Barotrauma Update Patch Notes (Hotfix) – November 2, 2021

    A new Barotrauma update is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Barotrauma patch notes, the latest update brings character resetting between multiplayer campaign rounds and fixes issues with job assignments.

    Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Barotrauma patch will fix a few of these issues.

    See the full list of changes below.

    Barotrauma Patch Notes РNovember 2, 2021


    • Remove spawnpoint-based job assignment logic. Previously, the number of job-specific spawnpoints in the sub affected how many players the server would try to assign to a given job, which would often lead to players not getting the job they wanted to.
    • Made the captain job optional (i.e. if no-one has captain in their preferences, no-one gets forced to play as one).
    • Improvements to the Korean localization.
    • Added rewards to side objective missions (hunting grounds, beacon).
    • Reduce Pyromaniac’s burning damage increase from 40% to 25%.


    • Addressed clients’ characters getting reset in the multiplayer campaign if they’re spectating at the end of the round.
    • Addressed crashing when an event set fails to load any of its sub events. Caused certain mods to crash the game at 42% in the loading screen.
    • Addressed crashing on startup when using mods that remove the small icons from job prefabs.
    • Addressed bots being unable to find their way to the submarine if the switch to the “find safety” state outside the sub.
    • Addressed bots often being unable to find a way to leaks they’re trying to weld.
    • Addressed crashing when a monster was just about to turn to a husk when the round ends.
    • Addressed opened item disappearing when switching to the test mode from the sub editor.
    • Addressed Artie Dolittle’s ID card not working in the player’s sub after he’s hired.
    • Addressed category labels (sufficient skills to fabricate, requires recipe, etc) disappearing from the fabricator’s item list when searching.
    • Addressed prisoner’s uniform using a wrong texture file.
    • Addressed inability to edit pulse laser’s power consumption in the sub editor.
    • Addressed an exploit in Pressure Stabilizer crafting recipe.
    • Addressed an exploit in Fixfoam Grenade deconstruction recipe.
    • Addressed crashing when selecting a gene splicer and hovering over its inventory slot in the sub editor.
    • Addressed bots being unable to use hardened and dementonite tools.
    • Addressed a typo in Tinkering cooldown reduction description.
    • Addressed inactive reactors electrocuting low-skill characters when rewired.
    • Addressed ignore orders carrying over when switching subs, causing them to target random items in the new sub.
    • Addressed dementonite knives being sold in stores.
    • Addressed contained items’ impact sounds being played when the item they’re inside hits the floor.
    • Addressed True Potential instant kills not properly giving kill credit (achievements, other talents).
    • Addressed Gene Harvester incorrectly checking the owner of the talent’s submarine rather than the killer’s.
    • Addressed certain talents not appearing to have an effect client-side, causing e.g. the high-pressure effects to appear when swimming outside with the Water Prankster talent.
    • Fix Scavenger’s buff duration multiplier.
    • Addressed Insurance Policy not triggering properly.
    • Addressed issues with input going through interfaces drawn over inventory slots.
    • Addressed bots trying to treat talent afflictions.
    • Addressed player-controlled creature attacks sometimes not hitting characters when they should.
    • Addressed “x in command room” spam when dragging and dropping orders in multiplayer.
    • Addressed pirate missions not being considered completed if any of the pirates have been removed (e.g. eaten or despawned).
    • Addressed high-quality items not stacking in the fabricator’s output slot.
    • Addressed ice shards’ colliders taying active after the shard has shattered.
    • Addressed bots following the controlled character instead of the order giver in singleplayer.
    • Addressed purchased medals spawning on the floor.
    • Addressed vision obstruction effect “flickering” when moving the cursor around when an item UI is open.
    • Addressed some pumps in Dugong having 0 power consumption.
    • Addressed pumps deteriorating when they don’t have power.
    • Addressed batteries/supercapacitors deteriorating when not charging/discharging.
    • Addressed afflictions applying face/body tints on monsters.
    • Addressed “select matching items” selecting all gaps if you’ve selected both a door and its gap in the sub editor.
    • Addressed door gaps not being selected if you use “select matching items” on a door in the sub editor.
    • Addressed biome ambience loop volume not being affected by the sound volume setting.
    • Addressed players wearing a PUCS not using up hull oxygen when no tank is equipped.
    • Addressed bots getting stuck on long outpost ladders.
    • Restored the sounds for legacy fractal guardians. Fixes console errors when they are spawned/viewed in the editor.
    • Addressed Reactor PDA showing hidden and non-interactable reactors.
    • Addressed welding tool scale being forced to 0.5.
    • Fix crew list content being repositioned when selected character was hovered.


    • Made deconstruction recipes’ mincondition accept items whose condition equals to the mincondition, not just items whose condition is higher.
    • Addressed color values being used incorrectly in explosion flashes.
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