Barotrauma Update Patch Notes – July 14, 2022


Barotrauma update is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Barotrauma patch notes, the latest update comes with quality of life improvements, fixes, and changes. Apart from this, today’s Barotrauma patch also addressed various game crashing bugs.

Previously, the Urban Expanses update added wallet and money functionalities to the game. Unfortunetly, players are still experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Barotrauma update 0.18.15 will fix a few of these issues.

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Barotrauma Patch Notes – July 14, 2022


Show a warning when trying to switch to a submarine that’s low on fuel or to a submarine that has no manually placed items to prevent softlocking the campaign if you switch to a sub that has no fuel. Whether a submarine is considered to have manually placed items can be set when saving it in the submarine editor (the checkbox “manually outfitted” in the saving dialog).

  • Also show the low fuel warning when leaving an outpost without enough fuel.
  • Handheld sonars can’t detect minerals from inside the sub.

Changed the plus and minus button in the campaign settings into arrows. The button on the right increases difficulty, which in the case of the starting balance and supplies means reducing them, making the plus and minus buttons misleading.

  • Reduced costs of handheld weapon ammunition significantly.
  • Slightly reduced effectiveness of harpoons and revolver round to compensate for the cheaper ammo.
  • Changed recipes for Handcannon, Assault Rifle and Auto-Shotgun. Weapon crafting is more expensive, to compensate for cheaper ammo.
  • Adjusted numerous other recipes and price costs of materials. Previously little used materials (like tin) are now used more.

Partially reintroduced the “toggle inventory” keybind, now called “toggle entity list”. Even though toggling the in-game inventory is no longer possible, the keybind can be used to change the hotkey for toggling the sub editor’s entity list.


  • Addressed shuttles getting misplaced when switching and transferring items to a new sub with shuttles.
  • Addressed inability to damage items (such as monster eggs) with melee weapons or handheld weapons.
  • Addressed “failed to parse the string ‘COLOR.GUI.GREEN’ to Color” errors when using the submarine upgrade interface in Spanish.
  • Addressed items with a projectile component (e.g. bullets, harpoons, syringes) going through external walls when dropped.
  • Addressed incorrect value in the “too many lights” error message in the sub editor.
  • Addressed lightcomponent not getting refreshed when flipping a lightcomponent horizontally.
  • Addressed extra cargo defined in the server settings spawning every round in multiplayer campaign.
  • Fixes wreck corpses’ damage visuals (bloodstains, burns) not showing client-side.
  • Addressed wearables that are worn (or held) in multiple limbs applying skill bonuses multiple times (e.g. when holding a bandolier with both hands).
  • Addressed console error when deselecting all target types from a motion sensor in the sub editor.
  • Addressed crashing when multi-editing motion sensor targets in the sub editor.
  • Addressed one of the path unlock event texts still using the old price (talking about 12,000 mk even though the price is 4,000 mk).
  • Addressed money getting incorrectly deducted on the client side when buying items from the vending machine.
  • Addressed item transfer taking items from non-interactable containers.
  • Made depleted fuel sprite darker to match the rest of the “depleted” items.
  • Addressed PUCS’s autoinjection feature sometimes causing performance drops in multiplayer.
  • Addressed “tried to overwrite a submarine that’s not in a local package” error when you delete a sub that’s in a local package and try to resave it.
  • Addressed misaligned broken duffelbag sprite.
  • Addressed full-white x-ray monitors.
  • Addressed FPS drop when adjusting character appearance in the campaign setup menu or server lobby.
  • Addressed tunnels at the beginning or end of the level sometimes being too narrow to pass through (especially with a small sub) when there’s no outpost at that side of the level.
  • Addressed missing background sprite in duct block.
  • Addressed water particles not showing up when water is flowing down a duct block.
  • Addressed changing the scale of resizeable structures (such as background doors) messing up the outline of linked subs in the sub editor.
  • Addressed non-player-team interactable items getting transferred on sub switch.
  • Addressed ballast flora root emitting particles when damaged client-side, even if it’s already been destroyed.
  • Addressed recycle recipes for Piercing Ammunition Box and Pulse Tri-Laser Fuel Box.
  • Addressed friendly fire and karma always showing up as disabled on dedicated servers in the server list.
  • Addressed some lights (e.g. vending machines, neon lights, holographics displays) looking different in the sub editor than they do in-game.
  • Addressed undocked shuttles remaining undocked if you save and start a new game with the same submarine during the same session. Restarting the game fixed the issue though.

Addressed sonar markers going crazy if the start and end locations have the same name + added some more variety to location names to prevent duplicate location names.

Addressed multiediting an ItemComponent modifying all the components of that type in all the selected items (e.g. when editing the 1st light component of a switch, all lights in all switches would be edited).

  • Addressed melee weapons not damaging structures from outside.


  • Addressed removing a door mid-round crashing the game. Does not affect the vanilla game, because doors are never removed mid-round.
  • Addressed having a vending machine in your inventory crashing the game due to the 0-capacity input inventory of the machine.