BattleCourt Update 1.1.0 Patch Notes (The Creation Update) – July 9 2021


BattleCourt update 1.1.0 (July 9, 2021) is now available to download on PC. According to the official BattleCourt patch notes, the latest update introduces the ability to create your own weapons and modifiers at a cost of coins. Apart from this, today’s BattleCourt patch 1.1.0 also includes 3 new enemy difficulty types and an improvement to late game waves.

Previously, a major update added various bug fixes and gameplay optimizations.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s BattleCourt update 1.1.0 will address a few of these errors.


BattleCourt Patch Notes (The Creation Update) -July 9, 2021

Fixed a Minor Bug with Modifier display of Permanent guns doubling up on new game.

Fixed a Minor Bug with gun header color not updating when hovering over a permanent gun followed by an equipped gun and vice versa in the Loadout menu.

Lowered the Lightning damage tick of the Tier 1 Light Beam from 100 down to 30.


Increased the Leech Unique mod leech amount to 0.1 HP. (up from 0.01)

Fixed CTD on first opening Loadout menu on a fresh save.

Fixed Floating point display issue on Loot Rarity and Max Movespeed upgrades on the Loadout Menu.


Added input field functionality.

Added Create Modifier Menu.

Added ability to create custom modifiers. The modifier rarity and creation cost is generated from the overall mod weight. Certain mod effects have a higher weight than others. E.G. incrementing Damage will increment mod weight by 1, where incrementing Leech will
increment mod weight by 35.


Mod Cost calculation increments even when setting mod values to
red. This is to prevent easy 0 cost Mods by simply setting one value heavily in the red.

Added Full modifier list display. Created modifiers will be added to
the display at the end of the appropriate Rarity list.

Added Savefile for Created Mods.


Electric DoT and Slow Effect have now been split.

Electric DoT no longer applies a Slow Effect on both gun base stats
and added modifiers.

Electric DoT now Defaults to 4 second duration.


Fixed bug causing MoveSpeed Slow and Speedup on enemies not to apply.

Enemy MoveSpeed modifiers now resolve in this order:
Slow > Fire > Poison. Meaning if a weapon applies all 3, the enemies final MoveSpeed will be based on Poison. (10% Slow)

Added new Great Modifier: Crippling. Applies 10 Second Slow, Weaken, and Vulnerability.


Re-added the approx. 60 shots/sec fire rate limit.

Shrunk the Spike Trap Bullet to fit better in gun info screens.

Now preventing gun damage from being less than 0.


Added Create Weapon Menu.

Added ability to create custom weapons. The weapon tier and cost
is generated from the dps, bullet effects, and Damage Type
that is applied to the weapon.

Added certain dependencies and preventions to the weapon
creation. Example, if DamageType is set to Beam, Pierce will be set
to true and not be toggleable. Another example, if Bullets shot
count is set at 1, Spread will not be adjustable. Setting Bullets
shot to 2 or greater, will enable the Spread toggle.


Changing Damage Type in weapon creation will change all values to
default values suitable to that Damage Type.

Added Full weapon list display. Created Weapons will be added to
the bottom of the display list, and added to the appropriate
tier and damage type lists. This means that created weapons
will generate in the Permanent buy, throughout Gameplay, and
to the Daily Level lists.

Added Scrap Multiple functionality to the Loadout Screen. Button
appears above the Permanent weapon display section.


Added functionality for beams and rails to have multiple fired at once.

Added Copper Dual Directed Energy Tier 2 Weapon.

Added Copper Tri Directed Energy Tier 2 Weapon.


Added Cupronickel Dual Mega Energy Tier 3 Weapon.

Added Cupronickel Tri Mega Energy Tier 3 Weapon.

Added Cupronickel Dual 50cal Tier 2 Weapon.


Added Cupronickel Tri 50cal Tier 2 Weapon.

Added Reinold Dual Lamma Tier 4 Weapon.

Added Reinold Tri Lamma Tier 4 Weapon.


Added Reinold Quad Lamma Tier 4 Weapon.

Added Reinold Quin Lamma Tier 4 Weapon.

Added Reinold Sext Lamma Tier 4 Weapon.


Changed the Music of the Boss Waves to be more fitting.

Changed the Music of the Main Menu.

Overhauled how the Waves spawn.


Rebalanced almost all Enemy Challenges.

Boss Waves now appear at Wave 30, 60, and 90 instead of Wave 28, 56, and 84.

Added Bonus Wave on each 10th wave that isn’t a boss wave (eg. 10, 20).


Added new Bonus Enemy that spawns on Bonus Waves. It has a 100% chance to drop a coin crate, flies through the map in a straight line without colliding with objects. Destroy each one before it flies offscreen.

Fixed bug with completing Winterlands or Snow Factory did not unlock the Enemy and Gun Challenges.

Buffed the Mech Boss weapon. Fires once per 3 seconds (up from 4), deals 10 base + explosive splash damage (up from 5), bullet move speed increased to 1500 (up from 900), and now fires 4 missles at once.


Changed the UFO Boss Weapon. Now fires 24 bullets at 3 shots/sec that move very slowly (More of a bullet hell type fire pattern).

Bosses are no longer immune to Electric Damage (as the damage is now split from the slow effect).

Fixed bug causing the Advanced and Expert Robots, UFO Boss, and Mech Boss to not have the correct shadow.


Added 3 new Enemy difficulty Types. Ultra, Super, and Hyper. The full enemy difficulty types are:
Normal (Waves 1-30)
Advanced (Waves 31-60)
Expert (Waves 61-90)
Ultra (Waves 91-120)
Super (Waves 121-150)
Hyper (Waves 151-180)

Added 3 new Bosses. AdvancedZombieBoss, AdvancedUFOBoss,
and AdvancedMechBoss.

AdvancedZombieBoss spawns at wave 120


AdvancedUFOBoss spawns at wave 150

AdvancedMechBoss spawns at wave 180

Waves now continue up to Wave 181 max. (was 121 max)


Fixed bug allowing multiple Victory payouts when set to Boss Enemy Challenge.

Increased cost to set the Start wave by a factor of 2.5 to ensure
cost to start on a Boss Wave is more than the payout.
– Cost to Buy Tier 1 permanent gun increased to 250 coins.
– Cost to Buy Tier 2 permanent gun increased to 2,500 coins.
– Cost to Buy Tier 3 permanent gun increased to 25,000 coins.
– Cost to Buy Tier 4 permanent gun increased to 250,000 coins.
(Coins received from scrapping permanent guns will remain the same)

Daily can now start at any wave between 0 – 50 (was 0 – 40).


Changed the starting weapon of Insane difficulty to Reinold Mortar.

Changed the starting weapons of Daily missions to be one Tier higher.

Fixed bug with the Basketball rings not having a collision.


Added new Level, One Way Street. Enemies run downward instead of at the player.

Added Lighting Overlay functionality. Only used in One Way Street at this stage.

Enemies Killed by being far off level bounds no longer drop loot.


Added 3 new Skeleton Costumes unlockable through in game drops.

Added 12 new Silly Costumes unlockable through in game drops.

Added 9 new Old School Costumes unlockable through in game drops.


Download free BattleCourt patch 1.1.0 on PC(Steam).