. During the Open Beta, you will not be able to squad up with players on different platforms, but you will encounter players from other platforms. We’re making great progress on our plans to have this feature fully available at launch, and we’ll keep you updated on our progress towards that goal.
    • Adaptive Triggers – PlayStation 5You will not experience the full range of supporting functionality for PlayStation 5 controllers during this Open Beta, that is otherwise presently being developed and tested for possible inclusion later down the road.
    • CommoroseBattlefield Veterans will be familiar with this staple of the gameplay experience. In the Open Beta, you’ll be able to play with our Ping feature, and use the Right Shoulder button, or Q on PC, to ping locations, and enemy targets, with supporting VO that helps to reference to your Squad what’s being highlighted. If all goes well, we’ll look to show you the complete Commorose that otherwise didn’t make this build. Look forward to seeing that soon!
    • HDR mode on PCWe’ve disabled this feature on PC for the Open Beta. We observed that it was causing issues that we weren’t happy with. Console players will otherwise find options for this in the Video Settings, and we’re tracking positively against restoring this on PC ahead of time for the full release.
    • VOIPVOIP is disabled in the Open Beta. We’re working to have this available in the full release, including for Players who are squadding up Cross Platform. We otherwise encourage you all to make use of the Ping functionality in the game, as well as to Squad up in Parties on Console, or join us over on the Battlefield Discord if you’re looking to chat whilst playing.
    • Sustained EMP EffectThere are very specific, and rare circumstances in which players can find that the visual effect associated with the EMP Blast will persist after death, and can last through the remainder of the round. We’re confident that we’ve addressed the underlying issues that caused this to take place in our full release testing, but during the Open Beta if you run into this rare issue, please just leave the server and rejoin so that you can get back to experiencing our gameplay.
    • Xbox Gameplay RecordingAn issue we spotted late on with the Open Beta is the inability to use the DVR functionality to record and share gameplay clips. This is unintentional, and for those who have access to extra hardware that enables you to record and share gameplay, please do! Our Beta is fully open to be posted and shown online, even through Early Access. We have since resolved this issue, and we’re not anticipating that you’ll experience this same problem after the Open Beta.
    • Unable to Reset to Default Keybindings on PCIf you’re attempting to reset your keybindings on PC to the default values and finding that it’s not working, please close the game, and delete your settings folder. By default, this can be found by going to “C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Battlefield 2042 Open Beta”. We already have this issue fixed in our current builds, and isn’t expected to occur in the full game.
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