Banners of Ruin Patch Notes (Update 1.0.18 ) – August 5, 2021


Banners of Ruin update 1.10.8 for PC patch notes (August 5, 2020) is now available for players. According to the official Banners of Ruin patch notes, the latest update 1 added various tweaks and fixes to the game. Apart from this, the latest Banners of Ruin patch also includes various stability fixes.

Recently, a big update was released with various bug fixes. Unfortunately, since the last update, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play.

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Banners of Ruin Patch Notes (August 5, 2021)?


Characters no longer show “The Hammer” underneath their surname.
Recruitable characters will no longer spawn with Heavy armour unless their Stamina is greater than or equal to 4.

Spitter and his Gang Bruisers now have reduced Max Vitality.

Barricades in the fight with Spitter now start with 20 Defence.

The Informant Escape scenario (sewer gate combat) now behaves differently. The gate no longer ticks down, and you will start with 2x Chains by default. To offset this decrease in difficulty, it must now be raised to 15, the combat will begin with opponent barricades, and up to 3 Ender Guardians will take their place when they are destroyed. However, new enemies will only spawn whilst the gate is below the threshold value of 15.

Removing an upgraded card from your deck will now automatically store the token in your token book, avoiding the need to do it by hand.


Addressed a bug where three Hare talents (Pivot, PlanOfAttack and Urgency) spawning as Skills. This does mean loading a run with these cards will load them with a dead wielder, so they will be removed from your deck after your next combat.

Addressed a bug where Spymaster TrueStrike intent causing a softlock if the Spymaster is targeting the character in front of the shadow, and they evade the Shadow’s attack


Addressed a bug where the bonus campaign cards being added to the beginning of the run before they would have been unlocked by the player.

Addressed a bug where statuses still alternating the turns on which they tick in “that” fight.
Subtle fix / change for Zealot, where it will now trigger if the character with Zealot has a status effecting them that banishes cards (e.g. Exertion).

Addressed a bug where Grave passive not triggering if your banish pile reaches 12 by cards banishes that happen during cleanup (stashed weapons, or cards with dead wielders). Cleanup may now also trigger any other similar banish related effects.

Addressed a bug where Akimbo consuming Charge prematurely when dual wielding, and therefore not working with the Mouse Racial Ability correctly.

Addressed a bug where a lockup in the second combat tutorial if you chose a card that already appears in your deck (e.g. Rush) as a reward for the first combat.

Addressed a bug where statuses still alternating their effects based on rank, even when both ranks are active

Addressed a bug where input bug that would cause the opening Informant card to be selected along with Forgotten Tunnel, meaning after the first combat, you would return to find the Informant card missing.

Addressed a bug where screen prompts (shown by campaign cards that require selecting a lane) being left on-screen when exiting to the main menu.

Addressed a bug where being locked out of the tutorial if you quit to the main menu before the “Party Screen” prompt.

Addressed a bug where Provoked blocking Beavers from selecting their barricades (e.g. using Craftsman)


Addressed a bug where Greataxe not dealing additional adjacent damage if the target had a status/passive that gave them more defence when their defence was broken (e.g. The Warden).

Addressed a bug where preselecting a talent allowing for that talent to appear twice in the final selection.

Addressed a bug where HiddenStrike intent setting the spawned card’s wielder to a null character (appearing dead) when targeting barricades. HiddenStrikes targeting barricades will now set the wielder to a random party member.

Addressed a bug where cards with special per-instance values (e.g. Oathkeeper) displaying “PARSE_FAILED” when they were obtained by re-rolling or transforming.

Addressed a bug where being able to hover campaign cards over certain hot spots when viewing the party screen.

Addressed a bug where an issue where defeating The Warden in a run from an older version of the game could move to the Unlocks Screen without awarding XP, and without deleting the save game. Players who have encountered this can now Continue their campaign, and should now be awarded appropriate XP for the run.

Addressed a bug where Akimbo working inconsistently with weapon-handing.

Addressed a bug where RecklessCleave only dealing a base damage of 15

Addressed a bug where Charge not being consumed correctly with certain cards, e.g. DancingBlades

Addressed a bug where a soft-locking exception under very specific circumstances, for intent-dependent cards/passives (e.g. Battleaxe).