Barotrauma Update Patch Notes – April 28, 2022

Barotrauma update is now available to download. According to the official Barotrauma patch notes, the latest Urban Expanses update added wallet and money functionalities to the game. Today’s Barotrauma patch also addressed multiplayer networking issues

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Barotrauma patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Barotrauma Patch Notes – April 28, 2022


  • Display both wallet and bank balance on campaign interfaces when the player has access to the bank funds.
  • Players who are allowed to manage money in the multiplayer campaign can use money directly from the bank without having to transfer it to their wallet first.
  • Managing money always requires permissions: unlike other campaign-related permissions, not having anyone with permissions on the server doesn’t give everyone permissions.


  • Fixed crashing if a custom language doesn’t configure NPC personality traits or conversations.
  • Fixed crashing when you try to disguise as someone else when using a mod that overrides the vanilla human config.
  • Fixed characters getting instakilled if you dive too deep in the sub editor test mode.
  • Hopefully fixed the frequent “SteamP2P connection timed out” errors during loading screens.
  • Fixed “missing entity” error when a character who’s stats have been modified by a talent gets removed (e.g. eaten by a monster, despawning).
  • If starting a multiplayer round takes a long time, instead of throwing the “did not receive STARTGAMEFINALIZE message” error, you’re asked whether you want to keep waiting or return to the lobby.
  • Fixed “failed to parse the string ‘COLOR.GUI.GREEN’ to Color” errors when using the submarine upgrade interface in Spanish.
  • Fixed junction boxes not deteriorating over time.
  • Fixed turrets being able to fire without consuming power when the power is wired to some other connection than power_in.
  • Fixed broken supercapacitors providing unlimited power to turrets.
  • Fixed IsMale/IsFemale properties resetting when saving and reloading (not used by the vanilla game).
  • Fixed haloperidol not healing psychosis.
  • Fixed ballast flora sometimes becoming unkillable client-side when entering a new level.
  • Fixed the Server Log button overlapping campaign interfaces by hiding it whenever a campaign interface is open.
  • Fixed an inconsistency in the assault rifle mag recipe.
  • Fixed job not showing up in ID card description.
  • Fixed store interface not being updated when the player balance changes.
  • Fixed deconstructors, fabricators and research stations not being powered in some colony modules.
  • Fixed power connections not getting recalculated server-side when disconnecting and reconnecting a wire.
  • Fixed client context menu not working in the tab menu if the client’s not controlling a character.
  • Fixed preview image disappearing when saving a sub.
  • Fixed custom jobid tags not working on ID cards.
  • Fixed crashing with the error “Coroutine Barotrauma.SinglePlayerCampaign+<DoLoadInitialLevel>d__16 threw an exception” when trying to give items to a human prefab instance that has no item sets configured.
  • Fixed installed mods list not refreshing when uninstalling an unsubscribed mod.
  • Fixed outpost reactors using mechanical skill for repairs instead of electrical.
  • Fixed outdated Dugong preview image.
  • Fixed Deadeye Carbine firing an inconsistent number of rounds per burst in multiplayer.
  • Fixed crashing when launching the server with a fresh config file due to the language being set to None.
  • Fixed crashing on startup if the workshop mod directory doesn’t exist.
  • Fixed “Canned Heat” not having an effect on oxygenite tanks.
  • Fixed entity list’s search results being in a random order in the sub editor.
  • Fixed crashing when trying to view an item assembly that contains entities that can’t be found in the sub editor.
  • Fixed bots not taking medical items’ negative effects into account when determining which meds to use, often leading to overdoses/suffocation when using opiates.
  • Fixed bots trying to clean up items into deconstructors.
  • Fixed clients failing to spawn items with console commands when there’s a structure prefab with the same identifier (e.g. ladders).
  • Fixed characters being unable to gain skills added by a mod if the job doesn’t initially have those skills defined.
  • Automatically correct linked submarine paths in the submarine editor.
  • Fixed electrical discharge coils sometimes working with insufficient power.
  • Fixed crashing when creating a humanoid character in character editor.
  • Fixed cargo missions putting cargo in non-interactable and hidden-in-game containers.
  • Fixed only the first Powered component being considered when determining how much power an item is supplying to the grid. Prevented alien generators from working.
  • Fixed textbox’s text position breaking when there’s overflow and you’re editing in the middle of the string.
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