BattleBit Remastered Update Patch Notes – February 20, 2022

BattleBit Remastered update is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official BattleBit Remastered patch notes, the latest update added tons of additions, improvements and fixes.


Previously, a big update added a long list of quality of life improvements and fixes. Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues. BattleBit Remastered patch will fix a few of these issues.

Read more details below.


BattleBit Remastered Patch Notes (February 20, 2022)


  • Initial implementation of EAC (Easy Anti-Cheat).
  • Windmill destruction.
  • New map: Valley.
  • New weapon: FAMAS.
  • New weapon: MP5.
  • New scope: Burris AR332
  • New scope: HS401G5
  • Added a screen shake slider under video settings, while there is a minimum amount, you can now adjust it to your preferences to prevent any motion sickness. (This also affects headbobbing)
  • Added a brand new server browser with new filter and sorting options accompanied by more information. You will now have an easier time choosing the server you’d like to join.
  • Added the ability to completely disable all/team chat.
  • Added a “beta” reminder in-game.
  • Added the ability to click on your squadmates’ names on the left side of the deploy screen to deploy on them directly.
  • Added the ability to toggle sprint.
  • Added epilepsy/seizure warning during startup.
  • Added the ability to set your own resolution for multi-monitor or custom setups.
  • Added a slider for map border opacity.
  • Added a text to indicate you will have to join squads to utilize other classes.
  • Added a killhouse and other fun stuff for speedrunners.
  • Added indicator for when servers are being restarted in the server browser.
  • Added a notification on the main menu when the player is running an old version of the game.
  • Added kill sound.
  • Added a cross on map that indicates player position.
  • Added reload time to the loadout screen.
  • Added a system where desynced vehicles will teleport to server position.
  • Added a “Remote Console” protocol (RCon) for servers. This will enable the ability to remotely manage a game server without having to use the console and/or the server through the game.

Added a “ticket” system, when a user connects to the server, they receive a ticket until they fully load in. This should solve the issue of getting kicked because the server is full after the map loads.

  • Added an update notification. Whenever a game update releases during gameplay, you will now receive a server notification on the top right. The match will end at the end of the round and everyone will have to update their games. Including the server.
  • Added a debug mode for language, this will actively show the lines of language variables. Simply add -languagedebugmode to your launch options on Steam.
  • Added a new notification during gameplay if the game has been updated.
  • Added a notification if you get stuck in “Connecting to master server…” and Steam is not running in the background.


  • Improvements to the overall VOIP structure was made, communications should be more stable now.
  • Substantially reworked all official servers in the backend, they should now be more stable and available, especially during peak times, this also fixes various server <> server connection issues.
  • Killcam/Death screen improvements.
  • Settings menu visibility improvements.
  • Attachment visuals have been reworked.
  • Improvements to map destruction.
  • Required kills for attachments.
  • Available Squad points are now displayed with a text.
  • All magazine attachments are rebalanced.
  • If the player doesn’t pick any spawn points, the game will now spawn them at a point closest to combat.
  • During map voting, recently played maps will not show up anymore for that server.
  • Server rejoining is optimized, players who disconnect should be able to rejoin their previous server much more efficiently.
  • Changed default keybinding of Throwing Gadgets (Bandages, Medkit, Ammo Box etc.) from ‘Middle Mouse Button’ to ‘X’.
  • Suicide C4 has been renamed to Strapped C4.
  • Updated the existing Strapped C4 model.
  • Updated the existing AK-15 model.
  • Canted Sight <> Main Sight switch speed is now affected by the ADS speed parameter of weapons.
  • Reduced screen/camera shake when in ADS.
  • Renamed “F*** You” sight to “FYou Sight” and adjusted required kills to unlock to 2000 kills.
  • Reworked weapon and attachment names to increase readability.
  • Removed SCAR-H’s drum mag from the game for the time being. We will have to look into balancing this in the future.
  • Reworked L86A1’s recoil pattern, increased recoil.
  • Teammate deployment has been reworked, squadmates will not spawn on top of each other anymore.
  • No more “Click to chamber a bullet” notification in the middle of the screen.
  • Gunshot sounds falloff has been adjusted.
  • By default, you will now hear and see enemy VOIP. This can be toggled under “Audio” settings menu.
  • VOIP related settings have been moved under “Audio” from “Gameplay”.
  • Hovering over the signal bar on the scoreboard will now show actual latency in milliseconds.
  • Deathscreen camera has been reworked.
  • USP weapon stats have been reworked.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed connection issues to the master server. This should resolve the issue of getting stuck during the initial connection.
  • Fixed issues where joining an empty server might not work for the first person to join.
  • Fixed an issue where enemy highlight on killcam persisted after respawn/revival.
  • Fixed queue related issues when there are a lot of connections to the master server.
  • Fixed the handling of Steam servers being down, it will now properly show a notification.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would occasionally appear to have crashed when exited.

Fixed Discord and Steam account connection, you should now be able to bind your Steam account to your Discord account properly for in-game perks.

  • Fixed shooting range showing up as a “TDM Only” server.
  • Fixed being unable to ADS after getting killed by a grenade and later revived.
  • Fixed an issue where when you occasionally jump off a rope your ADS angle is wrong until respawn.
  • Fixed skewed ADS angle when you get revived while holding an RPG.
  • Fixed bandage notification appearing despite not having any bandages.
  • Fixed PP2000 attachments’ graphical issues.
  • Fixed MP7 attachments’ graphical issues.
  • Fixed resolution/aspect ratio related issues when using binoculars.
  • Fixed bandage notification not disappearing if the player dies during being bandaged.
  • Fixed time scale related issues.
  • Fixed an issue with tree colliders.
  • Fixed an issue with vehicle driver switch when previous driver desyncs.
  • Fixed reloading speed not affecting animations on the loadout screen.
  • Fixed LOD issues on structures.
  • Fixed issues with zeroing.
  • Fixed an issue where player bleeding wouldn’t sometimes trigger.
  • Fixed an issue where the loadout screen showed the wrong mag size.
  • Fixed stats page icons.
  • Fixed bullet casings animation desyncing if the player frames are volatile.

Fixed an issue where Steam does not properly cache player stats, hence creating issues when connecting to the master server.

  • Fixed Grappling Hook and Climbing not working as intended in Shooting Range.
  • Fixed an issue where VOIP related functionalities would break the game completely in certain systems.
  • Fixed an issue where player characters would get stuck climbing a ladder if the ladder was destroyed mid-climbing.
  • Fixed an issue where canted/top sights are not being affected by mouse sensitivity.
  • Fixed the issue with frontline ticket bleed.

Download free BattleBit Remastered patch on PC.