BattleBit Update 2.1.4 Patch Notes Details

BattleBit update 2.1.4 is available to download on PC players. According to the official BattleBit 2.1.4 patch notes, players can now access Global Leaderboards, two new weapons (F2000 and G3) were introduced, and a new map called ZalfiBay was added. Additionally, BattleBit patch 2.1.4 also includes UI improvements, gameplay changes, audio enhancements, and bug fixes to enhance the gaming experience.

Previously. a minor BattleBit update 1.5 was released with tweaks and changes. Unfortunetly, since the BattleBit Remastered day one patch, players have experienced various bug fixes and errors. Today’s BattleBit update 2.1.4 will fix a few of these issues.

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BattleBit Remastered 2.1.4 Patch Notes – September 17, 2023

Global Leaderboards:

  • A new Global Leaderboards feature has been implemented, where players can check out the Top 5000 players or groups in various categories, including Clans, XP Earned, Heals, Revives, Vehicles Destroyed, Vehicles Repaired, Road Kills, Longest Kill, Objectives Completed, and Kills.
  • On the loading screen, a random global leaderboard (top 20) will be displayed.

User Experience (UX) / User Interface (UI):

  • Positional hitmarker: A positional hitmarker has been added that appears where the barrel is pointed instead of being centered. This feature can now be toggled on/off from settings (on by default).
  • Server browser: Filter choices will now be saved.
  • Loadout UI: Armor Damage has been renamed to ‘Player Armor Damage,’ and ‘L-Armor Damage’ has been renamed to ‘Light Vehicle Damage’ to make it clearer which is which.

Gameplay Changes:

  • The Squad Leader Class has been temporarily disabled until it has a proper place in the class system. This change does not affect the ability to be a squad’s Squad Leader.
  • Frag Grenades will no longer explode on impact with vehicles.
  • Additional hit registration changes and hit feedback changes.
  • Players will be able to give up faster the longer they hold ‘SPACE,’ although it doesn’t affect the speed if you don’t hold SPACE.
  • During gamemode voting, players who do not vote will no longer count as ‘Random,’ and servers will no longer run the same gamemode twice in a row.
  • Helicopters will fall down slower when tilted down exactly 180 degrees, and it was adjusted from cubic gravity to exponential gravity.
  • Littlebird minigun damage falloff now starts at 75 meters instead of 200 meters and ends at 200 meters instead of 500 meters.

New Weapons:

  • Two new weapons have been added:
    • Assault Rifle: F2000 (unlocked at level 35)
    • DMR: G3 (unlocked at level 90) HK419
      • Firerate increased from 640 to 825
      • Vertical recoil decreased from 1.4 to 1.3
      • Horizontal recoil increased from 0.9 to 1.3
    • Quick-A Magazine size increased from 24 to 26 for AUGA3, and firerate was increased from 500 to 600.

New Map:

  • A new map, ZalfiBay, has been added, featuring a Main City in an area surrounded by desert hills and canyons. It supports various game modes such as Conquest, INF Conquest, Frontline, Domination, and CTF.
  • The map includes features like window shutters that can be destroyed via explosives or a sledgehammer, and shutters have been added to various buildings in the desert biome.

Map and Environment Updates:

  • Various texture updates and fixes have been made to different maps, including Frugis, Tensa Town, and the Shooting Range.

Audio Enhancements:

  • Directional bullet pass-by sounds have been added.
  • Players will no longer hear bullet pass-by sounds if there is an obstacle between the player and the bullet.
  • Dry fire sounds will now play when the magazine is emptied, and there will be adjustments to shot sounds based on distance.

Bug Fixes:

  • Numerous bug fixes, including gadget syncing, player visual desync while climbing, bullets desyncing with server-client side, missing messages for being bandaged/revived, vaulting animation issues, misapplied weapon drawing speeds, and more.

Download the free BattleBit Remastered update 2.1.4 on PC.

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